Actividades e festas


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Actividades e festas

  1. 1. Red Rover, red Rover<br />The Red Rover, Red Rover game is a classic kids party game for children of all ages to enjoy. Make this game the highlight of your party as the kids learn listening and teamwork skills while they play.<br />Number of Players:<br />8+<br />What You Need:<br />Lots of children<br />Activity:<br />Divide the children into two equal teams and have each side line up shoulder-to-shoulder and hold hands. The two teams should be facing each other and about 6 metres apart. <br />The team starting the game selects a player from the opposing team and chants "Red Rover, Red Rover, send (insert child's name) right over!" <br />Then the player who is selected will run and try to break through the hands of a section on the other team. A successful breakthrough means that player gets to choose a player from the opposing team to join his or her team. If that player fails to break through, he or she now becomes part of the opposing team. The teams take turns until there is only one person left on the opposing team. <br />Yoghurt pot flowers<br />Create stunning Yoghurt Pot Flowers with this creative art and craft kids activity. Your kids will love making these pretty pots and this project is also a fun kids party activity, so get crafting today!<br />Number of Players:<br />1+<br />What You Need:<br />A yoghurt pot, washed<br />Scissors<br />A coloured straws<br />Paint<br />Paintbrush<br />Activity:<br />Using the scissors, cut the yoghurt pots from their opening to their base. Do this all around (about 4 or 5 times), until the yoghurt pot almost resembles a flower, the incisions are to be the petals of the flower. <br />If you desire, cut the tops of the petals to create petal like edges, cutting the tops as if cutting a semi circle. Keep them short or long. <br />Using the scissors, puncture a hole in the centre of the base of the yoghurt pot. <br />Poke a straw through the hole created in the centre of the base, making sure the majority of the straw's length is extending from the base of the yoghurt pot. This is the flower's stem. <br />Using the scissors cut small slits into the top of the straw that is poking through the yoghurt pot's base. <br />Finally, paint the yoghurt pot in a bright colour.<br />Notes:<br />You may wish to initally collage the yoghurt pots instead of painting them. <br />Make plenty of yoghurt pot flowers and place in a vase.<br />Stick them in the soil outside as an outdoor decoration.<br />Animal mask<br />Make an Animal Mask with this fun art and craft project. Spark your child's creativity and nurture their artistic talents with this unique activity. <br />Number of Players:<br />1+ <br />What You Need:<br />A sheet of card, a pen or pencil, crepe paper, paddle pop sticks, glue, scissors, a bowl, tape <br />Activity:<br />Cut the crepe paper into strips and get your child to tear into small pieces. Put them in the bowl. Draw an animal face onto the card. Measure eye holes, so that the mask is personalised to your child’s face. Cut the mask and the eye holes out. Get your child to stick ‘fur’ i.e. crepe paper to the animal, using the glue. Finally tape the paddle pop stick to the edge on the non decorated side of the mask, so your child can hold the mask to their face. Notes: You may want to make the mask so that it covers only half of your child’s face. You can also cut out holes for the nose or the mouth of your child to be visible.<br />Binoculars<br />Make your own pair of fabulous Binoculars with this creative art and craft kids activity. They are easy to make and great fun to use to get crafting today! <br />Number of Players:<br />1+ <br />What You Need:<br />A length of string (long enough to hang around your child’s neck) <br />2 toilet rolls <br />Stapler <br />Paint (and paintbrushes) or stickers to decorate <br />Activity:<br />Line up the toilet rolls parallel to one another, and staple them together (on the inside) at one end. The toilet rolls should now be fastened together to resemble binoculars. <br />At the same end, staple each end of the length of string to the outside of the combined toilet rolls; your child can use this to hang the binoculars from their neck. <br />To decorate, your child can paint the binoculars or stick stickers to them. <br />Notes: <br />For an authentic look, wrap the binoculars in aluminium foil. <br />Ballet freeze party game<br />Try this erver-popular party game with a twist - classical music and ballet dancing.<br />Activity:<br />Find classical ballet music and set up music player. <br />Assign an adult to stop the music randomly. <br />Children begin the game by standing in place. <br />When the music begins, the children dance around, ballet style. <br />When the music stops, the children must freeze in place. <br />The last person to freeze is out until the next game. <br />Play continues until one only child remains and is named the Prima Ballerina, the winner!<br />Ballet lessons in the garden<br />Kids love dancing to music, so this fun party activity will be a hit, particularly with little girls who see themselves as ballerinas. <br />Activity:<br />Organise someone who can teach your party guests a few simple ballet steps at your child's party. You may know a willing ballet sudent or try calling a local dance studio to hire someone.<br />Ask the 'teacher' to come to the party dressed in her ballet gear—preferably including a tutu—and dance for the children before teaching them a few basic moves. <br />Have ballet music ready, such as Swan Lake or The Nutcracker Suite. <br />Your guests will be enthralled by a real ballerina!