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GinzaMetrics Marketing Platform Account Dashboard Overview


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Here we'll review the account-level dashboard in your GinzaMetrics account. For detailed information on our the marketing platform, take a look at the site dashboard overview.

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GinzaMetrics Marketing Platform Account Dashboard Overview

  1. 1. Platform Guide Account Dashboard
  2. 2. Your GinzaMetrics Account Dashboard Your GinzaMetrics account has both an Account Dashboard and Site Dashboard(s). If you have added more than one site to your account, you will be taken to your account dashboard upon login. If you have only one site added you will be taken directly to that site’s dashboard. Account Dashboard Site Dashboard
  3. 3. Multiple Account Management For agencies, you can have an Account Dashboard that shows both accounts you own, and those that you have been invited to use. This is great for giving clients, team members, contractors, and stakeholders access to just the areas of the account necessary.
  4. 4. What’s in the Account Dashboard Your account dashboard houses information such as account usage statistics like total keywords used and remaining, sites added, total users on your account, and billing. Acme GinzaTest GinzaGinzaGinza You can also update your account settings, add or edit users and access additional accounts from this dashboard.
  5. 5. Account Summary In the Account Summary area, you can view: - Account name - Current plan - Edit your billing information - View your payment history (invoices)
  6. 6. Account Summary In the Account Usage area, you can view: - Total number of sites in your account - Total number of users added to your account (GinzaMetrics allows unlimited users) - Your total active keywords being tracked - Your remaining keywords that can be tracked in your current plan
  7. 7. Account Support If you need help, you can email our support team or use our support center on the website. Find the support center at:
  8. 8. Account Settings To update your account settings, use the Settings option in your top navigation
  9. 9. Account Settings Account settings include: - Account name - Add / edit logo (this will remove GinzaMetrics’ logo and add your own throughout your account for white labeling purposes) - Edit payment options (add or edit credit card information)
  10. 10. Manage Account Users To add, delete or edit user permissions for your sites, use the Users option in your account dashboard. You can also see how long a user has been in the account as well as when they last logged in.
  11. 11. Add More Sites to Track You can add sites to your account by using the green “Add Site” button in the top right corner of your account dashboard. Your total sites are determined by your plan type arranged at the time of your contract. If you need more sites than your current plan allows, let us know and we’ll get you access shortly.
  12. 12. Have Questions or Need Assistance? Account setup and onboarding: Technical issues: Plans and pricing: Demo request: