4th NSC - Newspapers 2- 3


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2nd and 3rd Issues of 4th NSC Newspapers

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4th NSC - Newspapers 2- 3

  1. 1. Issue 2 - 3 23/05/2010 BUSU Times
  2. 2. BUSU Times Editorial Dear all, only two days have passed since your arrival at the session, but we’re sure that for the majority of you they have been the most intense days of your life! All the officials worked really hard for making this session a treasured event for you, but we were fully rewarded by your happy faces and enthusiasm! Thank you, dear delis, for being so lively and involved in all the activities of this session. We would like to address special thanks to the organizers (the always smiling and restless team that passed all the day cooking for us, carrying heavy furniture all over the school, handing out cookies and spoiling everybody with delicious things), as well as all experts that have been presented during committee works! Many thanks also to the chairs, team, to our beloved President Teo, to the vice-presidents George and George and of course for International Black See University Administration for giving us an opportunity to make such a lovely session! Last but not least I, the editor, would like to warmly thank our journo, who worked really hard and put all their energies into the paper. In these days we had difficult and challenging moments, we co- operated for making BUSU Times. We had fun time kidding, dancing and making stupid videos and we got to know each other. In this second issue you’ll find articles about one of the most important moments of these days and much more. We hope they will make you come back to the special chances this session gave you. Also, we’re sure that one of the most joyful articles in this issue some Test, the will make you laugh and overfill this wonderful session. We now wish you a good reading and we hope to meet you soon during the day! :) Yourse, Maka Page 2
  3. 3. Issue 2 - 3 Opening Ceremony By Nino The opening ceremony generally consists of introducting the board to the delegates and announcing the expectations for the session. The separate speeches from the president and vice-presidents to wish the best EYP experi- ence and success in committee work. This opening ceremony has not been an exception as well. The president of the NSC 2010 Teo lavrelashvili has held a splendid speech quoting the US president John Kennedy and famous british explorer George mallory. We choose EYP because It’s here and we are here, and generally our choice is EYP, that means: practice of English, break stereotypes, holding speeches, becoming a future leader, com- municating, make new international friends and being successful both in life and the future profession. The vice – presidents have as well wished a joyful session to the delegates and success in making resolu- tions. The special guest of the session was introduced as well: TSU English lecturer Dimitri Dolaberidze. He told us about the importance of the EYP to the youth, that it is a way towards success for them. With EYP we can prove that we are the unity, educated generation who is able to make changes only to better. The EYP gives us a chance to be the number one, and we have to use it, acquire the skill of cooperation and become more conscious about the current world problems. The opening ceremony has ended with national anthem and The anthem of the EU. Apart from that the power point slide show has been shown to introduce the new commer delegates what the EYP means, its benefits and purposes. The delegates have been shown both international sessions and regionl sessions, abroad and Georgia as well. As a result the delegates have become more motivated they are willing to become the member of the huge EYP family. So EYP-ers this session is your chance, try to make the best of it. Page 3
  4. 4. BUSU Times Press Team IDs journo ID 1. Name 1. Giorgi Chinchaladze 2. Nickname or secret name 2. chinchala, mogalate 1.Sopho Konjaria 3. Motto 3. I’m chair, orga, jouro of 2.Gossiper 4. Best EYP Experience the session!! 3.We are not u think, we 5. Never have I 4. All of them, eyp is the are, we’re golden :P 6. If you could get a gift best exp. Itself 4.Each session is unique for from delegate it would me, sincerely. 5. Been awaken myself 1. Guram 5.I have never ever broken a be during from session. 2. n/a golden rule. 7. . Official of the day/ 6. Teo Lavrelashvili- actu- delegate of the day? 3. No mottos :) 6.Hug ally, thank you 7.Tiko, the chair of course :) 4. eyp kiev, Poland, nc- all sessions I have ever been. 5. Sex with official! 