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Emerging Social Media Presentation at SSIR #dataonpurpose 2016


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Most organizations are familiar with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but what about newer, fast-growing social media and messaging channels like Snapchat, Tinder, Yik Yak, and that sparkly new one that launched while you were reading this description? How do you decide if these new (or just new-to-you) channels deserve to be part of your organization’s already crowded communications and marketing efforts? Can ephemeral and anonymous social sharing really play a role in helping your messages be heard? During this session at Stanford Social Innovation Review's 2016 Data on Purpose conference, attendees learned what questions to ask that can help them set nimble strategies and choose effective tactics for engaging on these channels. They were also inspired by the creative ways that organizations large and small are already bravely experimenting on a variety of emerging social media.

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Emerging Social Media Presentation at SSIR #dataonpurpose 2016

  1. 1. #dataonpurpose @GirardinL How to Embrace Emerging Social Media with Infinite Majesty and Calm
  2. 2. Some of my clients @girardinl #dataonpurpose
  3. 3. @girardinl #dataonpurpose
  4. 4. @girardinl #dataonpurpose
  5. 5. @girardinl #dataonpurpose Lauren Girardin @girardinl Q1: Which social media channels does your nonprofit ~actively~ use? #dataonpurpose TWEET YOUR ANSWER, BEGIN IT WITH A1
  6. 6. Emerging social media? Whaaaaa!?! ZOMG. @girardinl #dataonpurpose
  7. 7. Meetup LinkedIn Facebook Flickr YouTube Twitter MySpace NOT Emerging @girardinl #dataonpurpose Tumblr Instagram Pinterest Reddit Quora Google+
  8. 8. @girardinl #dataonpurpose
  9. 9. @girardinl #dataonpurpose
  10. 10. @girardinl #dataonpurpose
  11. 11. Should my nonprofit be on ________? @girardinl #dataonpurpose
  12. 12. Which social media can help us meet our goals? @girardinl #dataonpurpose 1
  13. 13. Which social media are our audiences already using? @girardinl #dataonpurpose 2
  14. 14. Where are the new audiences we need to reach? @girardinl #dataonpurpose 3
  15. 15. Where can we listen and learn? @girardinl #dataonpurpose 4
  16. 16. Where can we stand out and establish credibility? @girardinl #dataonpurpose 5
  17. 17. @girardinl #dataonpurpose Lauren Girardin @girardinl Q2: What new or new-to-you social media channels could help your nonprofit reach its goals? #dataonpurpose TWEET YOUR ANSWER, BEGIN IT WITH A2
  18. 18. @girardinl #dataonpurpose Nonprofits experimenting bravely on emerging social media
  19. 19. @girardinl #dataonpurpose Matching services
  20. 20. @girardinl #dataonpurpose Ephemeral messaging
  21. 21. @girardinl #dataonpurpose Ephemeral messaging
  22. 22. @girardinl #dataonpurpose “Anonymish” sharing
  23. 23. Lauren Girardin @girardinl Q3: What brave experiment in social media would you run if you could do anything you want? #dataonpurpose @girardinl #dataonpurpose TWEET YOUR ANSWER, BEGIN IT WITH A3
  24. 24. @girardinllg@laurengirardin.comLet’s connect! Need help getting your organization to experiment bravely on social media and in other communications?