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5 Burning Questions to Ask Before You Relaunch Your Website


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If you are considering a significant update, refresh, or redesign of your organization’s website, then LightBox Collaborative has some tips for you. Come to this session to get tips and tools to help you plan for a website that will advance your organization’s goals at the same time it delivers what your users need.

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5 Burning Questions to Ask Before You Relaunch Your Website

  1. 1. 5 Burning Questions to ask BEFORE You Relaunch Your Website Lauren Girardin @girardinl Nonprofit Communications Institute October 18, 2013
  2. 2. Holding good ideas up to the light
  3. 3. Why How Who What When @girardinl @LBCollab
  4. 4. Why? • Because the board says so • Because you got a grant • Because… @girardinl @LBCollab
  5. 5. GAME plan: Goals
  6. 6. @girardinl @LBCollab
  7. 7. No longer conveys your brand > RESKIN @girardinl @LBCollab
  8. 8. No longer reflects your programs > REVAMP @girardinl @LBCollab
  9. 9. No longer works > REBUILD @girardinl @LBCollab
  10. 10. Why How Who What When @girardinl @LBCollab
  11. 11. GET YOUR DUCKS IN A ROW • Internal team project manager, content production, graphics manager, IT/ops • Stakeholders input, vote, veto • Process clarity no backsies, feedback turnaround time, project management software @girardinl @LBCollab
  12. 12. 20 80 @girardinl @LBCollab
  13. 13. Why How Who What When @girardinl @LBCollab
  14. 14. ` GAME plan: Audience
  15. 15. Illustration by XKCD
  16. 16. Use cases As a [type of user] I want to [task the user is trying to do] so that I can [user’s ultimate goal]. @girardinl @LBCollab
  17. 17. Use cases As a young of user] [type father I want to find local farmers’trying to do] [task the user is markets so that I can [user’s ultimate goal]. my family. make healthier meals for @girardinl @LBCollab
  18. 18. Why How Who What When @girardinl @LBCollab
  19. 19. GAME plan: Message GAME plan: Engagement
  20. 20. ENVISION THE AFTER • Content communications goals, content audit, content strategy • Form brand, visual identity • Function pain points, bells and whistles, maintenance plan @girardinl @LBCollab
  21. 21. SPIN Example
  22. 22. Why How Who What When @girardinl @LBCollab
  23. 23. CHEAP SLOW CRAPPY FAST PRICEY GOOD you can pick TWO @girardinl @LBCollab
  24. 24. YOU’RE MY ONLY HOPE • Define project requirements goals, budget, milestones, deadlines, technical needs • Determine vendor’s roles architecture, design, build/code, create content, load content, training, maintenance • Start RFP process write, target, circulate, evaluate • Resource: TechSoup’s RFP Library @girardinl @LBCollab
  25. 25. QUESTIONS? @girardinl @LBCollab
  26. 26. @girardinl @LBCollab