Adhd In Kids


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Adhd In Kids

  1. 1. + ADHD (Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder) IN TEENS By: Giovani Ramirez
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  3. 3. + What is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder? Inattentive Hyperactivity Impulsive
  4. 4. + Six types & symptoms of ADHD in Teens 1.) Classic ADD - Inattentive, distractible, disorganized. Perhaps hyperactive,  restless and impulsive. 2.) Inattentive ADD - Inattentive, and disorganized.  3.) Over-focused ADD - Trouble shifting attention, frequently stuck in loops of  negative thoughts, obsessive, excessive worry, inflexible, oppositional and argumentative. 4.) Temporal Lobe ADD - Inattentive and irritable, aggressive, dark thoughts, mood  instability, very impulsive. May break rules, fight, be defiant, and very disobedient. Poor handwriting and trouble learning are common. 5.) Limbic System ADD - Inattentive, chronic low-grade depression, negative, low  energy, feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness. 6.) Ring of Fire ADD - Inattentive, extremely distractible, angry, irritable, overly  sensitive to the environment, hyper verbal, extremely oppositional, possible cyclic moodiness.
  5. 5. + causes
  6. 6. + ADHD Treatment & Care Doctors usually follow a  multimodal approach to ADHD treatment. This means that they use several different treatment methods for one patient, such as medication, family and individual counseling, and changes at school to address particular learning styles.
  7. 7. + How does ADHD effect a teens life?
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  9. 9. + Common Myths about ADHD cont’ ADHD doesn’t really exists  Fact: Scientific research tells us ADHD is a biological-base  disorder that includes distractibility, impulsiveness and sometimes hyperactivity ADHD is just an excuse for irresponsible, unmotivated lazy  people Fact: ADHD is caused by neurological impairments not  character flaws. For some people with ADHD, the effort required to get through the day can be exhausting. For a person with ADHD, completing a task actually requires more motivation than what most people think
  10. 10. + Common Myths about ADHD cont’ All people with ADHD are hyperactive  Fact: not all people with ADHD are hyperactive and constantly in  motion. Many are considered to have undifferentiated ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder without hyperactivity. It is caused by consuming too much white sugar  Fact: Studies have shown that very few children with ADHD are  helped by special diets. Sugar food additives are have been ruled out as causes for ADHD Poor parenting is responsible for ADHD behavior  Fact: ADHD is a physical disorder caused by differences in  children
  11. 11. + Famous People with ADHD Albert Einstein  Beethoven  John F. Kennedy  Jim Carey  Bill Gates  JimCarey  For a extensive list go to :
  12. 12. + Conclusion ADHD is a medical condition that can impair people who have  and are not receiving services to help them manage the symptoms Most biases and stereotypes are the born out of ignorance and  misinformation. Don’t let a “ADHD” label define how you talk and approach a person with it. Remember, with knowledge comes power.  Educate yourself! 
  13. 13. + Resources Websites  