6. Two tickets to Paris 7. Journo team! 1. nino macharadze 2. no! 3. try your best to do your job well 1. maia mishveladze 4. every eyp experience is 2. mai J the best of all for me 3. everything is possible 5. gone bungee jumpig 4. each eyp experience is 6. delegates are me gifts better then the previous one . already 7. teo! 1. sopho museridze 5. seen a shost 2. sophy 6. a song 3. be realistic hmmm, I wll tell u later 4. will be in the future 5. participate in eyp before 6. a warm hug 7. will tell you at the end of the day 1.Tako 2.sky ken 3. I ca do J 1.Maka 4. zugdidi, the first eyp ex- 2. Magician perience. 1.tatuli 3. Everything is possible 5. been a delegate 2. Lastochka 4. InterRail Conferencee of 6.chocolate, of course 3.never say never EYP Ukriane 7. – have no idea 4. coin game in Poland 5. been at the Moon. 5.sucken and blown 6. Frower :) 6. kiss 6. Teo Okanahsvili (ENVI) Page 4
  5. 5. Issue 2 - 3 Form a Circle! Form, Form a Circle! Brought by Tatuli and Maia The 4th National Selection Conference of EYP Georgia has finally commenced. The starting point was old Tbilisi where participants from different faculties and Universities came together to get to know each other, by the help of the most exciting part of EYP session – the TEAM BUILDING.As soon as the circle was formed Team building was set in motion in the Botanical Garden of Tbilisi. 8 committees and approximately 80 delegates attended the starting part of the 4th National Selection Conference of EYP Georgia. Though weather was not so impressive the outcome of the team building process was not really affected. Rainy weather seemed to be the KILLER of EYP spirit in the beginning but fairly enough trees of Botanical Garden saved the mood and the games we all played and enjoyed. After seeing our Michael Jordan, Irakli Alasania and Pamela Anderson Chairs and Organizations of the session divided Delis into committees and the committee Team building started. Consequently when committee members learned enough about each other they decided to interact with the other committee representatives. They played games against other committees , which once again supported the unity of the team. We’ve seen “Occupant” Otars, “Nice” Ninos, “Talkative” Tamars and “Vandalist” Vakhtangs all over the name games of committees. Although the delegates where a little bit cold due to bad weather and some of them even injured cause of running too slowly from “Giants” the teambuilding ran smoothly and finished with the establishment of some good friendships among delegates. Slow Runner Intimate games had no less popularity on today’s teambuilding - Delis kept hugging, kissing, harassing and seducing each other during different games till Teo, beloved president of the session, called everyone to the unforgettable waterfall of the Garden. The laugh- ter of delegates and smiley faces put the spirit of EYP-ers again on its heights. While playing in the beautiful nature delegates barley noticed that the evening had come and it was the time to end team building games and to have tasty dinner with new made friends and new impressions. Page 5
  6. 6. BUSU Times Dinner Street By Sopho and Guram It was approximately 6 o’clock when apart from the incomparable teambuilding, cheerful chairs everlasting energy and delegates’ in- vincible spirit, we all realized that something was wrong from in- side – the stomach rebelled. Decision was made easily- very organized organizers have thought about it already and in 5 minutes we were all moving down from Botanic Garden towards the Freedom square. All the committees were allocated on Leselidze Street to keep the mood of being together. Despite the fact that all delegates and officials were unconsciously tired, they were ready to prove everyone that their committee was the best of the bests! As far as the committee dinner is the last point of Teambuilding, where u are already cerebrating that you have succeeded while creating team, it was funny and interesting as expected. They talked sin- cerely, laughed, joked, played and what’s the most important trusted each other. And I truly won- dered how they managed it – I couldn’t believe they haven’t known each other until the morning. But then I found that the link between them was EYP itself. Most of the committees preferred to amuse themselves by playing ,,Celebrity Games” before the dinner was pre- pared. The smart delegates managed to guess who they were in reality, so the puzzles were easily solved. They were glad to discover that some of them were ,,Sleeping Beauty”, ,,Sponge Bob”, ,,Qartlis Deda”, and even ,,Gay”. I have heard that there was diversity between the dishes as well. Some committees tried their best with ,,Khinkali” and some tasted delicious pizzas. The proc- ess of spending the whole evening together once more strengthened their team spirit and gave some extra motivation to overcome all the problems all over the world. Finally, all the committees took a lot of photos and drifted apart with the smile on their faces, hoping the next day would be much interesting, creative and unforgettable then it was today. Page 6
