The Science of a Legacy: Chapter 28


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The Science of a Legacy: Chapter 28

  1. 1. 11th January 2009 ZOMGS! It's an actual chapter by actual me! ZOMGS! So therefore, welcome to The Science of a Legacy: Chapter Twenty-Eight. And new covers too! I forgot to save the old template before my laptop blew up, so neeeew things. I may change it up a bit, looks a bit boring now. Hm. Ok, right - it's been over two months (because I'm rubbish) so I think I owe you a recap. Generation Six in the main house consists of three kids: Sidneyia, Vauxia and Marella, who are busy growing up and amusing me. Sid and Vox weren't getting along too well and Marella was quite busy wrapping Gadus around her little finger. The creepy Tricous decided they were pissed at the Tegenarias for Ocean choosing them as a family over his Tricous roots, so started trying to hatch evil plans resulting in a mission for timid Tyler. Remember? No? Never mind.
  2. 2. Oookaaays.. Well, so it's been a while. And I'm sorry, I could just keep going "waa internet!" and "waa laptop broke!" but I've also been a bit lazy in truth, because I'm rubbish. But now I'm 'properly' back, can you see what's different about this picture? LOOOK, FISHIES! I have a brand new desktop that I am so very much in love with *swoon*, so apologies for picture inconsistence throughout this, some stuff was taken on my old laptop and some on The Beast. Go go go go!
  3. 3. "..Susan? Can I ask you something?" asked Ysabelle, the evening she was due to leave for college. "It's Evil Susan and no, I'm busy." "It's just.. I was wondering about boys. You seem to manage to keep them away and I was just wondering how?" "Because they know I'll bite them if they come within 50 yards of me. Who care anyway? Not me. Sally forth and ask someone else."
  4. 4. "But I can't talk to Mum or Dad about it, they just look at each other all misty eyed and talk about the joys of ACR and then run off to the conservatory and lock the door so that's no help. And Granpa Allo and Grandma Carrie only seem to care about the stupid watch.." "Don't talk about GrandZomb that way, he rocks! Now go away, we seem to have bucketloads of relatives in this town so go harass one of them. I'm busy! College! Shoo!" Ysabelle quickly shooed.
  5. 5. Sidneyia Tegenaria, the eldest of generation six was packed off to La Fiesta Tech at the end of our last chapter, and being a grouchy Knowledge Sim he was more than happy to be rid of his perky siblings and settle into the world of higher education. As no heir has as yet been announced, he declared his major in Biology as I have all my (potential)heirs do and happily set about writing his first ever term paper. "..and so as proven, the uses of DNA bar-coding are widespread and despite suggested problems I anticipate it becoming a widely used technique. Because I say so. So there."
  6. 6. But he had of course brought his trusty violin with him, as well as the older members of Strangetown's teenaged population. However the dorm allocations had been random, and Sid wasn't best pleased with some of the other kids who had been allocated to the Attenborough Dorm and especially un-thrilled that his best Pleasure Shrew pal Sorex had been put into Stracken, all the way across campus. "Wow, you're amazing at that Sid! Nearly as good as my Dad I'll bet!" "Who's your Dad?" "Er, Meloti?" "Nope, I'm better than him. Now go away Rupert, I'm kind of busy here!" Rupert is still the world's most useless Popularity Sim. Even the dormies don't like him!
  7. 7. But just to remind you who's floating around, here's a breakdown of the dorm allocations for the first part of generation six. Yes I know I could have lumped them together, but I wanted the older and younger to all mix when the current teens get there! When they do that'll be 21 sims I'm playing through, eek. Anyhoo, in the Attenborough dorm (4/8), from left to right: Metis Tegenaria (Meloti --> Fred + Billy --> Metis) Sidneyia Tegenaria (Menidia + Ocean --> Gadus + Cadence --> Sidneyia) Rupert Tegenaria (Meloti + Styx --> Rupert) Jimmy Shrew Turner (Arvicanthis + Mallory --> Vole + Darren --> Jimmy Shrew)
  8. 8. Marvin Dorm (2/4) Becks Gilscarbo (Menidia + Ocean --> Ara + Goopy --> Becks) Ysabelle Agelenidae (Allozyme + Lisa --> Norris + Nihm --> Ysabelle)
  9. 9. And finally, Stracken Dorm (4/8) left to right Quentin Tegenaria (Meloti + Styx --> Wesley + Kitty --> Quentin) Marcus Phillips (Lisa --> Samantha + Sullivan --> Marcus) Sorex Turner (Arvicanthis + Mallory --> Rutilus + Sandy --> Sorex) Jingo Tastic (Gin + Spider Jerusalem --> Jingo)
  10. 10. But no matter the company, Sid's often quite happy just to be left on his own to play his music or study whatever's going. He didn't even miss home that much at all! Which was a pity, as he knew he'd have to trek all the way back to Strangetown the following evening.. And he wasn't really a big fan of singing or cake.
  11. 11. Less thrilled to be learning were Sid's younger brother and sister back in Strangetown, Vauxia and Marella. "Come on Vox, let's go out tonight! We haven't done anything fun for aaaages.." "It's Dad's birthday tonight, remember Marella? That should be fun though, right?" "Pfft, old people. Yeah, total fun. Can we do something at the weekend then? Pleeease?" "Oh, alright then! I said I'd take Alison out again before I leave, so Harold and Merkins alright with you? Now let's get this boring stuff finished before everyone starts arriving."
  12. 12. "Too late kiddos! Now move so the grown ups can have their fun" said their older brother and the guests started piling through the door. But quite happily the teens tossed their homework aside and went to call their father in from the garden.
  13. 13. "Already?" Gadus asked, a bit confused. "But I'm too young to be getting old!" "I know.." sighed his alien cousin, Fred. "Somehow I feel like I'm only one year old, not nearly 50.."
  14. 14. In no time at all everyone (except for the Contessa Cadence, it being daytime and all) gathered around the cake, ready to wish the generation five heir a good transition into elderhood. "I'm so glad you all came!" Gadus grinned when he saw that all of his life-long friends were there. "Sucks I have to be the first though.." he added. "It seems like only yesterday that we all wer-" "Just shut up and blow out the candles already!" shouted Root, while Vauxia and Marella giggled. He then started to lead the singing: "Happy Birthday to Shrew! You have mismatched shoes! Happy Birthday dear Shrew-face, Happy Birthday to Shrew!"
  15. 15. Once the 'traditional' song was sung, Gadus started his twirl. "Ok, here I go then! You're all going to have to do this soon so.. Wheee!" But sadly it seems that most people have already lost their interest! Oh well, at least Gadus is happy in his own little world. As usual. Or maybe Norris just can't cope with the fact that he's about to become a grey-haired werewolf.
  16. 16. "Oh er, that felt a bit odd. I'm slightly dizzy now.." But you look good my little dear who I can't believe is all old now! Gadus aged up platinum, having eventually completed his LTW to top the Athletics career a while ago. Unfortunately I forgot to have him in the Natural Science career as I wanted to do with every heir, oops. I'm sure he would have looked lovely though!
  17. 17. "But of course I would have!" he smiled proudly. "But er.. where's everybody gone?"
  18. 18. "Didn't anyone bothered to watch?" said the newly old heir as he looked around sadly. "I did, you silly! You're my baby brother, weird as it is for you to have your birthday before me, you're still the odd little boy Mum set on fire once." smiled Ara. "Gee thanks for that Ara.. Just you wait till I get to give you a birthday speech, oh wife-of-sewing- Goopy!" Gadus teased back.
  19. 19. Sibling teasing seems to be rife at this party. "So, you're still all tiny then Voxy-Vox? Pity really, I'm having the time of my life at college and you're still stuck here being puny and unimportant. Look! You still can't even beat me at little kiddie games, even though you're still a kid." "Shut up Sid.. Just you wait till I decide to go, no girl will even notice you're there! I just want to be perfect before I go, not scared into by a ghost like some people." "..Kid!"
  20. 20. "Gin! It has come to my attention that I've become rather old, and even though I have three wonderful children an heir has not yet been named. And seeing that my mother gave the title to me on her birthday, I want the same honour and to be able to tell the lucky child!" "Er Gadus? You er, remember how I said I was never going to run another heir poll after my nerves were shot to bits when Menidia was chosen heir?" "I wasn't born yet, but alright - what of it?" "Er.."
  21. 21. But my favourite Useless Romance Sim gave me a hig before I could quite explain. "Silly Gin. But I agree, I could never choose between them either." he said happily. "Yup, that's the problem alright. So pass it off to someone else?" "Good plan. Ooh, must go - I think I hear the sounds of my love waking up!"
