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GinzaMetrics marketing dashboard feature & benefit overview


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An overview of the features and benefits of the GinzaMetrics marketing, search, and social dashboard.

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GinzaMetrics marketing dashboard feature & benefit overview

  1. 1. Search & Content Marketing: Actionable Analytics & Recommendations in a Single Platform Platform Features ‣ Custom Dashboards 
 Create data views that meet your needs, customize for clients or internal audiences ‣ Daily Crawls 
 The most frequent updates to your analytics of any service available ‣ Actionable Recommendations Get recommendations at the site and individual content/page level for keywords & content, page structure, and crawlability ‣ White Label Options
 Make the platform your own with custom logos and branding ‣ Interactive Data 
 Dive deeper into your data with clickable custom graphs ‣ Scheduled Custom Reporting Get updates when you want and on the analytics you choose with your report center ‣ Competitor Analysis 
 Get to know the keywords, content and social signals thata re working for your competitors ‣ Social Signals 
 Understand the role of social media in findability, including Facebook, Twitter, G+, YouTube, Slideshare, Pinterest, & Instagram ‣ API
 Integrate your search and content data with our scalable API ‣ Enterprise Support
 Questions about the platform, the industry, or your account? We have a staff member to help ‣ Competitor Discovery
 Identify competitors in your market and see what content they’re creating for your market ‣ Keyword Discovery
 Identify new keywords & topics that you should track & create content for to win customers What our customers say “GinzaMetrics is a strategic platform for us around the globe.” - groupM “Our team uses GinzaMetrics across many agency functions, huge budget saver! - The Richards Group “The insights from GinzaMetrics drive marketing decisions that increase our revenue.” - Chegg Contact Us E: P: 1.888.469.2707 t: @ginzametrics f:
  2. 2. One platform for all your search and content needs, including performance, recommendations & data Unified Dashboard
  3. 3. Don’t wait a week for your data. Daily crawls provide valuable insight into your content performance. Daily Data Updates ‣ Understand how changes in custom behavior and search engine algorithms affect your findability. ‣ View competitor changes daily and track their content changes. ‣ Understand the affect content and search has on conversions so you can maximize opportunities.
  4. 4. If it’s in GinzaMetrics, it can be white labeled. White Label Anything ‣ Dashboards can be white labeled to match your brand, lines of product, or client needs. ‣ Follow the branding through to your custom reporting options. ‣ Include items like your logo, colors, and other elements to really make the platform your own.
  5. 5. Know the score, and how to improve it. Recommendations that span your site and content put you in control. Actionable Recommendations ‣ Recommendations categorized by Keywords & Content, Page Structure, and Crawlability for easy sorting. ‣ Sort your recommendations by Importance, Difficulty, and Risk. ‣ View on-page optimization scores for each of your pages, as well as your overall site for a glance at the health of your content.
  6. 6. Don’t stop at the dashboard. Click into charts, graphs, and text to dive deeper into your data than ever before. Interactive Data ‣ Clickable charts and graphs, hover text, and expanded views throughout the platform. ‣ Use the top level navigation to dive into content, competitors, keywords and recommendations. ‣ Daily data updates and interactive data means you have access to the most information on your search and content possible.
  7. 7. View social’s impact on findability at the site and content level across Facebook, Twitter & Google+ Social Signals ‣ Discover each piece of content’s social footprint across Facebook, Twitter, and Google +. ‣ See Social Signal information for competitors and compare your content to theirs for Twitter, Facebook, G+, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Slideshare. ‣ Click into charts to view most popular days, weeks and months for your content on social channels.
  8. 8. View social engagement data at specific channel, individual content, conversion, & revenue levels. Social Engagement
  9. 9. See how you stack up against competitors across major social and offsite content channels. Competitor Social Landscape ‣ Includes Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Slideshare. ‣ Rearrange competitors to compare with your brand. ‣ Green text and checkmarks denote brand with highest social ranking.
  10. 10. Understand competitor performance across keywords & content using interactive graphs and charts Competitor Insights ‣ Discover competitor rankings across keywords and content. ‣ View competitor findability score alongside your own to understand audience perception. ‣ Use competitor ranking trends for content groups and keywords to see how algorithms affect you.
  11. 11. Find out who is important in your market, whether it’s new competitors or big brands taking market share. Competitor Discovery
  12. 12. View the topics and keywords are making brands win customers, see how they’re ranking and create content that wins. Competitor Tracking
  13. 13. Reporting designed with you in mind, including white labeling, scheduled sends, modules for drag-and-drop layout Custom Reporting ‣ Reporting center that includes all your reporting needs in one place. ‣ Drag-and-drop editing and module selection options make creating reports simple. ‣ Save templates you like for future use. ‣ White label reports, schedule sends, and select recipients for ultimate multitasking.
  14. 14. Build and save your favorite reports as custom dashboards for product lines, geographies, or campaigns. Custom Dashboards ‣ Use filters to create charts and graphs for your marketing needs. ‣ Use the drag-and- drop modules to arrange how you like. ‣ White label to match your brand. ‣ Save custom dashboard URL for easy reference and sharing.
  15. 15. View social’s impact on findability at the site and content level across Facebook, Twitter & Google+ Robust API ‣ Clean, well- documented API with JSON output ‣ Per-developer API keys are available to ensure security and auditing. ‣ Industrial- strength performance for large-scale processing.
  16. 16. Plans & Pricing