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The Science of a Legacy: Chapter 29


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The Science of a Legacy: Chapter 29

  1. 1. 30th January 2009 I know what I want, and I want it now! I want you, coz I've written a chapter. And it is Chapter Twenty-Nine of The Science of a Legacy - Hi! Hello! How are ya? Last time Sidneyia and Vauxia, the older two of Generation Six departed for La Fiesta Tech, where Sid decided their community spirit wasn't what is was when they were teenagers, and planned to win a game show to bring people together. Their younger sister Marella meanwhile had accepted a date proposal from a young man named Tyler, who was unknown to her a member of the bad bad Trciou family. Oh, and Evil Susan was Evil. But that all only happened two and a bit weeks ago, I'm so back baby. So shall we?
  2. 2. First thing's first - heir poll results. Unsurprisingly, you guys chose Vauxia for me although Sid did give him quite a close run. I'm really glad that you could see my points about both boys, and I would have enjoyed both as my favourite changed frequently - but overall I think I was always rooting for Vox. So I'm really glad that you guys seem to like him as much as I do :) So Vauxia Tegenaria is officially the Sixth Generation Science of a Legacy heir - hurray! Now onwards, to stories and Shrews and things.
  3. 3. "Well where the hell is she?" Taylor demanded when his brother Tyler returned to the House of Fallen Trees. "You were supposed to bring her back here, that was the plan! Please don't tell me you got all pathetically shy and wimped out."
  4. 4. "Look, have you even met Marella Tegenaria? She's amazing Taylor! She's so outgoing and sweet - not to mention stunningly beautiful! We had such a great time together.." Tyler said wistfully as he wandered over to the fire. He was already cursing himself for panicking and running out on his date like that, but he didn't much fancy the idea of taking someone he liked so much back here. "Why does she need to come to the house anyway?" "So we can KILL HER YOU IDIOT."
  5. 5. "Boys, boys.. What's all the shouting about?" asked their recently re-alive mother Jennicor Tricou as she entered the room. "Weren't we expecting a lovely lady guest this evening?"
  6. 6. "Tyler screwed up. I told you you should have sent me to seduce the Tegenaria girl, it was my plan after all. I want to help this family more than Tyler, he just wants-" "Wait wait wait!" Tyler butted in, "We want to kill her? What's that all about?! I-I just thought you wanted to get to know Ocean's family better?"
  7. 7. "Poor simple child.." sighed Jennicor. "Ocean abandoned us for a far less worthy family, and so we have to show his descendants that this cannot be tolerated, especially while we are still rebuilding our strength. Ocean could have ruined everything!" "But killing them's not going to help bring the others back!" Tyler protested, "Only we.. I mean, that is.. if we.." He ended up trailing off quietly and looked at the floor, remembering the sacrifice he'd eventually have to make for his own family to be whole again. "Indeed not." Jennicor continued "But your father and I desire vengeance for what Ocean did to us. So you Tyler, will go and put right whatever wrong you've done this girl, for clearly Taylor is right and you have made a mistake somehow. Because I know no girl could resist any son on mine." she smiled a not-very-comforting-actually smile.
  8. 8. "I.. Look, it's just.. Why aren't we sending one of the girls after the Romancer instead anyway?" he asked. "Surely that would be much easier? All Marisa or Thersea would have to do would be to hop into bed with him and he's follow them back here no problem! Why can't we kill him instead?"
  9. 9. Jennicor's eyes narrowed. "You are asking my daughters, your sisters, to sacrifice their purity like that? How dare you suggest such a thing - you thoughtless, thoughtless child. You will seduce that girl and you will bring her to us. For our family." she said firmly.
  10. 10. "I still think it should have been me." Taylor Taylor grumbled. Tyler knew he was beaten - for the moment. He didn't want anyone to hurt Marella, but he didn't want anyone to hurt him either. "I like Ocean's family better.." he said under his breath. ----
  11. 11. "Hello my favourite immortals!" "Hello pregnant Gin!" squeaked Arvi. "Time for another couch meeting already? It doesn't seem like that long at all.." said Meloti. "It seems like only yesterday we were discussing our immortality."
  12. 12. "Well, yes. That's kind of what this is about." I said. "Our kids are going to die." said Allozyme bluntly. "Oh. That's not so Shrewtastic news."
  13. 13. "Well what did you think was going to happen? Not everyone can live forever, fluff brain." "Hush Allo.." I tried. "But he is right, in a round about way. You guys are all still happy being immortal right?"