  7. 7. Issue 2 - 3 Elements of an EYP session By Maka Opening Ceremony Committee work Teambuilding The Opening Ceremony will mark During the Committee Work each Teambuilding activities are essen- the start of the academic part of the ses- Committee will create a resolution on its tial in order for every delegate to get to sion. respective topic with the help of an ex- know the Committee they will be work- perienced Chairperson (Chair). ing with throughout the session. In a *Dress Code: Formal (suit, shirt, hotel, where all the participants are going tie, dress/skirt. No jeans or casual wear). *Dress Code: Smart. to be accommodated, all Delegates will have outdoors and indoors activities throughout the whole intense day with their Committees. Working languages Farewell Party General Assembly (GA) throughout the session are English and French An amazing evening to conclude General Assembly will be the per- the session. fect setting for sharing ideas and discuss- *Dress code: Comfortable, ing all the resolutions produced during sports/outside activity clothing the session. We ask you to dress respect- *Dress code: Later you’ll receive (provide rain/snow protection!). the theme of Farewell Party and you fully. will have to prepare proper costumes. Be creative! *Dress Code: Formal IQ Test Dear readers of our “BUSU Times”, please look through the questions below and answer some of them if it is interesting for you. Take into consideration the fact that the an- swers should be as funny as possible. According to the ‘scientific’ context of questions, it isn’t so difficult to answer them. Please feel free to submit your answers to the pressroom or to the journos. The best answers will be published in the next newspaper! So enjoy yourself and share your “reasonable” opinions with all the readers of the newspaper! I) What was your first association when you heard about European Youth Parliament? II) What first comes on your mind from word chair? III) Who do you want to be in future? IV) What is your first association to the word ‘orga’? V) Who killed the Dead Sea? VI) If you were granted one wish what would you wish for? VII) Imagine that you had only one day left to live. What would you do? VIII) Why are some gay people so unhappy? IX) Why do a wise guy and wise man mean entirely different things? X) Why does Goofy stand up while Pluto remains on all fours? (They’re both dogs.) XI) Why don’t cannibals eat clowns? XII) You’re trapped on a desert island and you can only have one thing with you. What would it be? Page 7
  8. 8. BUSU Times Healthy food for healthy life ! By Sopho “Experience broads one’s mind…” What can you do on Friday, when it is raining and is it May… “You are a journalist, you must observe them...” The editor told me… Consent her. Team Building is on its way in the Botanical garden. Name Game, you should present yourself and repeat pre- vious delegate’s name … ( I want to be a team member, I was insertion in the games) smiling faces… everything is really great ! we are playing games after the games, we are having a fun , happy faces… ! Who cares about weather … From now, I feel like a team member! What a friendly guys are you ! .. Friday evening. I am absolutely impatient!. Waiting for you, “tomorrow”! Saturday morning.. Shame on you, Sopho ! ..You are late ! I have been in this thoughts, when I entered in the committee room … They greeting me favourably . The chair told me, that I was not a team member and I need not to worry about punishment. “Ummm, I feel like a team member, let me punish, ok ?!” – I protested .. The protest was accepted... I wrote “SORRY” with my body … very funny . ! Everybody was laughing.. I am listening them and understand that Genetically modified foods might have a negative impact on biodi- versity and harm human health… Interesting ! There are many problems! Team members are active and want to express their opinions! The chair used to say: “there are no oppositions among Georgians? “ Delegates used to answer: “ No” Delegates know, that there are many problems ! Organized and gentle delegates, they have already started writing resolution. It is only 02:00 pm … Lunch time.. ( nobody want to go out ! The chair reminds us, if you won’t go out, there will be no food I think) but before lunch, lets have a circle of a hug… It is a time, to solute problems… Delegates are more active, more energetic… the oppositions have already appeared! Great Team! You can solve the problems.. I’am only journalist, but anyway! ! I am very proud of them! They are welcome to 2 experts for 5 pm today.. They are going to ask them questions for better understanding of the problem and for better resolution! I have to go,guys… Page 8
