Handbook edited by Giuseppe Sgrò
Pages: XXVI - 372
Price: € 35,00
ISBN: 978-88-6531-106-6
Series: ChangeMind - Being and b...
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The handbook at school with the kings. educate and reeducate through the game of chess


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The handbook at school with the kings. educate and reeducate through the game of chess

  1. 1. Handbook edited by Giuseppe Sgrò Pages: XXVI - 372 Price: € 35,00 ISBN: 978-88-6531-106-6 Series: ChangeMind - Being and becoming in childhood Language: Italian Info line/contact: Alpes Italia Ltd. Via Cipro, 77 00136 - Roma Editorial Director Roberto Ciarlantini Administrative Manager Anna Romanelli ciarlantini@alpesitalia.it info@alpesitalia.it Tel. 06 39738315 Cell. 3473751039 Fax. 06 39738315 email: web site: info@alpesitalia.it www.alpesitalia.it At school with the Kings Educate and reeducate through the game of chess Coni It contains Ennio Morricone’s interview Handbook’s curator Giuseppe Sgrò cell. 3402334243 giuseppe.sgro@giocandoconire.it www.giocandoconire.it www.giuseppesgro.com This handbook arose from necessity in Italy, and all around the world, in educational, reeducational, rehabilitative, preventive, sport, school, business, health-clinical and prison contexts, to have a scientific theoretical/practical reasoned textual tool well-organized and complete to educate and reeducate with the help of chess. The goal is to design, structure, propose and implement psychoeducational projects through the game of chess and chess-related context. So this is not a book devoted exclusively to chessplayers, because here we are not focusing on teaching chess itself, because we are not so much interested in chess didactics and in chess theory, rather than in metacognitive, cognitive, affective, relational and social aspects associated with chess game situations, which can be promoted not only while playing at a table, but also through interdisciplinary, problem solving and decision making processes, narrative and psychomotion and socialization acts in groups on giant chessboards. Therefore this handbook is meant as an intrument of action-research for teachers, educators, psychologists, psychomotor therapists, psychiatrists, child psychiatrist, trainers and practitioners of psychology with the aim to educate and reeducate promoting healthy growth and preventing mental and social problems while focusing on innovative proposals in the fields of psychology, pedagogy and educational science through game and sport. The handbook's value, unprecedented in the world in terms of organization, completeness and scientific contents, has been acknowledged and certified by 15 prestigious nationaland internationalscientificand sporting authorities. The book is divided into 2 sections: the first section covers Theoretical/scientific foundations and consists of 9 chapters, while thesecondsectiondealswithProjects,experiencesandresearchandis madeup of17 chapters. Giuseppe Sgrò, clinical psychologist and expert in Sport Psychology, teacher/expert at the School of Sport CONI – Italian National Olympic Committee, member of Medical-Scientific Committee FSI - Italian Chess Federation, AIPS - Italian Sport Psychology Association, SPOPSAM - Italian Sport Psychology and Motor Activities Professional Operators Society and consultantofPSICOSPORTSrl. Since 2006, in particular, he studies on chess psychology and chess psychopedagogical and social applications and chess-related contexts (school, education, reeducation, rehabilitation, locomotion, corporate training and in prison) collaborating with universities, central and local health Government authorities, Central/Regional/Provincial Government School Office and public and private authorities interested in At school with the Kings projects. He is also a national/international scientific-sport event's General/ProjectManager.