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Protype and test

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Protype and test

  1. 1. Idea “Online networking with professionals”
  2. 2. Prototype 1 “Social networking site of college”. • Important features: o Students login o Corporate professionals/alumni login o Follow trends o Setup forum threads o Interact with the professionals o Follow mentors o Assessment section o Attend webinars and video lectures
  3. 3. Test 1 Feedback • The idea of social website for college. • Good interaction platform. • Self assessment for self improvement. • Webinar and information segment. • Assessment section. • Target audience. • How to invite industry professionals to signup? • Link with other social media sites like facebook, linkedin, and twitter. • Connect it with college library to provide eBooks.
  4. 4. Prototype 2 “Develop web page on existing social media portal(Linkedin) ”. • Important features: o Large pool of professionals o Cost effective solution o College branding o Connect with specific industry professionals o Industry/sector guidance o Community forums o Debates and discussions
  5. 5. Test 2 Feedback • Leading social media portal. • Vast pool of existing members. • Information about college. • Scope of branding. • Collaboration with other institutes. • How can we differentiate between ourselves and other institutes? • How to attract more professionals to be a part of our community discussions? • Find specific professionals who will guide the students. • Conduct polls and start debates on topics.
  6. 6. Reflection a. After thoroughly testing my prototypes I realized that both my prototypes were similar and there was little to no differentiation between them. b. The subject seemed to respond positively towards the prototype and was quite happy with the functioning of the prototype. c. The subject was more receptive towards the 2nd prototype as a well established social network site drives more confidence in the user. d. If I were to continue on this project I would do the following things: i. Go back to the prototype phase and see if new and better prototype can be made. ii. If yes develop and test, else refine the existing prototype to improve its functionality and user friendliness.