  22. 22. "Oow, I really did miss the big 'un didn' I? It's such a shame I cain' see yous in the daytoime, it would make loife well easier!" said Cadence, our resident cockney-vampire-grilled-cheese- scoffing-spouse who'd finally woken up. "Kind of.." smiled her husband. "So, what do you think? Can I still be your cheesey wotsit or whichever it is today?"
  23. 23. "I fink we can manage tha'. Cheesey wotsit indeed.. I fink we is up to more of a bacon frazzle my swee'hear'!" and kissed him to prove it. "I think I can live with that!" Gadus laughed back, thrilled to be able to spend yet another evening with his vampire missus.
  24. 24. "Why aren't you guys eating grilled cheese? Mother finally finish that ridiculous lifetime want at long last?" asked Sid, he was looking distinctly interested and/or jealous at his younger sibs' dinners. "Nope, but she did discover how to conjure the awful stuff out of thin air!" said Marella happily. It would be kind of an understatement to say that the Tegenaria's were fed up of eating grilled cheese every night. "Plus she's been rolling far less wants to make it for us as long and Vauxia keeps up his niceness in talking to her about it." "It's a sacrifice I'm gladly willing to make.." added Vauxia. "Could I have a bite?" Sidneyia asked earnestly. True he loved being away at university, but the food wasn't up to much. "Pfft, as if you'd ever give us any!" snapped Marella, and Sidneyia stormed off to talk to Meloti about something that actually interested him. What did he care about stupid salmon anyway?
  25. 25. The party was in full swing throughout the house, but big sister Ara had s few concerns she wanted to address with her brother and his wife. "Cadence, I couldn't help noticing that you've chosen to stay immortal, while my brother continues to get older by the day. Doesn't this worry either of you?" she asked, full of real concern for them. "I would have thought you'd have changed back by now." "Well in all hones'y Mrs Gilscarbo, it ain' none of your business now is it?!" snapped the usually cheery vampire. Sighing, Gadus asked his wife if she wanted to come outside for a moment, and after shooting an angry glare at his sister, followed her into the garden.
  26. 26. "Ow love, I didn' mean to go orf on your sis loike that, I know she is only tryin' t'look after you an' that.." Cadence said as they sat down outside. "An now I've dragged you away from your par'y an all!" "Don't worry about it dear, let's just get some fresh air for a minute. I can't believe Ara would say that! She's always so nice!"
  27. 27. "She is nice dear, but she don't understand proper tis all. You don't mind one jot I 'aven't changed does you?" "Not at all! I've always loved you just how you are and I would never ask you to change anything about your pretty little self." "Exactly!"
  28. 28. "I've lived loike this for almost 300 years I 'ave! I know all the names of the stars, I've seen 'em move through toime and I've watched the world change many-a thing. It's 'oo I am! And I love you chicken, you must know that, but I ain't a mortal and innt gonna be again." But Gadus still just lay there with a silly smile on his face as usual. "I know Cadence, and I wouldn't have you being anyone but yourself. And it's good to know you'll always be there for the kids."
  29. 29. "That's roight! I ain't gonna leave them lit'le weasles on their owns now is I? I knew you'd understand peaseblossom." "And that's why I love you. And now, seeing as everyone's still inside and it is my birthday.." "I'll make us all some sandwiches! Besides, the kids is well used to a bit of the odd round 'ere, I'm sure they'll cope wiv me not growing up."
  30. 30. Does a smustling wereNorris count as odd? Possibly, it's hard to tell these days. "Yo fluffy! Party's over, time to get back to your den now k?" "Grr."
  31. 31. "Oow my darlin's! We can't let 'im know you is the other reason I ain't growin' old anytoime soon.. Then I couldn't possibly spend the 'ole of enerni'y munching your gooey goodness, yes indeedy!" Don't worry Cadence, we won't tell. I think we're up to 182 at the moment, the end is nigh! But I fear that number 200 won't be the last grilled cheese we see her trying to thrust at her family.
  32. 32. And so naturally it was time for the rest of Generation Five to grow old, and across Strangetown birthday parties were held..