  14. 14. "Oh my stars Gin, it's such a wonderful gift! One lifetime is never enough to see all of this world - we wouldn't change that, would we Arvi?" "Shrewly not!" "And I kind of had no choice." said the zombie. "True, but ok. I think the time has come for you all to leave your families, and for us to set up a more permanent Watch HQ together, with Corvus and Carrie of course." I said.
  15. 15. "But I'm not in The Watch!" Arvi squeaked, "No one wanted my costume designs! And I don't want to leave Maid Mallory, she's too shrewtastic." "I take it this plan also included Styx and Mallory?" Meloti asked, and I nodded. "It is not a cheery thought that after a time we won't see our children anymore, but it would be useful for The Watch to be gathered in one place to that we can always protect our descendents. And of course Arvicanthis is always welcome wherever I go - so he shall come with us, even if he takes no active role as it were."
  16. 16. "Yay! And then we can all be best friends forever! That's so Shrew!" "Oh no.. I'm going to have to put up with this for the whole of eternity aren't I.." sulked Allo. "Pay no heed to him Gin, I think this is a fantastic idea. How soon can we move in?" "Thanks Meloti." I said, and gave him a big hug. "Immortal Towers is just about finished, but perhaps wait until all your grandchildren have left for university? Mostly just because I don't fancy Allo leaving Evil Susan alone until she's grown-up!" "Agreed. Good luck with the new babies, though might I suggest that you redecorate a little before they become toddlers?"
  17. 17. "Why? I love my big shiny sword!" ----
  18. 18. Feeling he had no other choice (as Jennicor wouldn't stop staring over his shoulder even as he dialled) the following evening Tyler began attempting to win Marella over. Again. "*Yawn*.. Sorry, what? I wasn't really paying attention. Who's calling again? Oh. Right. You."
  19. 19. "You want me to what? Tyler, I can't just drop everything and run out to the park in the middle of the night .. Yeah, ok - I get it. You're sorry .. Ok, really really sorry .. .. .. Oh alright! Yeah, I can get past my parents ok - I don't even know where they've gone! .. Fine. See you later. Maybe."
  20. 20. Where had Cadence gone? It's very unlike her to leave a fine plate of freshly cooked grilled cheese sandwiches just lying about! Well, at least Boris Johnson seems to like them. How strange that Gadus has left him alone for once! I wonder what they could be doing..
  21. 21. Ah. "Oow, this game is well 'ard it is! What is you mean' a do again Bumpkin?" "It's alright Cadence, just put the stick on the llama's back and try not to knock them over." ".. Why?"
  22. 22. "Because it's fun! Look, you did it!" "Thas flippin' fantastic! I loikes this I do. 'Ow does you win?" "Well, just Don't Wake The Llama! Ok, now it's my turn again." "Good luck Duckling, yous can do it!"
  23. 23. A while later.. "You knocked it over." "No, you knocked it over." "No, I think you really did knock it over Cadence." "Oh bum!“ ----
  24. 24. "Marella..? Hi?" But she stayed quiet.
  25. 25. "Thanks for agreeing to meet me, Marella." "Tyler." "I.. um.." he started.
  26. 26. He took a deep breath. "I'm so sorry for how I acted at the end of our date, you really deserved so much better. Because you're the most wonderful girl I've ever met, and I don't know what possessed me to just run off like that - especially after we'd had such a good time. Because I do have such a good time with you 'Rels, you're amazing! And beautiful, and smart and funny an-and.." "Go on."
  27. 27. He sat down continually gabbling and to Tyler's great relief Marella followed him. "I know I don't deserve it, but I really want to try and make it up to you. I guess I was just.. scared of how much I like you and panicked. I really don't want to lose you before I've even got to know you properly." He gulped. "So how about we go back to mine and watch that movie like you wanted?"
  28. 28. Marella's face softened considerably when he said this. "Oh Tyler! I don't want to stay mad at you, I really don't! But you actually like me? Because I like you too - so so much! You're super fun. But I can't come back with you tonight, I really can't.. What are you making that face for?" Tyler's face had half fallen at the rejection, but was relieved that he didn't have to put her in danger, at least not today. The result was similar to a camel trying to eat a toffee. "It's ok, I understand.." he sighed.
  29. 29. "No no no, it's not like that!" Marella gushed, "Come here you silly boy! It's just that I'm leaving for La Fiesta in the morning and need to go home and pack! I mean, you're coming to uni too right? Everyone's going! It'd be awesome if you were there, we could finally get to watch that movie.." she winked.
  30. 30. "I don't know, I hadn't really thought about. I never thought I'd have the chance! I-I wonder if I could, because I don't know what and.. And. Oh 'Rels, I just don't know." "Well you should know! I always do." I'll.. I'll see what I can do." he conceded.
  31. 31. "Glad to hear it. I have to go before they notice I'm gone, not that they ever did when I snuck out with Jura, he's my cousin - you'll meet him at La Fiesta, but I'm sure my parents won't be missing me." "But, but I don't want to get you in trouble! I-I really don't want you to be in trouble Marella.." Tyler said quietly.
  32. 32. "You don't need to worry about me, I'm going to be fine. ..Maybe I can stay a little longer."
  33. 33. A while ended up turning into a few hours, and Cadence wasn't too happy about it when she finally admitted that she did wake the llama. "Where the kiddling kippers 'ave you been Marella? It's free in the mornin'! I is outraged and shocked, shocked! At your behaviour I is! Did yous forget your Muvva is a vampire and would be up and waitin'" demanded Cadence when Marella finally did make it back to house. "..Kind of. But no worries Mother dear - I'm back now!" grinned the teen, and she sauntered towards the door.
  34. 34. "Now 'old on a minute! Where was you?" "I went to meet my boyfriend, alright? It is my last night here after all, I should be able to do what I like." Marella said huffily. Cadence's face immediately lit up when she heard this. "Oooh, a boy! 'Ow excitin'! Come on and tell me all about it, I'll make us a snack!" "Can it not be grilled cheese? For once? Please?"
  35. 35. "Well.. I suppose so. Jus this once mind! A right funny old fing 'appened earlier though, I was all 'appily admirin' my beautiful cheese 'andiwork, when suddenly the oddest feelin' came right over me it did!"
  36. 36. "I felt oddly.. Full. Or summing." "Pfft, you full of cheese? Never!" "True, true. But enough of this! It's well late and you need to be up early tomorra mornin' young Miss Marella. You is lucky your Farfer 'as done all your packin' for you whilst you was out! You 'ave far too much stuff. But you need some sleep, it's not just your big day tomorra you knows." "Sid's stupid game show is hardly special Mother.." "Well to 'im it is! So you and Vauxia be noice ok?“ ----
  37. 37. The following evening, the majority of Strangetown's population gathered at Asparagus Studios, home of the TV quiz show University Challenge - which Sidneyia had manhandled his fellow students into participating in in an attempt to bring them all close together. The air was tense but everyone was excited, it was the first time anyone had put a real team together in years! But the chattering became quieter as the host entered, and the cameras started to role..
  38. 38. "Good evening Ladies and Gents - and welcome to University Challenge! Where we test those brains and get the grey matter ticking. Only the best will triumph, and those who lose should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. I'm Gordon Lodge, broadcaster extraordinaire, and the first team this week hails from our very own La Fiesta Tech. This is the first time the college has put together a team that looks vaguely awake, if I'm honest. So let's meet them before they change their minds and leave."
  39. 39. "Hello, my name is Jingo Tastic and I'm from Strangetown. I'm reading Mathematics, and-"
  40. 40. "WHOOO, go Jingo! WHOOOO! Come on Spider Jerusalem, support your son!" "Woo." "Moving on please.." Gordon could already tell it was going to be a long night.
  41. 41. "I'm Evil Susan and have been dragged here on my first day of university and I'm pissed off about it, so don't mess with me. And yes, I bite."
  42. 42. "And their Captain:" "Hello my name is Sidneyia Tegenaria, I'm from Strangetown and am reading Biology (but have a higher GPA than Jingo.)" "WHOOO, go Jingo!"
  43. 43. And finally: "I'm Sorex Turner, but you can call me Pleasure Shrew. I don't have a major, because I'm too busy dating a cheerleader." "Rii-ight.." continued Lodge. "Their opposition hail from Sim State University, who have a sterling record in this competition and this years team is no exception. So let's meet them!"
  44. 44. "Hi, My name is Llana Carter and I'm from UnStrangetown, majoring in Philosophy."
  45. 45. "Greetings, I am Theodore Harrison and hail from Regalton. I have a passion for Physics and am so reading that subject accordingly."
  46. 46. "And their Captain:" "Hey there! I'm Saffron Bohemian am from The Desert, and am reading English Lit. Prepare to get taken down, losers!"
  47. 47. "And finally," "Hello, my name is Ching Shih Bucaneer, from Pirate Island, and I would be studying the ancestral art of Pirating, given half a chance - but for some reason it isn't offered!"
  48. 48. "Alrighty then! You know the rules, ten points for each starter question and a subsequent 15 available for bonus ones. Fingers on buzzers please: What are the names give to two partials that make up the nucleus of an at-?"
  49. 49. LFT, Turner "Er.. Shrew1 and Shrew2?" Sorex guessed, to a groan from the rest of his team. "Incorrect, you lose 5 points for interrupting. Anyone from Sim State?"
  50. 50. Sim State: Harrison "Hmm.. That would be the neutron and positron I do believe!" "Correct, first set of bonuses to Sim State. Your bonuses are on cake!"
  51. 51. "What kind of cake is named after a forest in Germany?" "Black Forest Gateaux of course!" said Saffron, as the Team Captain. "Correct, how many cherries is the perfect number to have on top of a Black Forest Gateaux?" "Six." "Right again! And what was the Gingerbread Man's real name?" "Horatio Charles the VI." "Sim State gain the full 25 points - outstanding bakery knowledge Miss Bohemian, if I do say so myself"
  52. 52. "In which decade did the jelly bean first appear?" LFT, Tegenaria "Oh, Mum told us about this! It's the 1860s." "Wow, someone at La Fiesta actually knows something - shocker!"
  53. 53. "Which 'H' is a two dimensional thread that can be woven from a one dimensional yarn?" Sim State, Carter "That's a hat, right?" "Correctomundo, you can indeed knit a hat!" "You should have gotten that - you're a girl!" Sid said under his breath to Evil Susan. "Bite me!" The competition continued in this vein for a while, the teams being relatively evenly matched and cursing when their opposition answered correctly. Everyone was beginning to get over- competitive however, and mistake were being made..
  54. 54. "Sid's doing well isn't he 'Rels? I know he a pain in the patella but if can be smart sometimes. See you kept your crazy hair then?" "What, you're surprised? How could I ever go back, this is way more interesting! Now shh, I'm watching the cute boy with a funny way of speaking from Sim State." "I thought you had a boyfriend?" "I thought I did too - but have you seen him around campus yet? I sure haven't!" "Give him a chance, you only got here this morning Miss. Eager Beaver. But - oh no, I think he's about to do it again!"
  55. 55. Every time LFT managed to capture the lead, Sorex tended to decide it was time to answer a question. Unfortunately, Arvi and Root have raised him a little too well. "What do the following have in common? Slug and mussel, snail an-" LFT, Turner "They're all really yummy?" "What the- Who the heck put you on a team?! You lose 5 points. Again."
  56. 56. "Sorex, you have to stop doing that!" Sidneyia pleased. "We're never going to win if you keep just answering 'Shrew!' or 'yummy!' to everything. And I really don't want to lose!" "I don't even get what the hoopla you're doing on this team anyway.. I'd watch my back if I were you, Shrew."
  57. 57. "And now for the picture round! LFT may not be falling asleep, but I will be if they answer 'shrew' one more time.. Anyway, you will be shown a famous historical figure, and all I need from you is their full name. So your picture starter for ten:"
  58. 58. LFT, Tegenaria "Pfft, that's easy!" said Sidneyia smugly. "Atrica Tegenaria, I've even met him as a ghost. You can do better than that Lodge." "Hmph, maybe that was a bit easy. But picture bonuses go to LFT surprisingly! You will be shown three more historical figures, five points for each one:"
  59. 59. "What the hell is that?!" squeaked Sorex. "It's frickin' scary, that's what it is.." "Shh Evil Susan.. Er, I feel I should know this one, eer.. Err.. Oh, Isaac Vetinari!" tried Jingo "Incorrect, that is Orson Vetinari." "Yoooou suck Jingo." "But they were identical twins! That's not fair!"
  60. 60. "Moving on:" "..A pirate?" tried Sorex. "No, I've seen pictures of her!" came a shout from the audience. "She was Miss Southern Beauty years ago, but she's still hot - that's Betty-Jo Simpleton!" "Shut up Vauxia, you're not on the team." growled Sid. "But that's Betty-Jo Simpleton" he added. "Correct!"
  61. 61. "And finally:" "..A witch?" was Sorex's next try. "Pfft, she's not a real witch." scoffed Evil Susan. "But wait, I think I've seen her before.. On some crappy leaflet that landed through the door once for some fudge about Townies Needing Lots Too - she's Hitomi Higarashi." "Correct - a total of ten points to LFT!"
