Mobile Finance Masterclass


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My keynote presentation in The Mobile Finance Masterclass in London onn the 29th of January 2013. the masterclass will show senior finance executives how they can deploy the latest mobile marketing tools and techniques to generate new business and retain loyal customers across all customer touchpoints. Core themes range from transactional mobile apps and tablet strategies to mobile sites, mobile CRM and mobile advertising.

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Mobile Finance Masterclass

  1. 1. Mobile Marketingfor financial institutions George Giannakeas Marketing Manager Warply @giorisHow mobile is disrupting a traditional industry
  2. 2. SO YOU ‘VE GOT YOUR APP now what?
  3. 3. THE VALUE
  5. 5. PROBLEMMobile Marketing Is Underperforming s e r Ad Bann work M obile don’t ! r did“Traditional” mobile advertising like banner-ads is failing, Sim p lyreal-performance is very poor and needs to be addressed neveimmediately. Brands need to learn how to execute in the Theysense of new mobile marketing strategies.The Evolution of Brands Mobile Strategies gAfter investing in the development of mobile inventory, brands erin ent tion era za netithen focused on growing their user base. Now it is timemonetize this medium... mo2009 2012 2012 2016
  6. 6. HOW EVERYTHING WORKS ? A cloud based marketing toolbox, that enables brands, developers and publishers to directly send interactive mobile marketing campaigns to their customer base via push notifications User receives WARP
  7. 7. SEGMENTATIONFacebook/Foursquare Data Mining Custom Geolocation/Demographics Tagging GeofencingTarget using full scope Integrate with existing Use custom tagging API to Deliver campaigns thatof facebook back ends and fuse it with categorize your app users either change theirdemographics through end users messaging based on your app content based on userthe embedded interaction. Persuasive marketing needs. Use “4/5 location (geolocation) orfacebook connect marketing can effectively star rating” or “frequent triggering campaignfunctionality inside identify consumer player” if you develop interactions when usersWarply SDK personas. games or “Sports Fan” and are close to specific “Car Enthusiast” if you are locations (geofencing). a publisher.
  8. 8. TESTIMONIALS Warply serves as a Campaign redemption is up zero cost direct to 80% making CPC down to communication channel with our top 4-7¢ customer 10% - Mindshare - Eurobank 40% Warply gave us 10x consumer reach with 1/5 of the media buying CREDIT CARD SPENDING INCREASE budget! FROM THE FIRST MONTH OF USE - Kraft
  9. 9. USER RETENTION INCREASED we have increased retention up to 70%
  10. 10. BEING RELEVANTSilent Push <4% opt-out rate with revolutionary mobile marketing concepts like silent push and Live Inbox! &
  11. 11. 40% CREDIT SPENDING GROWTH we changed their purchase habits … from the first month… this is something trivial but most marketers forget
  12. 12. TOP 1% ...we established a direct channel of communication to our top clients, since 1% of card holders performed 15% of spending...… this is something trivial but most marketers forget
  13. 13. RULE #1 IN MOBILE "Users dont perceive brand communication as noise as long as its within their context!"
  14. 14. how we did it? campaign concepts that influenced behavior!
  15. 15. ONE CLICK ACTIONSLet the In-App Paymentscustomers A cloud based marketing toolbox,perform actions that enables brands, developers and publishers to directlyonly through aclick.SMS/CallA cloud based marketing API/Connectiontoolbox, that enablesbrands, developers and A cloud based marketing toolbox,publishers to directly that enables brands, developers and publishers to directly
  16. 16. CONTEXT BASED MESSAGES Go Ahead Communicate with your clients in their context! visit us: mail us: like us: