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Got customers


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Social Media

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Got customers

  1. 1. Got Customers?Social Media for your business
  2. 2. Brand Ambassador 90% Listening 10% Selling• We establish Brand Personality – Using images of life styles to convey a feeling – Testimonials to build credibility – Engage and interact with Targets and Influencers – Make it fun! Ask questions and engage
  3. 3. Social Media Opportunity• Find target audience and influencers• Promote awareness through Blogging• Drive traffic to website – via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn Blog and YouTube• Increase Unique Visitors• Make the cash register ring. Cha-Ching!• 18% coupon redemption• 10% conversion on SMS text messaging
  4. 4. Four Groups of Communities on Social Media• Targets – Your Target Market• Influencers – People who won’t or can’t buy from you but will spread your message• Competitors – Your Competitors that will be keeping an eye on you• Collectors – Collectors who are motivated by building giant lists of no relevance
  5. 5. What Others Are Saying - GoldenSpoon
  6. 6. What Others Are Saying - Yogurtland
  7. 7. What Others Are Saying - Pinkberry
  8. 8. Facebook Fan Campaign
  9. 9. Google Analytics
  10. 10.
  11. 11.
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Facebook Tools & Analytics
  14. 14. Geo-Location Check in Service
  15. 15. FoursquareTools & Analytics
  16. 16. Facebook• Create Fan Page and offer Trials and Content to promote Fan Base and Viral Sharing• Design FBML Landing Page linking to website with call to action• Brand Page with Avatar with product graphic to include vitals• Listen and Engage by posting about Human Interest and Testimonials
  17. 17. How to Build A Community• Engage and Listen – Twitter Followers – LinkedIn Groups and Discussion – YouTube Uploads and Views – Facebook Fans & Groups• Blogging Comments• Social Review Sites• Forums• Social Bookmarking
  18. 18. Metrics to Drive Qualified Leads• Friends, Followers and Fans• Discussions• Video Comments• Photo Comments• Profile Page Comments• Retweets• Downloads• Questions Asked or Answered on Website• Unique Visitors to Website• Sales
  19. 19. Determine the Role of Social Media• Improve Unique Traffic and Referring Traffic• Create Sales Conversions and Generate Leads• Increase Brand Awareness, Reputation Management, Customer Surveys• Product Launch and Event Announcements• Customer Service, Community Outreach, Recruiting• Search Engine Optimization
  20. 20. Social Media Strategic Gameplan: Next Steps• Integrate social media efforts with the rest of the business• Agree on key goals and metrics in advance• Assign an owner (accountability)
  21. 21. Have fun at the #USFoodshow!
  22. 22. Follow Us! Gary Brewer (949) 900-3017