Mindworks. Delivering Results.


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Mindworks' corporate presentation. Mindworks one of the the leading indipedent digital agencies in Greece focusing on SEO, Paid Search Marketing Services, Usability research & Eyetracking, Web Analytics, Online PR, and Word of Mouth.


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Mindworks. Delivering Results.

  1. 1. We areThe fastest growing digital agency in Greece.
  2. 2. what we are We are a digital agency that delivers results  since 2003. “Delivering results” is our motto.  Which is way beyond a motto. It’s the way we   make things. Results driven creativity.
  3. 3. what makes things roll Some of Greece’s Best   Creative Minds.
  4. 4. And great ideas is what you get   when all these people work   together in a great place.
  5. 5. we love our clients
  6. 6. We have been awarded e-volution AwardsSOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY DIGITAL AGENCY OF THE YEAR USABILITY Effie Awards Silver Effie   Bronze Effie   Silver Effie  CATEGORY:  DAVID  -­‐  GOLIATH   CATEGORY:  LOW  BUDGET   CATEGORY:  LOW  BUDGET  
  7. 7. our servicesPerformance   Crea=vity  
  8. 8. what we do?Thought  you’d  never  ask!     ANDBoom! Ideas! We Deliver Results   WE  MIX  IT  WITH  GREAT   WE  USE  OUR  PASSION  FOR Love  &  Crea=vity   Numbers  &  Research  
  9. 9. digital campaigns Twitter, Facebook, Youtube...   We know the tools. Everyone does.   What really matters is a good reason to  use them, and the positive answer to one   simple question:
  10. 10. THE CASE: THIS IS ATHENSClient: City of Athens
  11. 11. THE CASE: GUESS THE MILESClient: AegeanIn order to celebrate 10 years Miles&Bonus, Aegean’sloyalty scheme, we created an interactive videoexperience showcasing interesting facts and numbersrelated to it. At the end of the video we challengedusers to guess the total number of miles allMiles&Bonus members during these past ten years.
  12. 12. RESULTS 260.000 VISITS   4.500 SHARES ON FACEBOOK  g  590.000 GUESSES  
  13. 13. THE CASE: SPEECHFIGHTSClient: Aegean
  14. 14. THE CASE: #WINTERSLOVENIA Client: SLOVENIAN GOVERNMENTSlovenia Tourism Board wanted to promote Sloveniaworldwide as a winter destination, having available anextremely tight budget. To meet this need we created a 3week social media campaign based on Twitter, Instagram andOnline PR activities. By using Twitter Search we approachedmore than 1500 influential twitter users advising them tospend their winter vacations in Slovenia this year.1 to 1 communication at its best!
  16. 16. THE CASE: CH@TFIGHTS Client: VODAFONEVodafone CU team requested an engaging Facebookexperience targeted to youngsters. We created a realtime Facebook application where users could actually“fight” against each other and the one who typed agiven phrase fastest won. Every day for 2 weeks anarena was set up, and from serial draws users werechosen to fight. Winners received amazing gifts.
  17. 17. RESULTS 60.000 GAMES   20.000 LIKES     10’ AVG TIME ON APP  
  18. 18. THE CASE: #VIENNIClient: AegeanAegean started flying to Vienna, and we were asked tocreate buzz during the days before and after the firstflight, letting the world know about their newdestination. Using twitter as communication platformwe ran a 48h funny contest where users had tocreate tweets using the hashtag #vienni which alsomeans “βγαίνει”.
  20. 20. THE CASE: THIS IS GREECEClient: Emporiki bankEmporiki bank and mindworks launched a CSRcampaign in the middle of economic recession inorder to support Greek entrepreneurship. We createda short film presenting healthy Greek businesses thatkeep the economy moving against all odds & at thesame time in a mini-site users were asked to sharesuccess stories from small businesses all over Greece.
  22. 22. paid search marketing #Fact: We have the leading Search Marketing Team in Greece./ impressions / #1 Greek Agency (according to Google)  / 30.000.000 clicks / 10 certified individuals  / 550.000 conversions / 1st Company certified by Google (2008)
  23. 23. search engine optimization We brought search in   Greece, 8 years ago. Our   Clients are happy and our   projects awarded.
  24. 24. take vodafone* for example: From zero to hundred thousands of visits/month. *Caring with love since 2008
  25. 25. AND THIS GOES WAY BEYOND SEO *Caring with love since 2008
  26. 26. OR GREEK YELLOW PAGES 1000% increase in 18 months.
  27. 27. usability studies We have ran more usability  studies than any other agency in Greece,   and the only one using eye-tracking   technology for studying consumer   behaviors (since 2008).
  28. 28. before after 5x   Better   Conversion   Rate
  29. 29. online pr We don’t just manage Facebook Pages and Twitter accounts.   Back in 2009, when we decided to start investing in   Online PR services we got some of the brightest minds  the PR industry has, we invested in world class monitoring tools, and through the time we managed to effectively connect 1.2M users with our beloved brands.
  31. 31. WEBSITES More or less our creative department hascrafted some of the most popular websites in Greece, using cutting edge technologies, moving forward digital design overall.
  32. 32. MOBILEWe have created more mobile apps than any otheragency in Greece, having created the top iPhone app, according to Apple, in Greek iTunes Store.
  33. 33. More than 40.000 iPhone users use this appto engage with Village Cinemas, find info and BUY tickets.
  34. 34. One of the most complex Global projects ever done, with ability to purchase within the app, integrated with 24 different databases globally.
  35. 35. All time top GREEK iPhone app, as reported through iTunes on JAN 2011
  36. 36. THANK YOU!