Supply chain presentation 11 2006


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  • AFFLINK is currently in the process of developing a detailed facility audit that packaging distributors can use to collect product usage data from national account or local end user customers. Our long term goal is to web enable the audit tool for real time data. This information is critical to our ability to document and recommend continuous improvement activities. SalesTracker is a sales management tool that will allow DSRs and management to document and measure sales leads. Once again, this tool is very important to the success of AFFLINK National Accounts. AFFLINK can monitor and provide documentation of the activities and savings to NA HQ.
  • Supply chain presentation 11 2006

    1. 1. Business Model Proved“Electrons can be used to retool and grow Traditional Industries”
    2. 2. Company Timeline
    3. 3. International Footprint
    4. 4. A Few of Our Customers
    5. 5. What makes us different? Old Model Suppliers Customers Distributors Stock & Ship or Drop Ship Minimal Technology No Web ServicesNew Role of an Intermediary ARPK1 Suppliers BP2i™ Customers •Total Solutions Provider! Web Services –Supplier of goods Supply Chain Fractal™ –Services provider –Conduit of knowledge –Designer and Engineer –Supply Chain: Driver/Partner/Manager (Supply Chain Fractal™) –Business Process Integration & Information (BP2i™)
    6. 6. Supply Chain Fractal™ “Managing Our Universe and its Infinite Possibilities” Each supply chain entity represents its own universe and sphere of influence Mills Requirements Vendors Orders Supply Centric Demand CentricLogistics Specs WebServices PK1 PackageOne Quotes Web Design Services IT Services Turn-Key Processes Portals Fractals are produced by a positive feed back loop: output is fed back into the system as input again and again! “notion of worlds within worlds”
    7. 7. Our New Benefits Approach Client Based Supply Chain Supply Chain and Business Process Supply Chain Direct to Client Enhancement Experience Goods Flow Mgt. Direct Local Sales JIT and Stocking Pgms. Business Process Integration Web Services Quarterly Client Conference Goods Cost Containment Price Comparison Integrated Client Services National Accts. Pgm. Commodity Purchases Client Portals Mentorship/Sponsorship Custom Corrugated runs Direct Regional Sales CEO/CFO RoundtablesStandard/Custom Packaging Procurement Integration Client and Supplier Integration Stocking Agreements Accounting Integration Client JVs Warehouse Integration Client Content Mix of Client & Expert Content Expert Content
    8. 8. A World of Solutions Under One Roof
    9. 9. Manufacturing
    10. 10. Fulfillment
    11. 11. In-House Design Department
    12. 12. Food Packaging Solutions
    13. 13. Advanced Technology InitiativesRFID
    14. 14. Biz Process Flow Vertical CONTEXT Hosted application service (real-time planning, billing, etc) Hosted integrated data service Hosted data service RFID infrastructure design/install/lease/maintain/custom redesign ATT (Intel) Data Data Data Tagged Tagged reusable containers Consolidator Packages/ contents (Retail) Supplier Packaging Customer Data++ Data (ARPK1) Package Tag placement design RFID RFID In a Box Carton tagging In a Box Compliance Content tagging Read /Write Re-usable tagged containers 4-walls RFID data Intransit RFID data Vertical CONTEXT ® RFID In a Box Read/Write
    15. 15. Achieving Cost ReductionAbove the COGwaterline 2-5% Unit Cost SavingsBelow the Vendor Reduction 5-20% Total Cost Savingswaterline (or more) JIT Program Partner Portal™ Managed Inventory Direct Links
    16. 16. Best Total Cost Common Concerns:Cost of Acquisition • Sustainable costCost of Possession containment • SKU rationalizationCost of Application • Vendor consolidation • Data visibility • Maverick spending Total Cost • Internal resource utilization
    17. 17. Continuous Improvement• iSYS – Sales Management tool that tracks and measures activities in sales process• “Certified Packaging Specialist – Comprehensive assessment, training and certification process – Powerful marketing tool
    18. 18. Quantifiable CostSavings generated bythe ContinuousImprovementefforts of AFFLINKdistributors
    19. 19.
    20. 20.
    21. 21.
    22. 22.
    23. 23.
    24. 24. Advancements in the Marketplace
    25. 25. What’s the Cost andWho are the Players?
    26. 26. What Is RFID? An enabling technology to improve security and integrity, while realizing significant productivity gains. RFID is one component in the overall sensor network market, which is machine-to-machine communications.•RFID allows for easy tracking and tracing– Read and write data to the tag– Builds history in networked database•RFID allows for automatic information collection on– Products, Places, People, Times, Transactions...– with unique ID stored on RFID tags•RFID allows fast and contactless identification– Identification performed in milliseconds– No line of sight required•Standards being set by EPCGlobal in collaboration withcross industry Members Roll of RFID Tags RFID Tags RFID Tags for Pallets and Boxes
    27. 27. Real Time Collaboration
    28. 28. Execution Approach,Engagement Model & Key Value Propositions STRATEGY PLAN unsurpassed technology Benefit from Build on solid business and industry knowledge and insight into know-how, commitment for Next-generation technologies open-standard-based approach, Workshop & strategic alliances Solution Design & • Why ? Development • Which problems ? • ROI analysis • Where to start ? • Integration • Tech Architecture Mitigate Risk DEPLOY and/or effort by TRIAL Reduce time, cost, using repeatable Best Practices Boost performance with certified Proof-of-concept/ solutions Pilot Studies • User enrolment Solution Impact & • Test usability Architecture • Validate ROI • Proven execution • RFID enablement • Solution Deployment
    29. 29. Thank you!