Batuman Issue 2


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Batuman Issue 2

  1. 1. By Erekle Chanchibadze Page 2 Among other important guests at the Opening were Minister of education of Adjara autono- mous republic and the representative of the Min- istry of Sport and Youth of Georgia. Speech made by the president of the session - Magda Świder was really interesting and energetic. It was full of the expressions that must be written in their origin. EYP changes human lives Next 5 days you will learn how to co- operate and reach the consensus You will learn how to get fun Surprised faces of the delegates, flashing lights, TV And the most creative quote from Magda’s cameras everywhere: that’s how the International Fo- speech: rum in Batumi started in the 5 star Sheraton Hotel. When everyone was already set and ready, the presi- I can only compare EYP with the sea of dent of European Youth Parliament – Georgia Teo La- opportunities vrelashvili began her welcoming speech. She congratu- lated every delegate and official for being selected and talked about the organizational issues. She thanked Finally, Magda Świder announced that everyone who helped in organizing the forum. After a while Teona welcomed on the floor Georgian Deputy Prime-minister, State minister on European and “Batumi international Euro-atlantic integration Mr. Giorgi Baramidze, who had forum is officially opened” quite a long and interesting speech about Georgia’s policy. He began speaking about countries priorities in foreign policy and the importance of Georgia for Eu- The only things forum participants missed at rope. He promised that these priorities will never the opening were Georgian and European an- change and the main goal of becoming EU member will thems and (for some foreign participants) inter- be reached. pretation of Ms. Lavrelashvili’s welcoming EU membership is appreciated by the Geor- speech. gian society», - Mr. Giorgi Baramidze stated. In his long speech he didn’t forget to speak about problems as well and touched social issues, unemploy- ment and etc. He also emphasized the need of educat- ed generation and thanked EYP Georgia for such a good work in this field. We need citizens armed with education», - he added.
  2. 2. By Tiko Akhvlediani Page 3 The sun has finally gone out from clouds. Undoubtedly, nature felt that the 2nd International Fo- rum of Batumi had officially opened! Yeah, EYP-ers had already arrived in Batumi and got ready to start the most joyful Teambuilding Games. Gathering was planned in the wonderful BATUMIAN park (6th May park). The weeping wil- lows and shine lake all around the park had created truly picturesque view. This incredible scenery was truly enough to draw in- spiration and our EYP-ers have finally begun to play such desired teambuilding games. Creatively they have started with a Big fat pony and then called up ZULUS. As usually at EYP sessions, we have showed once more how can ameba turn into the rabbit firstly, into the gorillas secondly, into the Superman thirdly and then finally to reach the perfection – to turn into the EYP-ers. This is a quite simple example of such complicat- ed metamorphosis, but as you know nothing is wondering in EYP, because here everyone takes everything easy, yeah, easy but takes it! This is the power! Herewith, EYP- ers are much more wise guys than you can imagine. They are well aware that having one head is good thing, but having two of them is quite better. That is why they are Building a Team… That is why they can take everything easy: they are not acting alone but they are in the team. It was already getting dark but EYP-ers were going on to build their strong team with having so much fun together. Looking at the romantic and very purple sunset from un- forgettable seaside, delegates were imitating the funky chickens still reminding azure Batumi on their mind :) Yeah, funky chickens were running along the park and seaside yesterday. :)
  3. 3. By Kristina Margvelashvili Eurovillage is definitely the most beloved part of the EYP Ses- sion. Why? It’s so simple to guess. Because there is always plenty of food, drinks and, obviously, the greatest doze of joy. At Batumi International Forum everything was in traditional way, but seems that we overdosed. Delicious national meals, interesting country presentations and, finally, the welcoming video of the session from our Editor and journo team. All this gave us unforgettable feelings and memories to carry on. Top chart of Eurovillage meals:  ―Bakhlava‖ (Azerbaijan)  Lobiani (Georgia)  Cheese (Georgia & Latvia)  Fish (Latvia)  Sausage (Hungary) As Georgia is the host country, its table was bigger than others’. But due to design and plenty of country information brochures, on the top probably was still Georgia’s neighbor - Azerbaijan. Georgia was presented by National dresses, flags, silver dagger, wine, ―Lobiani‖ hospitability. During the country presentation the level of patriotism was on vertex. But then was a welcoming video – with EYP un- official anthem, funny sketches and welcoming videos of EYP-ers from Kutaisi, Europe and even US.