  33. 33. .. saggy things sagged, and "Happy Birthday to Shrew!" was sung one too many times. (And I was cursed with glitchy 'zzz's)
  34. 34. "Oh Norris, I can't believe we're both so old!" said Sam, who as the youngest of the generation had the pleasure of holding the final birthday party. Though not a blood relation to the Tegenarias, she was still counted as family. "I was just wondering if.. If.." she faltered a bit.
  35. 35. "No Sam, I haven't heard anything. But we would have if anything had happened, I'm sure of it." "I guess you're right." She sighed. "It's just, I do wonder.." "Me too. But don't worry kiddo, there can't be that much time left for her now." Norris reassured her. "Now come on little sis, cake!"
  36. 36. The weekend dawned soon enough, and Gadus was rather enjoying his old age. He'd retired from his job straight away, he'd never had much luck at it anyway, but was surprised to see his middle child still hanging around the house. "Little V, haven't you left yet? Not that I mind, but I thought you'd be itching to meet all the girls at LFT? There are quite a few good ones I seem to remember!" "I'm off tomorrow, but I said I'd go out with Marella this afternoon and it can't help to have a perfect body when I get to LFT can it?" Vauxia puffed on the bike. "What a good idea! I wish I'd thought of that, maybe I'd have had better luck." the old sim sighed.
  37. 37. Alas, not everyone's plans were going as intended. "I'm so glad you came back from school with me Gavin! Now, let's have the perfect end to the perfect date - come here you!" "Er.."
  38. 38. "Maybe not Marella, if it's all the same." cowered the stupid little townie boy, who I now really dislike. "But, but why?" Marella was very confused at this turn of events. Gadus had always told her she was the prettiest girl in the world! And all the guy's she'd flirted with at school nearly fell over after - what was with this one? "It's the whole 'strong woman' thing, it's not much of a turn-on." confessed the awful boy, who was promptly kicked onto the sidewalk by a very scowly Marella, never to return.
  39. 39. And unintended accidental happenings continued into the night. Cadence decided that it would be a good idea to jump out at Gadus, just to show him how much she loved him. "'Ello cuddlenoodle! BLEH!"
  40. 40. "Oops! Oh fluffykins, I is so sorry!" "Cadence.. Why.." gasped a rather soggy Gadus. "It seemed like a good oidea at the toime.. Why don't yous go 'ave a shower love, I'll sort this out."
  41. 41. "Am I really that scary?" Cadence wondered a bit later. "I always fought I was well pret'y! Or I least I used to be back before I was turned, I was! Let's 'ave a decko.."
  42. 42. "Oow! I ain't got no reflection! When the foodle did tha' 'appen? No wonder pookiebum was scared! Oow, what now? Wha's tha' scremain', Vauxia ain't fallen off the energiser again 'as 'ee?"
  43. 43. Not quite. "Er, Marella.. Why are we both glowing? This can't be good. I was only looking at the stars Mum was talking about, what the hell's going on?!" Absolutely nothing I was desperate for and had actually given up hope of, that's for sure.
  44. 44. "AIEEEEE!" (Thank you my sweet aliens - thank you!)
  45. 45. "Marellaaaaa! Where are you going? Help me you idiot!" "Oh shh. I was just energising myself up for a night out with Evil Susan, I've ahd the most awful afternoon and I really need to relax." "But.. HEEEEELP!" and with that cry, off he flew into the waiting spaceship. The very same Spaceship Lollipop that had taken his Great Uncle Meloti once upon a time.
  46. 46. "Geez, what a moaner! And I thought Sid was bad.."
  47. 47. Marella's ride was getting a bit impatient, not ever Knowledge Sim is that easily impressed by aliens. "Where is that girl.. She thinks it's easy to steal a limo and then just park it out in the open? Grr, does she want to be caught or something?! I'm Evil Susan! I don't get caught!"
  48. 48. "My goat Ermintrude! Have this lot moved since the last time?" "Why yes Barry, I think they have! But it's nice to get reacquainted with the Tegenarias again isn't it?" "Yeah, there's quite a good lot Ermie, I'll hand you that. Though this one was less compliant than the last one, but then Legacy kids always tend to get snooty the more generations that pass." "Too true Barry, too true. Anyway, EJECT!"
  49. 49. And so Vauxia ate pavement. "..This has so messed up my hair hasn't it?"
  50. 50. "See you soon kiddo!" "Yes, bye love! Kisses to your Uncle!" "This has got to be some kind of terrible dream, awful awful dream.."
