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Notary mama projections


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Notary mama projections

  1. 1. OVERVIEW § Logo designed on 15th September 2013 § Poster designed on 13th November 2013 § Started our operations from 18th November 2013 § First article went live on 21st November 2013 § First coverage in newspaper on 26th December 2013 § Served 100 customers by 5th February 2014 § Website went live on 27th February 2014 § Served 200+ Customers By March 31st 2014 § Agreements to Affidavits – Documentations § Birth Certificate to Death Certificate – Services § Proprietorship to Private Limited – Registrations § Service Tax to Central Sales Tax – Accounting § Khata Transfer to Electricity Bill Transfer - Property
  2. 2. THE PLAN Let’s take an example; ABC wants a rental agreement for his new apartment. The procedure to process the document in Bangalore is as follows: 1) First, he needs to procure E-Stamp from Authorised Collection Center. 2) Then, he needs to search for Typist or he could type and print the document by himself. 3) At last, he needs to search for Notary Public, who will notarize the document. The total amount of Time he needs to invest is 3 Hours; AND The total amount of Money he needs to invest is Rs. 300. The above details are exclusive of traffic, fuel and right information. Hence, what we planned is to have two types of platforms: 1) Online Platform: Website - for corporates 2) Offline Platform: Office - for layman Online platform is ready with payment gateway; delivery partner; email/sms notification and social media integration. Offline platform needs an office with: an Operator who will issue estamp; a Typist who will type the document; an Office Boy who will get the document notarised.
  3. 3. THE REALITY 1) There are more than 44000+ documents available in our country and in Bangalore on a daily basis 330+ documents get executed. 2) In Bangalore on an average minimum 100+ customers walk-in to estamp center’s daily. 3) There is minimum 1% percent chance where people might need typing, printing and notary. 4) The service charge on estamp is 10/- or 15/- and to type, print and notary its 300/- per document. 5) Let’s consider, 100 customer’s walk-in for estamp and 1 customer opts for typing, printing and notary. 6) Which means, with 1 office you can earn 1300/- per day and with 5 offices we can earn 6500/- per day. 7) That means, with 15 employees and 5 centers, we can earn 1,95,000/- per month and 23,40,000/- per year. NOTARY MAMA OFFICE E-Stamp Counter Typing Counter Notary Counter OPERATOR TYPIST OFFICE BOY What it takes to make Notary Mama a successful brand?
  4. 4. EXPENSES How much it will cost? Office Space: 1. Advance: 1 Lakh 2. Rent: 10K 3. Branding: 1 Lit up Board, 3 vinyl prints: 30K 4. Furniture: 3 Tables and 6 Chairs: 60K 5. Exide Battery + Luminous UPS: 50K Estamp Counter: 1. E-stamp Currency: 1 Lakh 2. Printer HP LaserJet Pro 400 M401D: 25K 3. Refundable and Non Refundable Deposit: 50K + 20K 4. Operator: 10K Salary 5. Laptop: 50K Typing Counter: 1. Typist: 10K Salary 2. Printer HP Office Jet: 20K 3. Laptop: 50K Notary Counter: 1. Office Boy: 10K Salary 2. Two Wheeler: 60K 3. Laptop: 50K The total cost to open an office: Rs. 7, 05,000/-
  5. 5. RECURRING How much we will spend? Office Space: 1. Rent: 10K 2. Electricity Bill: 2K 3. Internet Bill: 2K 4. Paper: 11K Estamp Counter: 1. E-stamp Loyalty: 10K 2. Operator Salary: 10K 3. Printer Cartridge: 20k Typing Counter: 1. Typist Salary: 10K 2. Printer Cartridge: 10k 3. Monthly Allowance: 10K Notary Counter: 1. Office Boy Salary: 10K 2. Fuel Allowance: 5K 3. Monthly Expense: 10K The total cost to run an office per month: Rs. 1, 00,000/-
  6. 6. INCOME How much we will earn? Office Space: (Min. amount to be earned: Rs. 300/- per user) Task – To achieve extra by adding 10+ new users daily. 1. PR – 100 Users 2. Sales – 100 Users 3. Marketing – 100 Users 4. Word of Mouth – 100 Users 5. Advertising – 100 Users Estamp Counter: (Min. Rs. 10/- per user) Point – On a given day a center crosses 200+ walk-ins 1. Walk-in – 3000 Users Typing Counter: (Min. Rs. 100/- per user) Aim – To type 100+ documents daily 1. Walk-in – 100 Users Notary Counter: (Rs. 100/- per user) Goal – To serve 10+ new customers daily 1. Walk-in – 100 Users The amount earned by an office: Rs 2,00,000/- per Month The amount earned by an office: Rs 24,00,000/- per Year
  7. 7. PROFIT How to increase the revenue? Office Space: 1. By hiring a PR professional 2. By hiring a Sales executive 3. By hiring an Accountant 4. By hiring a Trainer 5. By hiring a Business Development Estamp Counter: 1. By giving flyers to each customers 2. By visiting banks and real estate office Typing Counter: 1. By giving receipt to each customers 2. By visiting shops and vendors Notary Counter: 1. By giving discount code to each customers 2. By installing stalls at malls and restaurants Delivery Counter 1. By giving documents in customized envelope. 2. By visiting corporates of an IT company. We will achieve 1000 new users per month!