  4. 4. By Mariam Chubabria & Tiko Akhvlediani Page 5 From the very first look at John Como, Chair of BA UMAN FEMM committee, you could easily notice that he is true SEA European guy. While walking in the streets of Georgia John’s European outfit (favorite brand: ZARA) was grab- bing locals’ attention. STAR But not only his appearance is western, also his way of living. It would be true to call him even child of the world or cosmopolite person. He had been living in USA, Mexi- co and China. Currently he is living in Sweden and plan- ning to change his place of habitant and start University in UK. We all wish John god luck for this goal! As all true Europeans know number of languages, he is also not exception. He speaks English, Swedish, Italian and Spanish (Georgian is in the plans for future). John as EYPer has not so big experience as Shamal (who has attended approximately 70 EYP sessions), but he is planning to get more involved in the regional or interna- tional sessions. As he recalls his first EYP regional ses- sion in Sweden he says that at first the teambuilding games were very strange for him. So debutant delegates should not be shocked or depressed after teambuilding - such feelings are common for all delegates. Mariko Takaishvili is involved in organizing and chairing the EYP sessions in Georgia from the very beginning. For her EYP started after attending Lviv regional session (2008). ―It was BATWOMAN one of the superb sessions I have ever been! I met with so many friendly and interesting guys…. I made the defense speech for the GA and it was quite successful for my first try‖, - Mariko recalls. Mariko admits that the most beloved part of the session for her the session is teambuilding part, but she recognizes that GA is the most important element as everyone can see the final product of their hard work. Mariko as true EYP leader has some important plans regarding the future of EYP-Georgia. She is planning to organize some training for the active members of the organization. This initiative would very much donate in the process of sessions’ quality raising. As an organizer of previous Batumi International Forum, Mariko re- calls the president of the Forum Shamal:”Shamal is great per- son! He does everything with huge enthusiasm. He was sharing his experience as with delegates and chairs also with us- organizers. At night he was gathering us and giv- ing feedbacks, which were really useful.” Mariko is now making her masters degree in International Law and parallel she is working in the Ministry of Justice. But Mariko admits: ―EYP for me is like-part time job, for which I feel a huge responsibil- ity‖. It seems this woman can manage everything. Wish you good luck for your career and EYP.
  5. 5. By Sandro Jupalakiani & Mari Chubabria Party lady… BA UMAN Lady moderate modesty… Lady Amsterdam… SEA Nana Maisuradze will never let you be bored. STAR I know her for many years, but Facebook is still the best way to get some fresh information about her. Her relationship status is not determined, but we can conclude she’s single. Favourite quotation ―Just live your life‖ - YES, she real- ly does it. Favourite movies - The Game, Head in the Clouds, Lucky Number Slevin, Wicker Park, Intolerable Cruelty, Original Sin, Brave heart, The People vs Larry King, dot the i, Life or Something Like That, The Holi- day, Home Alone. I have seen only one of them.. Beáta Veisová Also she promises nice session in Borjomi next week, but there is some lack of fi- She lives in Pisek, Czech Republic nances. You can donate by calling 25-60-60 and studies international relations. and asking Jumberi. She has been in Borjomi, Azerbaijan, Tur- When was your first EYP ses- key, Ukraine, Sweden, Belgium and… and sion? – It was in 2007. National Amsterdam. It’s still on her mind. Selection Conference. It was awful for me. I thought I would never ap- ply for the session again. Why did apply for second ses- sion? – The president of EYP Czech Republic is my best friend’s brother and he just pushed me into this. Why did you apply for Batumi International Forum? – I have never seen Georgia before. I was very much interested. What is your main goal? - Organizing EYP International Session What will you do when you exceed EYP age limit? – I have plenty of time. For example, president of EYP Romania is 35 years old… Mariam Chikhladze The most intellectual, responsible and serious chair in EYP Georgia. Her attitude to- ward the teambuilding is oriented on the building trust and collaboration between the delegates. One of her favorite games is palm and fist which elaborates the partnership between team members. As an experienced chair, Mari can operate in any committee, despite the knowledge of delegates. Her passionate work makes everyone involved and specified on the work. First session for Mari was Sumy 3rd regional session in Ukraine. Primary impression of EYP was very positive; she was satisfied with the experience and intelligence of the delegates and chairs. “Honestly, this session had big im- portance for my life. Since then I am very actively involved in EYP and I am not going to give up it! I want to take part in process of making EYP-Georgia the most successful brand among youth organizations. We should attract many innovative and educated students”. Mari believes that ―in the future she will become a president of the session in Georgia and in nearest future a president of International Session too‖. Mari, we wish you to achieve all your goals!
  6. 6. By Tiko Akhvlediani & Mari Chubabria BA UMAN SEA STAR Evheniia Melekhovets Few words about Zhenya: Zhenya is studying International Law in Kiev, Ukraine and parallel she is in the School of Art in Lviv. She George Samkharadze also works for the magazine a designer. She is mak- ing very original painting and works on Batiks. Zhenya started EYP when she was only 15 years old. First session for her was Sumy regional session in Ukraine. Zhenya remembers ―I was very frightened at first, since our chair was missing whole day before GA and delegates had to write the resolution by our- selves‖. - Please say “Hello” in Ukrainian. - Dobroho ranu - What is EYP for you? - Freedom of movement - Describe yourself - Absentminded and artistic. - What kind of team building game are you? - Big fat ponny. - Favorite games? - Safety corridor, trust games - What did you know about Georgia before? - Usually I do not make a research before visiting new country, so that I make my own impression of the local people or the state. But to be frankly I knew form my mother that you have very high quality Geor- gian silver. -What is you favorite committee to work in? - ENVI, since I love nature and AFET because there are many interesting issues to discuss there. -What did you like most of all in Tbilisi? -Tbilisi at night.
  7. 7. By Mariam Chubabria Approximately a century ago first-wave feminism activities started and women of western countries struggled for women’s suffrage. The aim of second-wave feminism of 60ies was not just political emancipation but women’s liberation from sexual and psy- chological abuses. Among Eu- ropean coun- tries the Scan- dinavian wel- fare states have been labeled as woman- friendly, and this term implies that they have been responsive towards women’s claims, given them a voice and adopted a range of policies that increased women’s options. But what about other European states? The women representation in the national parliaments of Caucasian countries varies between 5-11%; 15-20% in Eastern European countries; 39-46% in Scandinavi- an states. Who can be the defender of women right in the country where there is such dramatic gender inequality in political institutions? What can we see in Scandinavian states is society free of rape, forced mar- riages and sexual harassments. I remember one Finish delegate from my committee on FEMM totally amazed when hearing that sexual harassments are quite often in Geor- gia. I would love to live in such society- free of even thoughts about violence on gender bases. So FEMM committee delegates be- lieve that your resolution will make one step forward to the genderly equal world.
  8. 8. By Erekle Chanchibadze When it comes to European border con- trol the numbers speak for themselves. With 42,672 km of external sea borders and 8,826 km of land borders, the Schengen free-movement area comprises 25 countries (including a number of non-EU states) ena- bling free internal travel for nearly half a billion people across the continent, with 300,000 crossings at the external borders in 2009 alone. If you are thinking about moving to Europe, at first find out what FRONTEX is. It is the European Union agency for ex- ternal border security. It is responsible for coordinating the activities of the nation- al border guards in ensuring the security of the EU's borders with non-member states. Frontex’s headquarters is in Warsaw, Poland. Its responsibility is es- sentially simple: to ensure that the EU’s ex- ternal borders remain permeable and effi- cient for bona fide travellers while being an effective barrier to cross-border crime. For sum-up speech makers, there is a speech about Frontex given by Federal Interior Minister Dr. Schäuble: ―The citizens expect Europe to provide effective protec- tion of its common external borders. There- fore it is the declared aim of our Presidency to further develop the operability of the Eu- ropean Border Management Agency Frontex in order to improve the protection of the external borders of the European Union and intensify border police cooperation‖.
  9. 9. By Sandro Jupalakiani Their discussion came before a key US Sen- ate committee was to approve Thursday the new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty that the two sides signed in April. It commits Russia and the US to reduce de- ployed nuclear warheads by about 30 percent. A senior US official, briefing reporters after the meeting of the defense chiefs, said Russia's low- er house of Parliament was awaiting Washing- ton's actions before pursuing further ratification of the treaty. Within the US, however, Republicans are putting up a fight over the treaty, and a full Senate vote is not expected until after the No- vember elections. Separately, US officials have discussed the pos- sibility of Moscow allowing the US military to use Russia's railway network to transport arms to Afghanistan. But according to Reuters, there US Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Wednes- was no sign that Serdyukov had hinted during day hosted his Russian counterpart, Anatoly Ser- Wednesday's talks at a change in Moscow's poli- dyukov, in a high-profile visit that failed to produce cy. any breakthroughs on major issues. The Russian newspaper Nezavisimaya Serdyukov, the first Russian defense minister to Gazeta, citing defense ministry sources, report- visit the Pentagon in more than five years, had a ed Wednesday that the Kremlin expected Ser- full day of talks with Gates on multiple issues, in- dyukov to discuss the "division of spheres of cluding Washington's European missile defense influence" in central Asia and the south Cauca- system plan, Russia's relationship with Georgia, the sus during his visit. war in Afghanistan and nuclear arms control. On Georgia, Gates renewed calls for Moscow However, a US defense official told reporters to comply with the 2008 cease-fire agreement after the talks that there was no breakthrough in and urged Russia to provide more transparency this discussion. about its forces in Georgia's two breakaway re- The two defense chiefs did sign two agree- gions, noting a need for international observers. ments after the talks, including a memorandum on cooperation - replacing an outdated 1993 accord, and a plan to form a defense working group. According to Gates, the accords would ensure more frequent meetings between the two defense chiefs and pave the way for more joint programs, exchanges and exercises between the two militar- ies.
  10. 10. By Manvel Qeshishyan To solve this task we need an effective organiza- tion—one that can unite the developed countries and to combat problems of the world. Who then takes up the noble cause, and how? One of the such best-known organizations in the world is the European Union, which deals with problems in Europe and nearby countries in the continent and to help countries in need.The complexity of interpreting the events and the multiple conspiracy theories to which they gave rise in Kyrgyzstan itself put the official EU repre- sentatives in an awkward position...And EU should solve these problems in Kyrgyzstan. De- Is it possible to have а free Kyrgyzstan in totally spite the request of an international Lastly, like unfree ―Central Asia’’? No? I think it is a myth, and the other international actors, the EU was com- new generation don’t believe it. But new genera- pletely outstripped by the Kyrgyz crisis in tion can do the best for the freedom. Not only in June.In addition, it is troubling to note that the the Central Asia. country of Central Asia that the international I understand that such small countries as community has pampered the most, that is the Kyrgyzstan are mostly involved in projects and poli- most invested in the programs proposed by the cies of other countries, not being able to build their international community, and in which civil soci- own doctrine, its own strategy, set their own goals. ety is supposed to have been supported the Kyrgyzstan may join the trend, which is closer to most, is also the most unstable. This failure de- the liberal ideas, and implement the idea of free- mands an inquiry into the efficacy of the pro- dom . Because the idea of liberty in liberalism is grams set in place, as well as their long-term not treated as chaos, anarchy, lack of rights and impact on symbolic stakes such as the decay of boundaries. South Kyrgyzstan riots of 2010 are on- the state. Kyrgyzstan, today, is the country in going clashes between ethnic Kyrgyz and Uzbeks, the region where the feeling is most widespread primarily in the cities of Osh and Jalal-Abad, in the that the sovereignty that came from independ- aftermath of the ouster of former President ence is a mere illusion.The example of Kyrgyz- Kurmanbek Bakiyev on April 7. It is part of the larg- stan seems to confirm the need for a compre- er, political crisis in Kyrgyzstan . Violence that start- hensive approach to security. The violent riots in ed between neighboring ethnical groups on May Osh and Jalalabad in June 2010 can be ex- 19th in Jalal-Abad continued on 9 June in Osh. The plained by overlapping security issues.For exam- spreading of the violence required the Russian- ple the ―revolution‖ of April 7 was not in control endorsed interim government led by Roza Otunba- of the police forces and secret services. yeva to declare a state of emergency on June 12, The European Union is the union of european in an attempt to take control of the situation. The vales and fundamental human clashes killed up to 2,000 people, mostly Uzbeks, rights.INternational comunity waits from this and displaced some 100,000. structure concrete steps.Kyrgyzstany issue is one of such step.