  51. 51. He stood up. "Ow-oow! Ok, I'm not doing that again in a hurry. And I am not telling Sid about this. Oow, Marella must be back by now, I can't believe she didn't help me.."
  52. 52. But Marella wasn't back yet, and it was a good few hours until she turned up - siren in tow and her companion nowhere to be seen. "That is the last time I listen to Evil Susan!" she moaned from the back of the car. " 'Let's split up, they're bound to follow me!' before she hides in a skip, honestly.. I so need a new best friend!"
  53. 53. "And don't you judge me Boris Johnson! Not for one second - you're a freakin' cat! With floppy blonde silly hair!" "Meow?"
  54. 54. The next morning, the two reconvened eager to tell each other of their woe. "Ok Vox, I've had a seriously crappy night so can we please get out of this house now?" Marella pleaded. "Goat yes. As long as it doesn't involved any flying or poking."
  55. 55. So they wandered over to everyone's (including yours) favourite department store, Harold & Merkins. Seeing the displays in the windows quickly cheered Marella up and Vauxia couldn't help but grinning when he thought of the lovely sales girl he'd promised a date to. "Hey Vox!" she yelled racing ahead, "some of these piercings are so your style! Oooh, and mine.. Hey, I wonder. Vox, Vox! Which ones do you want?"
  56. 56. "I'm alright thanks 'Rels, I think I'll just get a nice collar for Boris Johnson. She's been looking so lonely since Grammy died. Hm, maybe the pink.." "What a fine choice young man!" said the fellow in the plaid suit*. "I myself am trying to find the perfect kitten for my wife, I think she'd enjoy having a pet and with any luck it might take a dislike to my daughter in law!" "Okaay.. I'll just take my collar and go thanks." *who's name is William and has come a-visiting from Dicreasy's Victorian Legacy, where we don't like Marielle but love Beth to bits.
  57. 57. "I'm sorry miss, but we have a strict over 18s policy on all piercings." "What really? That sucks.." sighed Marella. "Fine, I'll just take these earrings then." The store girl who Gadus was not busy canoodling with noticed how down Marella looked, so whispered "But if you're looking to have some fun, check out the back room!"
  58. 58. "Feeling better?" asked Vauxia collar in hand, who'd finally managed to escape from the gentleman waffling about hat feathers. "Yup, back in a minute Vox. You ok?" "More than ok." he grinned, happily eyeing up one oh his many girlfriends across the room.
  59. 59. "So you took your sweet time in coming over.. And who was that girl I saw you with?" "My cat needed a new collar Allison! And that's my sister, calm down." he said smiling his best romance-y smile. "Oh really.. So it's not true about Tiffany or Kitty or Michelle or any of those rumours I've heard?" "Nope. Not at all Allison. It's definitely, definitely only you. In fact-"
  60. 60. "Hey Vox! Whaddya think?"
  61. 61. "Great fish in a handkerchief Marella! What have you done?" "Had a rebellion via my hair. It's kind of obvious." "But.. I leave you alone for a few minutes and this happens! Geez, come on and let's have a drink." he said dragging her upstairs.
  62. 62. "Come on Vox, you've never even wanted to do something a little crazy to shock people?" "No actually, I'm quite happy the way I am. And you should be too!" "Of course I'm happy, I just thought it'd be fun - remember fun? Why we're here? Geez Vox, you're starting to sound like Sid."
  63. 63. "Whoa, let's not go there!" laughed her brother. "It is pretty awesome once you get used to it 'Rels, it's just quite a shock. I can't wait to see Dad's face, his little princess - all multicoloured." "Well it's about time!"
  64. 64. "He always treats me like I'm made of glass," she went on, " and I'm not. I can totally look after myself! I'm even beginning to get fed up with all the stuff he keeps buying me, ok it was handy at first but now I just feel a bit crowded." "Hence the hair. I see, well good luck with telling him and Mum 'Rels! Now, if I go and finish up my date with Allison will you be ok for a while? No more crazy paint jobs?"
  65. 65. "I can't promise anything big bro! Have fun, see you later and all that." Marella smiled, and a boy sat down next to her. Vauxia eagerly headed downstairs, who was his to abandon a date mid-progress?
  66. 66. And who was Marella to ignore a cute boy when they happen to appear next her? So as soon as she was sure Vauxia was out of earshot she turned round - but found he was already staring at her. "Er, can I help you?" she tried. "Sorry, it's j-just.. your hair! It's amazing! And er, wow.. You actually look.. all kinds of amazing.." the teen trailed off. Marella happily flicked her newly coloured hair around in what she hoped was an alluring way. "You're so pretty!"
  67. 67. "Aww, you're sweet. What's your name?" "Tyler Baena, and you're - you're Marella Tegenaria aren't you? From school?" "Funny, I've never seen you at school before.. And I know all the guys there." Marella asked, a little bit confused. She was sure she'd never met this boy before. Had she? "Oh! Oh. Oh, I go to school. Yeah, all the time! You must have just not noticed me because you're so.. beautiful."
  68. 68. "Oh you are definitely sweet!" she giggled. "But yeah, the whole school/home/family routine was getting a bit too dull and I was getting a bit bored. Hence the hair! My Dad is going to freak when he sees it though." "And that guy you were with, he seems to like it alright. ..Your boyfriend?" "HA HA!" Marella suddenly couldn't top laughing. "Oh my goat, NO! That's just Vox, but big brother! But he gets me and why I did it, he's a cool guy. No, I don't have a boyfriend - just some weird brothers! You have any bros Tyler?" The teen looked at his feet for a little bit before answering. "Yeah.. three actually. Or well, two now really. But I know what you mean how annoying they can be, just this morning Taylor said - well, it's kind of boring. You'd be bored."
  69. 69. "I don't know about that.." Marella said standing up. "But I'd like to hear sometime?" Because you're very very cute! she thought to herself. "Ok, well, er.. What are you doing tonight? There's this great place downtown, w-would you be interested in going with me?" Yes! YEEES! "Sure, why not?" Marella said as nonchalantly as she could, before racing downstairs to tell Vox all about her impending date.
  70. 70. "Hurry up Vox! We've got to go! I've got to get ready! Leave Alison alone." she shouted when she got outside, annoyed her brother hadn't finished flirting with the cashiers yet. "Alright, I'm coming! Calm down rainbowhead.."
  71. 71. "Come on, come on!" she said excitedly, practically dragging Vauxia home. "I've met the most amazingly cute guy!" "..Five minutes. I left you alone for five minutes." her brother sighed.
  72. 72. "What have you done to your hair, you moron child? It looks AWESOME!" The two found they had a visitor when they arrived back at the house, Evil Susan had stopped by for a snipe and a poke. "I think I'll leave you two to it.." Vaxuia said wisely, and backed into the house and out of the firing line where it was safe and he could call the rest of his girlfriends in safety. "It's fun, isn't it? But Evil Susan, I've got really exciting news!" Marella gushed. "O rly?"
  73. 73. "Ok, so we were sitting in the little cafe in Harold and Merkins, and Vox was all 'blah blah I-can't- leave-you-alone blah' and then this super cute guy just came and sat next to me!" "I met someone too today you know. It wa-" "And he said I was beautiful! Is was so sweet. We're going out tonight, isn't that exciting?" "No. But my news is, in fact-" "I haven't seen him around before, but he was so great! You know-" "STOP INTERRUPTING ME, I AM EVIL AND YOU WILL SUFFER." "..Oops. Sorry Evil Susan, what's your news then?"
  74. 74. After finally staying quiet enough to hear whatever evil Evil Suan had to say, Marella decided it was time to risk heading inside to find Gadus. She didn't have to go very far. "Oh great goat in a handbag! What have you done Princess?" Gadus leapt nearly three feet in their air when he saw his little girl all.. technicoloured.
  75. 75. "Marella Tegenaria, what have you done to your beautiful hair? It was so pretty the way it was!" Gadus sighed. "Oh Daddy I know, but.. I like it!" "Hm. Well. I suppose there's not a great deal we can do about it now, short of shaving it all off."
  76. 76. "Thanks Daddy, I knew you'd understand." "But I didn't-" "And I'm going out tonight, ok? This super cute boy is taking me to dinner, I knew you wouldn't mind. And I'll be home by.. sometime." "But I don't-"
  77. 77. "Hi-i! Going to university now!" "Oh, little V, right." Gadus turned round to look at him other child, he was finding it a bit hard to keep up with it all.. "Have a nice time, and good luck of that lifetime want! It sounds fun." "Mm, so you keep saying worryingly.. But say bye to Mum for me, and tell I'm sorry I can't stay for another evening of her delicious sandwiches." "..Liar."
  78. 78. But just as Vauxia had gone out the door, the squeaking of a coffin lid could be heard upstairs. "Wait, wait! My baby! Where 'as 'ee gone? I didn' even get to say goodbye! Oh my, 'oo is this strange girl wiv pink hair and what is she doin' in the hall?" "Cadence, get back upstairs NOW!" shouted Gadus while Marella giggled to herself. "Oh roight, I must flee and all tha'.." moaned Cadence, and she reluctantly went back to bed.
  79. 79. Upon arriving at La Fiesta Tech, Vauxia made a terrible discovery - he and Sidneyia were wearing practically identical outfits. "Look, I got here first so logically I should get to keep mine." Sidneyia was saying. "But I look so much better in these colours than you do! And you can't see my pants."
  80. 80. Upon realising this valid point, I sent Sid to change. "See Sid, isn't that much better? But you might want to pull your trousers up a little.." Vauxia said nicely. "Oh.. shut up."
  81. 81. It didn't take Vauxia long to settle into dorm life, and he had zeroed in on the only female in the place within half an hour. And true to his mission didn't beat about the bush with conversation. "So Renee, I'm afraid I can't help but tell you what beautiful skin you have, I'm transfixed.. You er, wouldn't mind if I gave it a quick kiss would you?"
  82. 82. Evidently she didn't. But Vauxia had decided that he wasn't going to go about this is some brash, un-chivalrous fashion. He wanted to be a gentleman, it wasn't really in his nature to drag her upstairs caveman style. (Or at least not yet anyway, he told himself). So he took her hand, and promised to meet up with her later.
  83. 83. Romance seems to be blooming in the dorm at last! Even for Rupert the terrible Popularity Sim. He'd recently met and fallen in love with Lea, one of the many Simselves that run around Strangetown for my amusement. He was still awful at making friends, but Lea is of course the exception that proves the rule. Lea/thls0 writes the Barsoom Legacy, which is most spiffy indeed! Please go and eat it all up.
  84. 84. Marella was hoping that the romance vibe was heading back to Strangetown as left for her date with Tyler later that day. "Look out love, the 'Rels is coming for ya!" she said happily to herself as she headed Downtown to the address she'd been given that morning.
  85. 85. When she arrived she found Tyler waiting in a booth for her, and quickly sidled in beside him. "Hey, this place seems nice! Good choice." she started. Tyler quickly looked up from his menu and grinned! Thank the alligators she actually came! he thought to himself, being surprise by just how much his heart leapt.
  86. 86. "It's awesome, isn't it? I used to come here all the time, they do the best chocolate cake!" he grinned. "Mm, sounds yummy!" Marella smiled back at him. "Thanks for asking me here, I've been so excited all day!" she added. "Yeah, me too." Tyler admitted.
  87. 87. "So, tell me some more about yourself? You said you had a big family, what are all their names?" "Oh.. th-that's not important." Tyler said looking at the floor. "Let's talk about something else instead shall we? I m-mean, you didn't get dressed up all pretty just to listen to me waffle on!" "But you have such a lovely voice, I could listen to it all day.." Marella said coyly. Tyler blushed a little.
  88. 88. "Hey little lovebirds! We could all see you making goo goo eyes at each other all the way across the kitchen!" A waitress had come up to them, brandishing some plates. "So we thought we'd get you the special on the house!" she winked. "Oh.. um.. thanks?" Marella said awkwardly. But she soon looked thrilled as plates of cake were plonked down in from of them.
  89. 89. "Marella.. Why are you looking at me like that? Should I be worried?" Tyler gulped. "Worried, whatever about?"
  90. 90. "But I did just see a green and yellow stripey zebra dog out the window!" "What, where?" and Tyler turned round eagerly to see. Unfortunately, The Zagoo-da was not anywhere in sight, and Marella had grabbed a handful of cake.
  91. 91. SPLAT! "Ha HA! Gotcha!" she laughed. "Argh, Marella! What did you have to go and do that for? That's my favourite shirt.. That's my only shirt!"
  92. 92. "Oops, sorry.. Hey, never mind! Let's go have our pictures taken instead! Just put your hand in front of the cake or something." she laughed, and dragged her date down to the photobooth.