  62. 62. With that gaining the La Fiesta the lead once more, the students from Sim State decided it was time to up their game. "What is the world's largest lake?" Sim State, Buccaneer "Technically it's the Caspian Sea! Captain Jack told me all about his adventures there, or, well - at least the bear did." "Talkin bears? You freak!" cried Lodge "But onwards and upwards, what is the largest planet in the solar system?" Sim State, Harrison "Ah, the noble science of astrophysics - it's Jupiter of course." "I knew that, I fishing well knew that!" shouted Sid from the other bench in frustration. Come on guys, try harder!"
  63. 63. Despite his frustrations, Sid's team battled on and the scores became even closer. Only a few minutes were left of the competition, and everyone was scrabbling for points. "Quickly, quickly everyone. What is the name of the principal character who dies in Puccini's opera La Boheme?" Sim State, Bohemian "Well that's Mimi, but I could tell you a really sad story about my sister Snow, she-" "Don't know, don't care!" Lodge yelled. "Suncus murinus is an example of what type of species?"
  64. 64. LFT, Turner "SHREW!" cried Sorex in delight. "Oh goat Sorex, why now.." Sid said angrily, seeing all his dreams of winning fly out the window. "But.. but.." "King Kong knows how - but you're actually correct! 10 points!" cried Gordon in amazement.
  65. 65. "I told you! See, I told you the answer was Shrew!" Sorex grinned proudly, as Rutilus and Arvi gave him a standing ovation from the crowd. "Yeah, that's great Sorex - but we stil lost." said Sid glumly.
  66. 66. And sadly for Sidneyia it was true. "Final scores!" Gordon Lodge announced, "La Fiesta Tech 195, but advancing to the 2nd round are Sim State University with a great score of 210!" "Hell yeah!" cried Saffron leaping into the heir. "Now that's how you fight the Man!" "I concur wholeheartedly." smiled Theo, as Llana and Ching Shih whooped with joy.
  67. 67. After the cameras were shut off, everyone began to relax and congratulated the winners - not that the losing team really seemed to mind that much. Except for Sidneyia of course, he was bitterly upset they'd lost. That hadn't been the point! Seeing his annoyance, Gordon went over to him. "That was well played there Tegenaria, shame about the one on the end 'eh?" "Yes, well we're slightly lacking in Knowledge Sims and Sorex wanted to help. I was sure I could make up for it but I guess not." Sid sighed. "Yes, you really do have a fine head on those skinny shoulders of yours. I could use someone like that in my company. Have you ever thought about working in the world of journalism and media reporting?"
  68. 68. "Only every day!" Sid grinned, "If there's news out there, it's only right that I should have knowledge of it first - couldn't really trust anyone else with it could you?" "Well I suppose you're right!" Gordon laughed. "That seals it then, I'd like to offer you an internship at my offices this summer - I take it you're interested?" "Sign me up, Lodge!"
  69. 69. Gordon's proposal left Sidneyia smiling, and he went to join everyone else who were busy catching up, meeting new friends and generally having a good time in the aftermath of the show. You know.. he thought, maybe I did actually succeed after all! Winners or not, the La Fiesta crew happily smustled into the night. ----
  70. 70. Things really started to pick after the show, and now that the whole of Generation Six was in attendance La Fiesta Tech was the most social spot in the desert! There was no telling who you may run into on any given day. Especially if you're a young Romance Sim eager to meet as many of them as possible, new or old. "..Allison? Is that you?"
  71. 71. "Oh my goat - Allison! What are you doing here?" Vauxia laughed happily as he pulled (one of) his teenage girlfriends in for a hug. "Well I was hardly going to let my Foxy Vox go off to have fun at college and leave me behind was I?" smiled Allison Fuchs, glad to not only see her old boyfriend again but thrilled she no longer had to spend 24 7 in Harold & Merkins. "I guess not!"
  72. 72. "But you really do look great." he added. "You too. Look, I'll go back to my dorm to get changed and then we'll have a proper catch up later tonight ok?" "Plan."
  73. 73. "You know, you really didn't have to get changed.." Vauxia grinned when Allison showed up later that night. "Oh you.. Yes I did! I can hardly spend all day running around in a bikini!" she replied coyly. "Yes you could, you really really could. I'd approve any day."
