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RightScale at Kickstart

  1. Giri Fox Sales Director, ANZ & ASEAN @girifox
  2. 2# RightScale • Provide management software for cloud computing • $15M D round closed two weeks ago • Total $62.8M venture capital invested • World Economic Forum, Technology Pioneer 2013
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  9. 9# Trends, more like noise from IT global vendors • Cloudwashing • only works from a distance • Defensive acquisitions
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  11. 11# Trends – market • Middlemen gold rush • Cloud, from secret to strategic • Hybrid cloud the new normal • 68% of our survey pursuing multi-cloud strategy
  12. Thank you Giri Fox @girifox

Editor's Notes

  1. RightScale is based in southern CA, Santa BarbaraThe business went global from the start, and we now have offices in London, Tokyo, Singapore, and Seoul
  2. The further you are from cloud, and the less experience you have in it, the few distinctions you can make.Most of our clients are quite close to cloud.
  3. Within the IaaS cloud space, there are a number of major public cloud providers we support.
  4. Lesser known is that many SaaS offers (eg. Dropbox, not one of our clients, but well known) is a SaaS which is built on top of an IaaS.
  5. Animoto story (acquired PlayFish who are a client, one amongst a few divisions using RightScale) and
  6. On cloud-washing zdnet — the Reg —
  7. Survey on hybrid cloud — on the trends —