  11. 11. By Tiko Akhvlediani biomass and heat from within the earth. Over half of renewable energy goes to pro- ducing electricity. It plays an important role in the supply of energy. When renewable energy sources are used, the demand for fossil fuels is reduced. Unlike fossil fuels, non -biomass renewable sources of energy (hydropower, geothermal, wind, and solar) do not directly emit. About The next largest use of “Oil, natural gas, uranium, water - as power renewable energy is the production of heat and sources, all have the potential to run out dur- steam for industrial purposes. Renewable fuels, ing the course of human development, possi- such as ethanol, are also used for transportation and to provide heat for homes and businesses. bly in the next couple of hundred years. Re- But generally, renewable energy has generally newable sources can sidestep step this prob- been more expensive to produce and use than lem by using energy sources that either will fossil fuels. Renewable resources are often lo- last longer than the human race” cated in remote areas, and it is expensive to build power lines to the cities where the electric- ity they produce is needed. The use of renewa- Imagine: One Sunday morning you are waking up and ble sources is also limited by the fact that they there is no lights any more. They say that there are are not always available — cloudy days reduce some problems about energy supply and by this rea- solar power; calm days reduce wind power; and son electricity is cancelled. Firstly you will probably droughts reduce the water available for hydro- think that it is just a short term problem of the gov- power. In spite of these factors it is obvious that ernment rather than yours and actually, the sun is still the use of renewable fuels is expected to contin- shining outside. O.K. maybe you can forget about this ue to grow over the next years, because Oil, fact and go on being in a good mood but what about natural gas, uranium, water - as power sources, your week-end plans for the evening? Will you enjoy all have the potential to run out during the land of darkness? Probably you will prefer to stay course of human development, possibly in the home due to avoid ―meored mosvla‖? And actually next couple of hundred years. Renewable how are you going to do anything without using any sources can sidestep step this problem by using electricity? energy sources that either will last longer than Let’s clarify: However this is not ―meored mosvla‖, the human race or can be regenerated through this that we are threatened by exhausting of non- agriculture. Most renewable energy sources are renewable energy sources. Do you have any idea also environmentally friendly, fight global warm- what to do after fossil soil energy disappears? Realiz- ing by reducing carbon emissions, and allow ing that we still rely on non-renewable fuels to meet economies to reduce their dependencies on po- most of our energy needs we should understand that litically turbulent nations. So, only renewable here is no time for making mistake we should pro- sources can be the right solution. But how is it mote active implementation in order to avoid this possible to achieve this solution? Which are the ―energy disaster‖. best ways toward the safe future? Everyone Let’s have a little look at historical experience. More knows that these are truly complicated ques- than 150 years ago, wood, which is one form of bio- tions but we have to try! mass, supplied up to 90% of our energy needs. To- day, we are looking again at renewable sources to find new ways to use them to help meet our energy needs. There are five principal renewable sources of energy: the sun, the wind, flowing water,
  12. 12. By Kristina Margvelashvili Situation in Georgia is really wors from EU There is no doubt that the States .According with U.S State Dept Traffick- Nordic countries lead the ing in Persons Report Georgia is a source and world on most indicators transit country for women and girls trafficked of gender equality. Gen- within the country and to Turkey, the UAE, der equality experts and Greece, Russia, Germany, and Austria for the advocates have long purpose of commercial sexual exploitation. pointed out that in eco- Women and girls from Ukraine, Moldova, Russia, nomics, politics and social and other former Soviet states are trafficked services, the Nordic countries top the charts. What’s through Georgia to Turkey, the UAE, and West- happening on the other member countries of EU? We ern Europe. Men and women are trafficked with- can say that they have Formal Heaven and Informal in Georgia for the purpose of forced labor. Men hell. and women in the breakaway regions of Abkha- DROI topic is very hot and discussable. Only sev- zia and South Ossetia, which were outside of eral days ago there was special joint meeting of MEP- the government’s control, are