  9. 9. Issue 2 - 3 SEDE By Guram The committee work had been started after funny and joyful games, which helped one more time to all of the members of team to feel relaxed and there- fore prepare for hard work. The beginning of work consisted with processes of making orders named GOLDEN RULES during the work and which was accepted by all members of team and was full as with new ideas, so old rules, made by experienced and new members of the committee. SEDE was completed by younger EYPers and older ones, experienced and new members, students or pupils from different Universities or schools and corresponding to this fact – the ideas and directions of thinking was quite different, diverse and interesting. During the debates delegates used to talk after catching magic yellow ball. So one of the Golden Rule was allowed by delegates by assistance of Golden Ball, which helped committee work be organized. In the second part of working with topics there was meeting with expert, Nikoloz Chitadze, who talked about topics simi- lar to the themes of security and defense and answered exhaustive to all questions, which were raised by delegates. After getting useful and interesting information about actual topics of this committee and in generally for our country, the working process continued in usual regime more actively and energetically. The main topics of discussion were about Georgian relation with Russia, ongoing political processes in Europe, having connections with Russia and it’s policy implications, how to manage to settle disputed security problems and many other subjects. On the definitive part of working chairs divided delegates into 4 groups, which took different corners of the room and began discussing their mini topics, sharing ideas between group members and after that presented their decisions to other groups and chairs, explained their opinions and solutions of the main problems. In conclusion, committee work was very exciting, interesting and funny, which was merit of friendly and gifted chairs, who managed this process effectively and the results were as desired, as expected, hoping more and more ideas, creativeness, discussion and finally very glorious results. Page 9
  10. 10. BUSU Times Iran VS AFET Brought by Tatuli Delegates switched from English to Georgian language and the committee work went on in Georgian! OMG! Why?! Why the GOLDEN RULE is violated?! Fortunately everything has its reason- able reason – dearest president of the session, Teo, introduced a well known Georgian Expert in Security Issues Nika Chitadze to the delegates and opened “the first round of debates”. As far as the delegates had some doubts regarding some info they had about Iran and its current economical and political situation the appear- ance of Mr. Chitadze was really timely. Open-minded and easygoing delis socialized very quickly with the honorable guest of the session and have been asking bunches of ques- tions during the whole 20-30 minutes. Active members of the committee felt free discussing different issues directly with Mr. Chitadze, they familiarly used to inter- rupt him and add vari- ous questions time by time. Delegates where mostly interested in some statistical data and issues more or less concerning again and again of sphere of influences in the world politics. Mr. Chitadze talked with delis about the possibilities of connecting Iran with Nabucco and about the role of different countries in neutralizing or escalating the situation in the region. Me- dia, human rights and non-proliferation treaty was also the issue of their discussion. The interesting and catchy debates where unfortunately soon interrupted by the lunch and after the guest left Eng- lish language “revived” and took the same place it had before in the committee on Foreign Affairs. Page 10
  11. 11. Issue 2 - 3 EMPL By Maia The Committee of Employment and Social Affairs has been working hard on finding solutions about poverty and unemployment in the country. Team members analyzed wide range of problems related to the issue such as, health problems, involvement of disabled people, protection of Employment rights and etc..Every participant was eager to express his/her opinion, which was always followed by long debates. The participants were very concerned with the topic and seemed very serious about the matter as it was excpected from the name of the committee itslef. Some participants are awarded with good analytical skills, they found contradictions to every argument, some had creative opinions. The solutions they found seemed to have no end, going from one to another AND to another it seemed like AND had no END. Of course the rules of the session were respected by very participant, those who were not obeying, received the punishment in front of whole com- mittee. With the help of hilarious games the brain worked better and partici- pants found very good solutions for the resolution. Page 11
