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GinzaMetrics Platform Overview - Site Dashboard Filters


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An overview of the GinzaMetrics platform's filters for your website dashboard. These filters help users view and segment data for analytics, reporting, and insights in our search and content marketing platform.

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GinzaMetrics Platform Overview - Site Dashboard Filters

  1. 1. Platform Guide Site Dashboard Filters
  2. 2. Dashboard Filters Dashboard filters are used to segment and view data accoding to your needs. Your filters are directly below your dashboard navigation bar and can be accessed from anywhere within your site dashboard. Filters include: - Date range pre-select - Date range custom select - Date granularity - Search engine and device selection - Keyword group - Content group - Conversion type - Annotation display
  3. 3. Date Range Selections You have three options for adjusting the date ranges in your dashboard. They are: - Date range pre-select - This allows you to choose from standard options such as last 7 days, last 30 days, this quarter, etc. - Date range custom select - The date range bars can be customized to exact start and end dates for your data to view campaigns, customized launches, and more. - Date granularity - The granularity option allows you to view data at the daily, weekly, or monthly level, making it easier to view quarterly and yearly reports and rollups.
  4. 4. Search Engine & Device Selection GinzaMetrics allows you to select search engines and devices to track for each site. Once you’ve selected the search engines and devices that are relevant to your brand you can filter your data accordingly. Some facts about our search engines and device options: - Select from global search engine options including: Local instances of Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Baidu, Sogou, Qihoo360, Yandex, Daum, and Naver - Mix and match search engines and locations, for instance you may select: Google US, Google AU, and Baidu - Device tracking options include: iPhone, iPad, Android phone and Android Tablet
  5. 5. Keyword & Content Group Filters Filtering your data by keyword and content groups gives you powerful control over viewing how your marketing and SEO efforts are performing. Create keyword and content groups in your Site Settings area to view your data by: - Marketing Campaign - Product - Feature - Geography - Audience Type - Season - And more…
  6. 6. Conversion Type Filters Understand how your marketing content and keywords are driving traffic that create conversions by using the conversion filter. Now you can tell exactly what content leads to which types of conversions. Set up conversion types in your analytics provider, including things like: - Purchase - Shopping cart fill - Landing page visit - Form fill - Demo request - And more…
  7. 7. Annotations GinzaMetrics allows you to track and view Google algorithm changes including Panda and Penguin specific udpates. You can also create your own custom annotations that can be viewed on your primary or custom dashboards. The annotations filter allows you toggle Google algorithm and user annotations off and on for your dashboard.