<br />Kids love to hunt for surprises! So on your child’s big day, create a special hunt for the birthday cake! You will need the help of a few family members, neighbours or friends. <br />Number of Players:<br />6+<br />What You Need:<br />Clues<br />Party favours<br />Cake<br />Activity:<br />Separate the children into teams and give each team a set of clues and party favours to find. <br />Give each child a bag to put their favours in and make sure that each guest has at least one favour so nobody feels left out. The clues and favours should lead them to the location of the cake. <br />We recommend keeping the cake close at hand and under adult supervision. Excited children running through the house with a cake can be messy! The first team to locate the cake gets served first.<br />This activity is brought to you by the magical world of MY LITTLE PONY<br />Digging for buried treasure<br />Kids love playing around in the sand and so a fun party game that can have everyone involved at once is hunting for buried treasure - the perfect game to play in the backyard sandpit or at the park or beach.<br />What You Need:<br />Spades<br />Spoons <br />Buckets<br />Treasure<br />Activity:<br />Before the party begins, hide a number of small toys in a sandpit <br />Give each guest a spade or spoon and a small bucket let them start digging to find the buried treasure.<br />Make sure you put anything that isn’t in sealed packaging in a re-sealable plastic bag before you bury it!<br />Bobbing for apples<br />Kids of all ages will love this classic party game - it may look easy but they'll learn quickly it's harder than it looks!<br />Number of Players:<br />2+<br />What You Need:<br />Small apples with stems<br />String<br />Activity:<br />Before the party, purchase a small apple for each child who will be in attendance and tie a string to the stem of each one. <br />Then either hang the apples from a tree branch or a swing set. This game can also be played indoors by hanging the apples from a fixture in your home. Be sure that the apples hang low enough so the children can reach them with their mouths. <br />To play the game, the children must try to take a bite out of their apples without using their hands. The children will have a challenging time keeping the apples still long enough to take a bite. <br />This game makes a wonderful photo opportunity, so be sure to have your camera ready!<br />Floating balloons<br />Balloon games are fun for kids of all ages - and this simple party game, played indoors or ouside, is a great way to get kids in the mood for party fun!<br />Number of Players:<br />2+<br />What You Need:<br />Packet of balloons<br />Activity:<br />Pass out a large balloon to each guest. Let them blow up their balloon and offer your help tying each one securely. <br />The object of this game is to hit the balloons up into the air and keep them afloat for the longest period of time. <br />This is a fun and easy way to start or end any party!<br />Family charades<br />Number of Players:<br />4+<br />What You Need:<br />A coin for flipping <br />Some slips of paper <br />A pencil or pen <br />A watch or stopwatch<br />Activity:<br />Divide everyone into two teams. When younger children are playing, it can help to pair an adult with littlest members. Pick one team to go first by flipping a coin (to make it fair).<br />The team who is not picked first then comes up with a secret word or name for the other team to guess. Favorite characters, movies, or songs are best for younger players (and they have more fun acting them out eg. Bob the Builder or Hannah Montana). The secret word is then written on a slip of paper.<br />The piece of paper is then shown to one member of the other team. This member is the 'actor'. The rest of the team are the 'guessers' - but cannot be shown the secret word or name.<br />Start the stopwatch, and wait for the rowdiness to begin! <br />The actor will act out (almost miming) what is written on the piece of paper. They cannot say a word while doing so. They can act out, mimic, dance, even point - but they cannot speak or spell out with their hands the phrase.<br />The group of guessers can yell out their answers. Your younger kids will have particular fun doing so! They will quickly learn to listen to all the guesses, and modify their answers from them. The actor can nod yes or no if they get one of the words right. Let them keep going until someone gets guesses it, or for about a minute. <br />Once the whole phrase is guessed, that round is won. Or if the stopwatch ran out - the team lost that round.<br />The teams switch, so the other team has a chance to act/guess, and the team that went first gets to pick the secret word or phrase. Whoever guesses the correct answer is the next actor when it's their teams turn. <br />Make sure you keep a tally of which team guesses the most correct answers, and announce the winners at the end.<br />Notes:<br />A great game for parties. <br />This game is not limited by a bigger group of players - in fact it's more exciting and fun that way! <br />Older kids will enjoy conventions of this game - syllables, 'sounds like', rolling through the alphabet. <br />Brace yourself. This is not a quiet game - younger children - in particular will love yelling answers as loud as they can. But you will have just as much fun watching as they will playing.<br />Lolly relay<br />You don't have to have a sweet-tooth to love Lolly Relay, a favourite birthday party game and kids activity. Just add kids, lollies and a pair of mittens together and the result is a fantastically fun kids activity for all.<br />Number of Players:<br />5+<br />What You Need:<br />2 pairs of mittens<br />Lollies<br />Activity:<br />Divide the children into two teams and have them form lines. Give the first child in each line a pair of mittens. Give everyone a piece of wrapped candy. <br />When you say "go", the first player in each line puts on the mittens,unwraps the candy and pops it into their mouth. Then, they quickly take the mittens off and hand them to the second person in line. <br />The second player does the same,and so on,down the line. The team that finishes first wins.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> <br />