  12. 12. BUSU Times CULT By George For the very first, I was thinking that problem like dependence of youth on videogames is really unserious. But after some hours with the Committee on Education and Culture, I found out that it is a problem which becoming more and more unsettled. Children are losing interest to be involved in society and culprit is computer technologies, concretely – videogames. Discussions between delegates reminded me debates in legislative body. Even more, young dele- gates were more disciplined despite their age, inexperience… these young people discussed problems professionally; if someone strange observed them, he thought himself within the soci- ety of experts. They arose such painful problems as lack of education, which is linked on popularity of video games; easily accessible violate games; the negative role of virtual life. The strength of delegates was that they could create friendly atmosphere and this point helped them to overcome from hopeless situation easily. And, for sure the decisive points were their general education and preparedness for the topic. There were moments when delegates were feeling tiredness and they preferred to play some energetic games such as: fruit salad, the group massage and trust games. After 10-15 minutes relieve, committee members were becoming mobi- lized and were developing their ideas in best way. For the end of the day, they already had finished all problems and set different ways how to overcome. It was surprise for me (sure, from positive side), because part of delegates was first time on EYP session and second participation for another part. I can not finish article without expressing gratitude and appreciate to Chair Person NANA MAISURADZE. During the day I was observing delegates and CHAIR. I was pleasant that could enjoy with well organized team headed by NANA. Group success from one side was reasoned by delegates’ that they are already realized in their societies, are educated, purposeful youngsters; from the other hand, if there were not experienced chair like NANA, it might be differently and committee could not cooperate on common interest. During 3 years, she did her best and a confused delegate, became a respected chair. Page 12
  13. 13. Issue 2 - 3 GANABI AFCOs Gonna Be the coolest on the GA By Tatuli As soon as everyone was settled for brainstorming and delegates started to discuss the problems of their topic , Tamta – the most frantic member of the committee seemed to have had finished writ- ing the resolution for herself already. Everyone took a deep breath and rose their hands to ask for the word and the speech defending their ideas from Tamta’s ones. Even though, in the beginning of discus- sions it was hard for the delegates of the committee on Constitutional Affairs to decide whether Globalization was the issue of their topic or not, all of them proved their ex- cellence till the end of the day. While Giorgi was texting time by time, Andro daydreaming, Erekle trying to play the guitar and Tamta striving to talk - the whole committee work did not run in an ordinary way. The Treaty of Lis- bon raised quite many question among Delegates, questions that were not left un- answered. Delegates were vis- ited by an Expert Mr. Nikoloz Chitadze who an- swered several questions about the above mentioned Treaty. Delis wanted to know more about the possibilities of represent- ing EU citizens’ interests at EU Parliament and to know whether the information about the goodness and fairness of the Treaty of Lisbon was really as per- fect as retold on the official web-pages of EU and its different institutions. Mr. Chitadze talked with delegates mostly about the importance of opening the informational centers about EU in different states, about the importance of con- ducting referendums on different topics in order to raise the trust towards EU parlament and to represent and defend the ideas of as many citizens as possible. After the departure of the Expert AFCO committee members felt sad about the unasked questions but still contin- ued working on their reso- lution enthusiastically and eagerly. Unasked and thus unanswered ques- tions could not harm the spirit of our EYPers. AFCO guys claimed to be the coolest and the strongest GANABIs of the session. While girls claimed that their social statuses of “KAI BICHIS DA” was even more un- doubtable that they would create the best reso- lution of the session. European Onion… sorry Union Page 13
  14. 14. BUSU Times ECON By Tako Corruption or Olympic games? Which came the first? This is the question.. Really, that is not question. The committee on economic and Monetary Affairs, shortly, ,,econ’’, have to discuss very, very, extremely im- portant issue. Like the world’s leaders ,in Georgia , young eyp-ers are discussing the last- hot- expensive problem- financial crisis. Firs thing, you should have to do entering their room : just smile! There ,,golden rules’’ with 8 bullets, insists and makes ☺ Here are some advices, how to guess ECON delegates . Then, if you see someone, creative and talkative, active ,not ashamed to express his ideas, you should strongly be sure, he is from ECON! And, if he talks only in English , works in team and is not late, be sure, this delegate is form ECON.. According to their ,, golden rule’’ I am sure, extremely sure, that you do what? ☺☺☺☺☺ and, after your Hollywood- smile, you have to be expert on eco- nomical issues, as in that room, you will hear such terms, that you have never heard. so, what do you think, what does SGP means? or, GDP? Had the same reaction.. sorry.. It happens to be, not something like zuma or Funky chicken, more serious, ECONOMICAL TERMS! for example, SGP means- the stability and growing pact.. In this way to, It’s incom- prehensible for me. :( But, 10 active, talkative delegates, for the whole day, where discussing and making deference between ,,facts’’ and ,,problems’’ .. I think, these ,,dangerous’’ terms for me, seemed so so so easy for them.. At last, about that beautiful Chair, Mariam Chikladze. She had to resistance those active delegates while discussing there issues. At the end of the day, she seemed tired and shorter, then she seemed an hour ago.. That’s because of high heels :) Yes, you guessed, she taked them off. So, don’t forget about your Hollywood smile :) Page 14
  15. 15. Issue 2 - 3 WE are golden, WE are golden.. LIBEEEEEEEEEEEEE By Sopho As soon as the official part of the opening ceremony was over, all the dele- gates were allocated in their committee rooms. First thing they did was to set the golden rules, but how funny it shouldn’t seem to u exactly half minute later 4 of the delegates were standing in front of the whole committee and were bud spelling different words. So the first punishment have made their day and with smiley faces they went on discussing such important issue as it’s a ban of building minarets in Switzerland. The topic raised a lot of questions in their fresh and smart minds. It was really exciting to look how they tried their best to find the way for peaceful coexistence of different cultures together in one state. They were urging that European values and democracy obliges them to respect and tolerate others freedoms and fundamental rights. Maybe someone will think that I am subjective while saying that the delegates of LIBE committee were the most hyperactive and energetic through all the other committees. Can u believe that they were the only ones who sometimes denied to play the games cause they had to work on the problem solving, and definitely they were the ones to discuss the crucial issues while being out on the coffee break. The loveliest, smartest and cutest chairperson Tiko Janjgava was always ready to neutralize her delis everlasting energy, that’s why she had to make the whole com- mittee a group massage; sometimes in contrary she had to punish for breaking golden rules by making them dance in the centre of the room alone. Anyways, the work the delegates did during the day was very productive. They brainstormed for the problems at first and then went deeply into the discussion to find out how to overcome them together. Have to be sincere, sometimes there have been critical situations in the committee but they managed to overcome it and that proved once more time that they have succeeded as a team. Later the committee on civil liberties was visited by special guest an Expert Mr. Nikoloz Chitadze who tried to answer all the questions which was raised by delegates. The day is nothing without having fun- so chair and her awesome team sev- eral times enjoyed ,,Counting Games”, ,,Frong Song”, and ,,Fruit salad” to energize themselves and avoid the threat of falling asleep. Finally the most important part of stating problems and solutions was over, so all of them clapped each other, appreciated each other’s work, evaluated the day as a successful one and decided to amuse themselves on a fresh air before the Star Night would begin. Page 15
