Design for Developer eXperience (ESUG 2014)


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Developers are developers. Developers are users. Developers are humans. And they need appropriate tools to augment their abilities, too.

IDEs are supposed to do just that. Specifically, they are supposed to bring together into one coherent interface all tools related to development. This is what “I” stands for. Yet, if we take a closer look, we consistently see that developers spend most of their time figuring out the existing system than they do on actually building the future system. Yet, the tools they use rarely favor this activity.

Smalltalk promoted the IDE. It is time to rethink it and bring it a notch forward. Sure, the famous five panes are probably 4 too much, but that is neither where we should start from, nor is it where we should end. Designing an interface starts from understanding the needs.

In this talk, we take a systematic look at how a developer experience could look like and what an environment for developers could be made of. In the process, we extract the direction in which Pharo could go in this field and offer examples.

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Design for Developer eXperience (ESUG 2014)

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