What are the factors that affect a hair transplant ?


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What are the factors that affect a hair transplant ?

  1. 1. Visit- http://www.curlsncurves.com/ for more information and solutionWhat are the factors that affect a hair transplant?These almost always include the following: current stage of thinning and balding the number and size of follicular units used the density which the patient desires the individual characteristics of the patient, e.g. hair wave, hair texture, hair color and skin to haircontrast client’s expectationsHow many follicular units can be transplanted in one session?Depending on the session and the client, we can often place up to 3000 follicular units in one sessionusing either the traditional strip method or FUE method (follicular unit extraction).How many sessions will I need?Our goal is to have each session look completely natural, create a dramatic improvement and satisfy theclient. We assume that you may never want or need additional hair transplant sessions. Dependentupon your current stage of balding, the factors the affect hair transplantation, and future hair loss, youmay or may not want future sessions. Some clients return for future sessions simply because they desirean even fuller-looking head of hair.Is it painful?Most clients have said that going to the dentist was more traumatic than having a hair transplantprocedure. Local anesthetics are administered before the session. After this initial application, mostclients are completely comfortable and often enjoy watching movies or chatting with the staff duringtheir procedure. Post-operative pain medications are available if needed.What is the recovery like and when can I resume my regular activities?Depending on the type of procedure you have done and the type of work you do, it is often possible togo back to work the next day, as is the case with the majority of our clients. We always suggest that youtake it easy for the first 24 to 48 hours and avoid strenuous activity, such as heavy lifting, for ten days.What are the costs?
  2. 2. The cost of your actual hair transplant session depends on a number of factors, including: your stage ofthinning of balding, the amount of existing donor area hair and your expectations for the end result.During your free, private, no-obligation consultation, we can discuss all of these variables with you. Atthis time, you will have a clear picture on the cost of your customized procedure.Our mission statement has always been: to provide the world’s finest service and quality care; toproduce the ultimate most natural results; to meet or exceed the expectations of our clients; and todeliver the best results at an affordable price.Our clients enjoy a natural and permanent solution to thinning and balding with the latest techniques inmicro hair grafting.Our easy and affordable process, clients look years younger and feel more confident after this simple in-office procedure, enabling them to advance their careers and lifestyles.Visit- http://www.curlsncurves.com/hair-transplant.html for more information and solution