  16. 16. BUSU Times The Euro Star Night By George The euro star night was doubtlessly a splendid one. The jury members Teona Lavrelashvili, Giorgi Chincha- ladze, Nana Maisuradze and Sandro Jupalakiani were in charge of assessing the performance of our lovely committees. The first committee to perform was the committee on employment; they were singing the Beatles song “Let it be” in EYP style. Unfortunately due to some technical problems the group was rejected to pass the 1st round of the competition. On the contrary to that the employment representative Salome Kandelaki has had a wonderful performance having sung Lui Armstrong’s what a wonderful world. The jury members had unanimously been in favor of the group to pass the first round. The SEDE has also performed greatly, having sung Bob Dylan’s song. They have expressed their hope that one day the world would become secure. The LIBE has sung Pancho’s “look up in the sky” successfully with the help of the guitar. The AFCO committee together with their chair Annie Nozadze has sung paparazzi song “The Stars”, the whole audience was singing with them, as a result the jury has assessed positively. Apart from that they have sung Charkviani’s “I will swim over the sea”. The joint dance Acharuli as the session president Teo Lavrelashvili has called was performed by the mix group of committees. The ENVI has made us all dance, with the mix of the songs, the “Boney m’s “Sunny” was the most exceptional. The CULT has swayed us all, with the wonderful song sung by Pussycat Dolls “sway with me”. Finally, the chairs have presented their song, which was sung at Batumi national session “change the best of possible” So the euro star night has ended successfully, Euro Stars were discovered the EYP-ers are all the STARS. Page 16
  17. 17. Issue 2 - 3 What kind of EYPer are you? By Maka Who are you really? Are you the passionate politician? The wild party animal? Or the laid-back snail? Take this quiz and find out! 1. You recently have met your chair and met your committee’s delegates. It is time for TB. Your chair decides that you should play the “Human Knot”. Dur- ing the game you…. a. Try to be as helpful as possible. In order to find a so-lution I think that it is neces- sary to discuss and specu-late over potential solutions so we can untie this knot. b. You are the one who cracks up the jokes and the fun-ny comments. c. Follow the procedures/steps but you simply can’t be bothered to share your views. 2.As TB has ended you and your committee pro-ceed to committee work. How prepared are you? a. For weeks before the session, I have been doing some in-depth research on the committee topic. I want to be as prepared as possible. b. No point in doing so, I sleep during CW so I can be the last one standing at night! c. What? Did we have to do that? Because I didn’t know… not like I care… 3. The Press team have issued the “Speaker’s Cor-ner” where any session participant can raise their voice about a matter (it can be anything really). What do you think of this? a. This is a golden opportunity for me to debate a topic with someone else. b. Isn’t enough that we have CW? By the way, when is the bus coming? I sense that tonight is going to be a killer rave!! c. That is just pathetic. 4. Time goes by rather fast during EYP sessions. Before you know it is time for GA. On a scale from 1 to 10, how much are you looking forward to this? a. The scale can’t define my excitement! b. Couldn’t you have asked me about the Farewell Party instead? Alright, I say 3 just because it’s so spatula bor-ing. c. The only use that GA serves is a good long nap, so I’d say 8. 5. Although the session is officially over, a Farewell Party has been organised for all participants. At the party, what do you do? a. I socialise with my new friends. I want to make this night into a memorable one so I will abstain from ex- cessive drinking. b. Good music, great drinks and fishing awesome peo-ple! I’m deffo delaying my trip home for at least one day. I will be too hung-over tomorrow (or, today!) c. Chillax with the crew over a pint of prime Belgian beer, yeah that’s the way you do it. Results: In order to find out your result you have to see which of the a-c alternatives you have the most. So if you have mostly: a. You are the Enthusiast. You burn for debates and the exchange of perplexed ideas. You like to aim high and push yourself to the limits. Just don’t push yourself too much, enjoy the evening activities. After all, you live only once. Continuing your career as an EYP-er seems likely, you could try out organising ses-sions and chairing. b. You are the Raver. Politics schmolitics, who cares? You think that people should learn to loosen up and party like it’s 1999. Your abilities include the power to stay awake for weeks without showing any symp-toms. A position as a journo may be the way forward, if you can be bothered. c. You are the Snail. Although you have an inter-est in politics and intellectual debates, you cannot be both- ered to be as energetic as the Enthusiast. If you re-ally have to do a job, you do it well, and that’s what you do in CW and GA. These characteristics are suitable for practically any session position. Page 17