  74. 74. "We could pass a law enforcing it and everything!" he said, pulling her close. "How about one for you using less hair gel?" Allison laughed. "Never going to happen! Smexy hair's very in at the moment I'll have you know. But I really have missed you." "I know." "Hey! Do you want to see my room"? Vaxuia asked excitedly. "'Do you want to see my roooom?'" she parodied. "La-ame Vox! But sure, why not?"
  75. 75. "So er, this is my room.." Vauxia said, and now he thought about it it did indeed sound lame. "Er. Um." "Oh don't get all coy now Vox, you think I came over just to hold hands?" "Excellent." And under the covers they dived.
  76. 76. "Wow! That was.. I mean, wow!" Vauxia gasped afterwards. "I guess you don't mind holding hands now though?" he added sweetly. "Now is fine." Allison smiled. "I'm really sleepy, don't suppose I could stay the night?" "I don't see why not, it's hardly chivalrous to turn a beautiful lady out onto the streets in the middle of the night." he said happily, and they fell asleep in each others arms.
  77. 77. The next morning, Vauxia woke with a start. "WAH! There's a girl in my bed!" "Ye-es.. You did put me here." "Yes. That's right. I did. I guess I'm going to have to get used to waking up next to girls aren't I?" "If I know you then yeah, I should say so! But then there's always the photobooth or hottub options. Come on, up! I have class to go to and I'm sure you have somewhere to be."
  78. 78. "You sure you have to leave? I don't technically have anywhere I need to be.." said Vauxia as he gave Allison yet another hug. "We could always go exploring to these photobooths and hottubs you speak of." "Tempting, but not this time I'm afraid. I know I wasn't your only girlfriend in high school and I hardly expect to be here, I don't particularly fancy getting my heart broken just yet." she said kindly. "You're welcome here anytime you want though, ok?" "Thanks. See ya around Foxy Vox!"
  79. 79. Vauxia really didn't have anywhere to be that morning, so decided to drop in at the campus bar - just in case there was anyone else there. In fact he met quite a few nice girls..
  80. 80. Who were all seemed most flattered that he was willing to spend some time with them, and Vauxia made sure that they too felt appreciated.
  81. 81. After all, that's what a good and kind gentleman does.
  82. 82. And the more the started to spend time with different girls, the more he realised that although he liked Allison and she'd always be special as his first woohoo - he wanted to get to know as many of these new girls as possible.
  83. 83. And if one thing just so happened to lead to another.. Well, he's hardly going to complain about that!
  84. 84. And so Vauxia set about wooing the female students of La Fiesta Tech, hoo or not. He wanted to make sure that they enjoyed spending time with him as much as he did with them.
  85. 85. But funnily enough they always seemed willing to come and see his room at the end of a date!
  86. 86. And the more girls he spent time with, the more he felt that each was stealing a bit of his heart. Not that he minded, it was wonderful to get to love so many people at once and he was always sure never to lead any girl on with false hope.
  87. 87. But he did realise that he probably needed a new chat up line!
  88. 88. .. Or maybe not.
  89. 89. Unfortunately, there's always college work to be done and seeing as he didn't really feeling like making out with any of his professors Vauxia had to do it the old fashioned way. Which does sometimes contain mishaps.. "Well it wouldn't if you actually checked my aspiration before using things! This is the second time you've done this to me now, gah!" Oops.
  90. 90. "I know you're all wrapped up in your precious little Vox kitten, but just to let you know that I'm leaving to found a new Greek House." This seems to be a necessity every other generation now, Shrimp Shack has gone the way of Trout House and glitched in a ball of glitchy flames and we have to start again.
  91. 91. Really again. "Oh.. arse badgers." ----
  92. 92. Time was marching on for other students at La Fiesta, and two sisters had taken a trip deep into the desert. "Alright Ysabelle, where is this rusty fork sale?" demanded Evil Susan. "You've dragged me into the middle of nowhere so this better be worth it! But looking around.. Where the heck are we whine-bag? This looks like a prison. And I should know, I'm Evil."
  93. 93. "Oh Susan.." "EVIL SUSAN!" "Susan. I knew you wouldn't come unless there was the option of poking someone." said her elder sister. "But you remember when you told me that I should find a family member who would actually care about my problem with the boys?" "Yes, and so back the original question - why am I here?" "You'll never guess who I've found! I had to hire someone because both Grandfather and Dad have always been so tight lipped about the subject - but I've found our other Grandmother Susan, isn't that wonderful! And she's a Family Sim, she's bound to care about me and my problems!"
  94. 94. "And she's here?" Evil Susan eyes lit up. "We have a Grandmother in jail?! That's so awesome, how come no one ever told me? Think of all the stuff I could have learned from her - wow, I hope she did something really Evil.. There's no way someone like that would want to to you Ys- breath." "But my source said there had been some terrible mistake, and that she's really a lovely person!" Ysabelle smiled. "Miscourse of justice that put her in here he said, someone misused their power." "Don't care, wanna meet the Evil Relative!" said Evil Susan, and she pushed passed her sister and into the cells.
  95. 95. "Yo, Evil Relative! Yoo-hoo, it's your Granddaughters come a-calling!" she shouted. "You gotta tell me what you've been doing - we have so much to talk about." she added. But she stopped when she got closer to the cell.
  96. 96. "And old woman? You brought me here to see an old woman?" "Well what did you expect? She's our Grandmother! She's meant to be old." "She's meant to be dead." Evil Susan said to Ysabelle's gasp. "No really - GrandZomb's a zombie, Dad's a werewolf, and Mom's the daughter of Death! I was expecting something a little more.. supernatural. Less sweet. More Evil. Marella's grandparents died ages ago, ergo our seemingly mortal Grandmother should have too."
  97. 97. "No need to be a disgusting creature when you know how to charm a bottle of elixir a week from some namby guard." said Lisa as she came up to the bars, and took the girls by surprise. They hadn't realised she could hear them. "Erm, hi.. I'm Ysabelle. It's a pleasure to meet you Ma'am." Evil Susan couldn't help but breaking into laughter at her sister ma'aming the useless looking woman in orange.
  98. 98. "Please ignore my sister, she's a little.. odd. But I've been wanting to meet you ever since I was told how lovely you were. You see, we're your Granddaughters." "Well it wouldn't take a genius to work out who that brat is descended from." Lisa said glaring at Evil Susan, who promptly stopped laughing in order to glare back. "But you on the other hand seem like a lovely young lady. Oh, if only I'd been lucky enough to have a daughter like you! You even have my beautiful hair." "Wow - thanks!" Ysabelle grinned. Clearly she'd heard right, their Grandmother was lovely.
  99. 99. "Yes, such an injustice I have to be here.. But with my supply of elixir it is only a matter of time until I can put it right. So my dear, what has brought you to me this afternoon?" Lisa asked. "Well, no one's been able to help me and as a Family Sim I thought you may be able to. I have a problem. A problem with boys." "Say no more, say no more. I know the feeling all too well. Take my advice young lady, and never choose one based on what you've heard - check their bank statements first. Money equals power and place in society, and that equals happiness. If I'd worked that out sooner I wouldn't have been stuck with such moronic husband like Allozyme Tegenaria."
  100. 100. "WHAT?!" yelled Evil Susan, "You're ragging on GrandZomb? He's the most awesome guy on the planet! He's amazing. What'd he ever do to you?" "Brought a son I would have rather done without upon me." growled Lisa. Evil Susan's jaw dropped.
  101. 101. "Quiet Susan, please! She's been in here ages.." said Ysabelle calmly and turned back to Lisa. "I've always known money was important, but you think that that's the right way to go about choosing a man as well?" "Absolutely, someone like would be able give you everything you'd ever want in life. Fame.. Respect.. A real name for your family!" Lisa said wistfully. "I really do wish you had been my daughter Ysabelle, you would have understood. Unlike that filthy, hairy, foul beast that I was cursed with."
  102. 102. "Ysabelle there's no way you can be buying all this! How can you bare to listen to those things about Dad? And GrandZomb! You know, I think whoever locked this bi-otch up in here had the right idea. She's just evil. Not Evil in the slightest!" "It just makes me so.. so.." she said screwing up her eyes.
  103. 103. "So ANGRY!" There was an almighty crash as the bottle of elixir in Lisa's cell wobbled and fell over, spilling glass and green liquid everywhere which quickly seeped and disappeared through the floor tiles. Evil Susan was still glaring fiercely at Lisa, who quickly rushed over to the other side of cell.
  104. 104. "What the hell have you done!? You broke my elixir! You broke my elixir you wicked wicked child! What did you do? What did you DO!?" Lisa cried in frustration. "La la la, I'm a scary old woman who's bottle of prune juice fell over and now I'm sad waaa!" sand Evil Susan as she danced across the floor. "Pur-lease. I'm so out of here." Lisa ignored her and continued to worry over her broken potion, and then suddenly gave a cry of terror.
  105. 105. "What time is it? Ysabelle, quick - help me! Run and fetch some more! Hurry, hurry!" Lisa pleaded through the bars. But it was too late. "HELLO EVIL SUSAN, HOW'S THE FAMILY?" "Oh this is going to be good.."
  106. 106. "Heya Granddad." "No.. NO! This cannot be happening.. Don't you know who I am? I'm Lisa Bauchman! I don't die." "I KNOW EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE, AND I'VE BEEN WANTING TO MEET YOU FOR A VERY LONG TIME. I THOUGHT YOU'D NEVER RUN OUT OF THAT BLASTED ELIXR.."
  107. 107. "But it's not fair! I didn't do anything wrong! It was all their fault - that piece of dead meat and foul mongrel. It should be them you're taking, not me! All I ever wanted was to look after my family!" Lisa shrieked. "ALL YOU EVER WANTED WAS GLORY FOR YOURSELF LISA, PLEASE DON'T KEEP UP THIS CHARADE NOW. YOU DESERVE THIS, MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE I'VE MET IN THIS TOWN. OH, AND DON'T SPEAK OF MY DAUGHTER'S FAMILY LIKE THAT - THEY'VE LET ME HAVE A LOVELY VACATION IN TAKEMIZU. NOW GO AWAY."
  108. 108. "What's she getting hula zombies for? I thought they were only for people who were actually, y'know, 'nice' and all that. She's a piece of work!" "TRUE, BUT SHE ALSO DID WHAT SHE WANTED TO DO IN LIFE - FOR THE MOST PART. BUT IT'S GOOD TO SEE THAT YOU RECOGNISE HER FOR WHAT SHE IS." "Unlike soppy over there, crying in the corner." "DON'T MOCK YOUR SISTER, CHILD. OH - I TAKE IT YOU MUST HAVE MET VIVIAN BY NOW?"
  109. 109. "Yeah, she put a few things into perspective for me before I came to LFT." "GOOD. NOW TAKE YSABELLE HOME AND LOOK AFTER HER - SHE'S NOT AS STRONG AS YOU, YOU KNOW." "Do I really have to? It's her fault we're here in the first place! She's a pain in the ass Granddad." "TRUE. BUT YES, YOU MUST. I'LL BE SEEING YOU CHILD." Evil Susan sighed. "Fine. For now. But don't forget that I'm Evil!" "NEVER.“ ----
  110. 110. "Oh my stars, look at this place!" "It's totally Shrewtastic! Gin really knows what a Shrew wants." "Well.. I suppose it'll do. There's room for Susan when she comes to visit, that's the important thing - she's such a sweet girl. Come on, let's get settled."
  111. 111. "I don't see why we have to sign a lease though." Allozyme protested. "We're immortal - renting per week is hardly economical!"
  112. 112. Each of the boys took a separate apartment, and once they'd moved in the copious amounts of stuff they'd all collected over the years, they reconvened in Allozyme's sitting room for a well deserved break from moving boxes. "This is nice.. very nice. And even after everything that's happened over the years, I am glad that we are all together." said Meloti.
  113. 113. "Yes, it is wonderful to be together as a family." said the final Immortal Towers occupant as she came into the room, along with her Uncle.
  114. 114. "Corvus thinks that it has been too long since he gave everyone a cuddle, though it would be nice if everyone could be here." "Come on now Corvus, you know that's not the way. Dad and Seev had to go, that's how a Legacy works." Carrie smiled kindly. "It would be wonderful to see them again, but you know we can't. We've got to look after everyone else."
  115. 115. "Don't forget Meni." said Allozyme. "Indeed. But Mother and Grampa Repens would be very proud of what we're doing, Menidia always was. I bet they'd help in every way that they could!" agreed Meloti.
  116. 116. "Repens always wanted what was best for us." Corvus said solemnly. "And Seev could explode things! That was cool! You're right Meloti, they would have helped - and with these Tricou characters about I figure we're going to need all the help we can get in future. Man, I wish Seev was here.. It's a pity her powers weren't genetic, it would have been useful to keep them around."
  117. 117. "But I'm a Shrew - that's got to be magic!" Arvi piped up. "Not quite dear. I'm afraid none of us have ever shown the slightest magical inclination." Carrie sighed. "Well the genetics of such power would be most complex." said Meloti, "it would be almost impossible to track. Though I think it's safe to say that Mother's powers were lost along with her that day with Vee."
  118. 118. "I know, you're probably right Meloti." Carrie said wistfully. "But I can't help wondering..
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