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Designing better-ux-workshop-4


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Designing better-ux-workshop-4

  1. 1. Designing better uxd.absg.comGirish GangadharanABSG Enterprise ArchitectureWorkshop - 4
  2. 2. Gathering RequirementsMore than just documentation
  3. 3. How we do it nowYou tell me.How do we gather requirements in any of our projects?
  4. 4. More features != Better product
  5. 5. Who are you talking to?
  6. 6. Why is User Research so important?Let’s talk numbers.Successful Projects: 29%Canceled projects cost $55 Billion AnnuallyChallenged Projects: 53%Failed Projects: 18%Stats:
  7. 7. Why is User Research so important?Some more numbers.IT projects that failed to meet their schedules: 62%Projects with budget overruns: 49%Higher-than-expected maintenance costs: 47%Failed to deliver expected business value & ROI: 18%Failed to perform against expectations: 33%Stats:
  8. 8. User-Centered DesignDesign for the targeted audienceDesign for yourselves or stakeholdersVs.
  9. 9. User-Centered Design
  10. 10. User Research StrategiesVs.Words NumbersVs.Subjective ObjectiveVs.Inductive DeductiveVs.Contextualization GeneralizationQualitative Vs. Quantitative
  11. 11. Common methodsQuestionnaires
  12. 12. Common tasksContextual Inquiry
  13. 13. Common tasksTask Analysis
  14. 14. Common tasksDiary Study
  15. 15. Common tasksFocus Groups
  16. 16. It all boils down to questions…Don’t lead the user (“is this a useful feature?”)Don’t judge (there is no right or wrong answer)Don’t assume (be specific)Avoid binary questions (let them speak their mind)OrDon’t ask any questions!Just observe what they do.
  17. 17. To ask or not to askGood questions Vs. Bad questionsWhat do you do after you complete this task?You think you should see more information here?Vs.Is this how you always come to this page?Why didn’t you click that button over there?Ask about the past.Don’t ask about the future.
  18. 18. Let’s do a quick exerciseIf you had to do the user research fora insurance claims management app,how would you do it?Hint: Tools, Surveys, Labs etc.
  19. 19. UXUX Design Cheat SheetUsefulnessSimplicityCommunicationIntuitiveness???Efficiency
  20. 20. Questions ?
  21. 21. Designing better uxd.absg.comGirish GangadharanABSG Enterprise ArchitectureWorkshop - 4