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Giovanni DeCarli at SpeechTEK Europe, London 25-26 may 2011


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Giovanni DeCarli at SpeechTEK Europe, London 25-26 may 2011

  1. 1. Human Digital AssistanttmDigitally yours … … with a human touchH-care: Excellence in Customer Centric SolutionsLondon, SpeechTek Europe 2011
  2. 2. Increasing complexity Everyday:  new Information and Services available on the Network  new Devices with new Functionalities available for business and consumer
  3. 3. Increasing demandUsers need: Easier access to information and services Easier interaction with devices and their functionalities
  4. 4. The goal: simplify our “digital life”
  5. 5. The goal: simplify our “digital life”Creating a new experiencein accesing information and services in interacting with devices and their functionalities in organizing our Digital Life
  6. 6. The solution: My Digital AssistantMy Digital Assistant Listens to me Understands what I need Thinks Collects and arranges the info Talks to me
  7. 7. Using Speech TechnologiesThe right way to interact with: Devices Servicesusing a human-like approach A new way to get the right information:  For me  Personalization  Here  Localization  Now  Contextualisation
  8. 8. My Digital Assistant is …
  9. 9. MyDA An intelligent, human-like Digital Assistant:  knows me and supplies information that I really need  is able to understand my interests  reminds me my appointments and gives me information that simplify my life A real daily help in my digital life … … with a human touchwhat’s up : the information I really need based on contextmy day : daily appointment summary (from my calendar)searcher : news, weather, traffic, events, restaurants …
  10. 10. MyDA business edition My personal Digital Assistant that helps me in managing my agenda and my business contacts and gives me all information that simplify my working life. Directly integrated with the company back-end systems:  Intranet services  Directories & Calendars  CRM & ERP  Help Desk  HR automation  Enterprise Social Networkingfour different flavors …  …
  11. 11. MyDA Business Edition
  12. 12. MyDA Technology snapshot Speech Technologies & Rendering Artificial Intelligence Bandwidth consumption Server and Mobile Architecture
  13. 13. Speech Technology & Rendering Audio Stream phonemes Visemes Face Engine “Light” MyDA is powered by Loquendo emotional TTS engine Smart resource management because of a constraned environment (mobile platform or narrowband) Server-side TTS cache for frequently used sentences TTS-engine independent lip-synch generation (thanks to Face Engine “Light”) Several avatars are available, each one with a different voice
  14. 14. Artificial Intelligence Connector... Connector... Connector... Connector... Service Content Phrase Synthesizer ResolverUser request User response Rule User Behaviour (Neural GPS Content Engine Network) Time Suggestion Content Semantic Links
  15. 15. Bandwidth Consumption Compression techniques Limited data exchange Limited resource wasteClient-side caching
  16. 16. Server and Mobile Architecture Server Content Provider Connectors INTERNET AlI modules Information is centralised on the server TTS Dynamic contents can be offered and updated transparently Centralized Client interface (menus) is Information Contents dynamically generated by the server
  17. 17. The new frontiers Automotive Home automationInteracting with Kiosks Health Care Processes & applications
  18. 18. Automotive Manages my travel schedule and gives me all information about traffic, weather, events, restaurants … Connects with the car’s diagnostic systems and prevents unforseen technical troubleA real daily help in my digital life, with a human touch
  19. 19. Home Automation Connects with the domotic systems. Helps me in managing my digital life at home:  switching off the heating  setting up the lights  answering the phone and the interphone  opening and closing the doors  switching on the irrigation systems  reminding me of my shopping list …A real daily help in my digital life, with a human touch
  20. 20. Kiosks MyDA helps me manage the interactions with self service applications and gives me all information to get what I need, knowing me, my profile, my habits, my interests …A real daily help in my digital life, with a human touch
  21. 21. Health Care Directly connected to the Health Care systems, MyDA supports my doctors and gives me the correct information to use the telemedicine devices (how to & when).A real daily help in my digital life, with a human touch
  22. 22. Processes & applications Directly integrated with processes and applications, MyDA helps me manage the interactions with my corporate and personal applicationsA real daily help in my digital life, with a human touch
  23. 23. H-care is part of PAT Group• 100% Software Company• 18 years in developing IT solutions to support customer relationship management• 2010 H-care acquisition (100%)• HQ in Montebelluna (TV), offices in Rome and Milan• More than 50 employees• Sales operations in Spain, France, Brazil, Russia, Romania• Customers in more than 10 Countries through the world
  24. 24. Our Missioncreate a new customerExperience on theCustomer Care 100% Customer Centric  Customer Care  Customer Relationship Management  Cross-Channel Self Service  Service Desk
  25. 25. H-care at SpeechTek 2010 H-care is ”People’s Choiche Winner" at: SpeechTek Europe 2010 Avatar ChallengeEvent: 2010 SpeechTEK Europe ConferenceDate: May 25th, 2010 - London“H-care’s avatar conquered the “people’s juryof the conference” through the quality ofvoice and video image, its expressiveness andits usability: all features that allow H-care’savatar to meet any user on the Web as onother media channels, such as smartphonesand kiosks.”
  26. 26. H-care in the Gartner’s radar screen
  27. 27. Pat SrlTreviso – Milano – Roma Giovanni De – International Business Development Mob: +39 335 7561683Pat Srl – HeadquarterVia San Gaetano 11331044 Montebelluna (TV) Mail: 0423 600531 Skype: giovanni.decarli