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trender WOMM & MultiChannel Communication


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Evolutia de la WOMM Company la MultiChannel Mkt Company

Prezentare sustinuta in cadrul evenimentului Venture Connect

Timisoara, 19 Octombrie 2011

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trender WOMM & MultiChannel Communication

  1. 1. the WOMM Company The X - Channel Marketing Company
  2. 2. Word of mouth is thebest medium of all. -quoted in Bill Bernbach Said (1989), DDB Needham Worldwide.
  3. 3. In 2008 trender is launched as:– a “bridge” between the offline and online channels– a “connection” between consumers and companies
  4. 4. What is trender?An online application that allows marketers toconduct and measure structured Word of MouthCampaigns, drive sales, build new communities ofbrand evangelists and gather consumer insights andfeedback about brands.
  5. 5. How it worksNow, for the first time in Romania companiescan book consumer to consumer conversationstrenders love to talk about brands andrecommend products after testing itWe can get them to do this for companies -online and face to face - in measurable ways
  6. 6. The Market facts90%of consumers trust recommendations from family and friends67%of the economy is influenced by Word of Mouth70%of consumers trust other consumer opinions posted onlineMore than third respondents generated a lot ofrecommendations in the last 3 months, for at least oneof the 10 categories of products and services reviewed
  7. 7. Competitiontrender is the only Word of Mouth Marketing Companyon the national marketIn Europe the main competitor is trnd, in the US there isbuzzagent.comStrengths:• “First on market”• strong operational and technological know-how• streamlined processes both online and offline
  8. 8. Some Facts7000 users in Romania69% female and 31% male, between the ages 18 — 35,with higher education level and average and aboveaverage incomes40% of all trender members read blogs and30% run their own blog
  9. 9. Valuable Key AccountsSince late 2008, trender has implementedWOM campaigns for clients such as:Whiteland, EuroWeb, or Editura Publica
  10. 10. Making marketing a better placefor marketers and consumersThe consumer is in charge now, One to Onecommunication is crucial and leads to asegmenting of the marketing communicationDifferent communication on different channelswith different people
  11. 11. Trender Evolution E T OSI IMA EO & GES R MIC VID K OO E BIL EB FAC MO A X-channel publishing TW SM platform for marketing S campaigns IT T ER NEW EM A SL IL ETT R E
  12. 12. More facts Idea – marketing mix, 360, Multichannel
  13. 13. More facts Team – Strong International Experience (De, Ch, AT, US, RO)
  14. 14. More facts Market – Romania (Proof of Concept), international roll out (German speaking Europe).
  15. 15. More facts Monetization - SaaS for endcustomers and resellers
  16. 16. InvestmentBusiness DevelopmentExtending the actual platform to a SaaS white label solutionand adding further Marketing channels to sustain a truex-channel applicationSales and local presence in Bucharest (Romania) as well asin 2 cities in Europe (preferably London and Berlin orMunich)During the same period further growth will be covered byincome generated by sales activities, especially from UKand Germany
  17. 17. Who we are Giorgiana  Petre   Chief  Marketing  Officer   Cristiana  Stiuca   Marketing  Communication   Specialist   Ovidiu  Banica   Founder  and  strategic  advisor  The epoint team developed and supports the technology engine of trender