trafficked for the s in EU. Talks were about updating the rules. Edit purpose of forced labor. Our way is hard,We Bauer, a Slovak centre-right MEP, and Anna Hedh, a must fight with challenges. That’s why we need centre-left MEP from Sweden, have drafted a legisla- international society to help us to overcome the tive proposal that goes further than the text from the problem.UN and EU have some legal ways , pro- European Commission that won the support of mem- grammes and goals. In 2000 the United Nations ber states in June. They are arguing that this adopted the Convention against Transnational ―modern form of slavery‖ has left thousands of vul- Organized Crime, also called the Palermo Con- nerable women and children at the mercy of traffick- vention, and two Palermo protocols there to: ing gangs, the MEPs urge a broader definition of traf- Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Traf- ficking, so that forced begging is included as an act of ficking in Persons, especially Women and Chil- exploitation alongside forced labour and prostitution. dren; and Hedh and Bauer also want tougher penalties for those Protocol against the Smuggling of Migrants by found guilty of trafficking – jail terms of between six Land, Sea and Air. and 12 years, instead of the Commission suggestion of between five and ten years. They also recommend seizing assets and profits from convicted traffickers, According to United States State Department and us- ing the data, an "estimated 600,000 to 820,000 men, p r o - ceeds to women, and children [are] trafficked across in- support victims. ternational borders each year, approximately 70 percent are women and girls and up to 50 per- cent are minors. The data also illustrates that the majority of transnational victims are traf- ficked into commercial sexual exploitation. All that data shown ahead proves that, we are still living as a semi-animals way. Strong one is surviving, whilst on their way to success they destroy weak.!!!!!!!!!
  13. 13. By Sandro Jupalakiani As you know Georgia has two breakaway region - Abkhazia and South Ossetia. After a brief war with Georgia in August 2008, which ended with ceasefire agreement, Russia recog- nized independence of Abkhazia and South Os- setia and consolidated its position in the face of relatively little international criticism. In the aftermath of the conflict, secu- rity and stability in Georgia have great impact on the EU, and on its global security and calls for the international society to be actively in- volved in conflict settlement issues in Georgia. Hello Guys ! You don’t even imagine how lucky The EU plays an active role in promoting se- you are to be in the committee of YOUTH. Its not curity and stability in Georgia through function- an easy job. Also you have a chance to spend your ing of the EU Monitoring mission (EUMM) and five unforgettable days with the President of this Geneva discussions. session Ms. Magdalena Swider. The EUMM Georgia seeks to provide civilian Magdalena in one word ―Zajebista‖! She studies monitoring of parties' actions, including full psychology at the Warsaw University. It’s her firs compliance with the six-point agreement, work- time in Georgia, and the first minutes of landing ing in close coordination with partners, particu- were unforgettable for her, she was really very larly the United Nations (UN) and the Organiza- scared, It looked like the plane was going to fall tion for Security and Cooperation in Europe though the sea. Her advice to you, dear Delegate (OSCE) and consistent with other EU activity in is: ―Rich out for the best!‖ order to contribute to stabilization, normalization Now I’m going to introduce you a friendly and and confidence building whilst also contributing energetic chair Mr. Tsotne Chanturia. He is 21 to realizing the EU' long-term policy with respect years old. At first he was selected as a delegate in to Georgia. the 3rd NC of EYP. He has made his bachelor de- EU has to avoid vacuum, which can be creat- gree in political science at the Tbilisi State Universi- ed after termination of the OSCE mission. ty, and now is preparing for MA in Europe. He is Guys I hope this short information helps you going to make big steps in his life. What are his to manage with this difficult issue. Try all your expectations from this session? best and the goal will be reached.. Wish you good luck !!! Tsotne: I can describe it briefly: Satisfac- tion guaranteed!!! Wow, guys, there is no doubt that you will have a Great time. The only obstacle which we can face is weather I guess, but in this case I’m sure our awesome Orga’s have plan B :) The most memorable experience for him is ―Of course inter-rail conference in Kiev. It was awe- some... so much fun and crazy adventures!!! :) I’m sure you will have a lot fun :) I’m Getting to know this committee better and I’m falling in love with it.