  93. 93. "Er, I think something's wrong with the camera.." Tyler sighed when the pictures printed. "Either that or you're really hyperactive!" "Probably both!" came the shout from the dance floor where Marella had already scurried off to.
  94. 94. After being thrown around the diner a few times, even Marella could see that Tyler was getting worn out so she suggested that maybe they call it a day for the time being. "Because you know," she went on, "I've had the best time today. And I was so right about you being the sweetest little thing!" "Not as sweet as you. You even have candyfloss hair to prove it!" "Tyler Baena! Was that an attempt at a flirt?"
  95. 95. "..Um, I'm not sure. Maybe?" Tyler suddenly felt a little light headed. But it was probably due to all the dancing. Yeah, that was it. Dancing. "Well you're not half bad." Marella smiled. "And saying nice things like that should be rewarded." The teenaged boy felt himself go just a little bit gooey.
  96. 96. And before he knew it, Marella swooped down to kiss him. "I mean it, I had a fantastic day." she said. "Yeah, me too.. Come on, I'll walk you to your car."
  97. 97. When they reached the Tegmobile, Marella found that she really actually didn't want to day to end just yet! So she suggested they head back to Tyler's to watch a movie. But to her surprise, his demeanour changed completely. "My house? We're not going back to my house! You should never go there, ever. Maybe this whole date was a mistake.. A total bad idea.. I've got to go." he finished lamely, and practically ran away down the street! It was a very upset and confused Marella that drove her way back to Strangetown that evening.
  98. 98. Romance was the last thing on Sidneyia's mind, and he felt that all these coupling ups were drawing the dorms even further apart. So to escape all the smooching, he went to hang out at Stracken to catch up with Pleasure Shrew Sorex. "We've got to do something to sort this out!" he told the Shrew. "Big party? Ple-ease can we have a big party? I know Marcus would be game, and Jingo and Quentin can just go sit in the library or something dull."
  99. 99. "But we done parties already, people just aren't willing to come! And besides, they're awfully noisy. No, we need something bigger - something better? Gah, but what I have no idea." "Um.. bowling tournament? Isn't it your family sport or something?" Sorex suggested. "Bigger, think bigger!"
  100. 100. "Look Sid, I know there's a problem and I hate us all being split up too. But I can't think of anything Shrewtastic enough to fix it! ..Sid?" Suddenly Sidneyia spotted something. "Hey, what's that over there?" "A dormie with a squashed face? There's lots of them." "No!" said Sid, and pushed his way past the Shrew to the notice board on the wall.
  101. 101. "Now that is a good idea." he mused. "Yes, that would bring everyone back together! And y'know, if I get to be Captain and kick arse-badgers then all the better.." He grabbed an advert from the board and ran back to his dorm, full of excitement.
  102. 102. "Yes.. this is definitely work!" ---- Ta dah! Oh it feels so good to get to write again, but I hope you've all enjoyed me getting my type-age on again, and if it ever takes me this long between chapters again feel free to fetch the rusty forks. Thanks to people who make pretty CC, whoever made me new computer for letting me go 'ooh!', and everyone for sticking with me. MWA! See you next time for, well, see above! If you have no idea about University Challenge, just nod and go along with it. And just before you go, I do of course require your services with one more thing -->
  103. 103. Heir poll time! Hopefully my nerves won't shatter again.. I honestly don't mind who wins, I have plenty ideas for the both of them! I am ruling out Marella though as even though she's great fun, I've had so many Pleasure Sims at the main house I really would like a change. Poll's still readers only like last time, so drop me a line on boolprop/livejournal/guestbook or just send a carrier pigeon with your vote. Thankees for helping me everyone! Sidneyia Tegenaria Knowledge Leo 7/9/2/6/3 LTW: Top Journalism Genetics: Eyes - grey/green, Hair - brown/blonde Pros: He's very different from Meni and Gadus both in looks and personality, and change is always good. I haven't had a Knowledge heir yet and hello? Science of a Legacy - probably should at some point. He can pop out little alienz, which is fun. And I think he's totally grown into his looks at well, and I love the faces he pulls! On paper, he's probably the better choice. Cons: .. He isn't Vox?
  104. 104. Vauxia Tegenaria Romance Gemini 3/9/10/4/9 LTW: Woohoo a bunch of sims Genetics: Eyes - green/grey, Hair brown/red Pros: He's Vox! And looks more like a Tegenaria than Sid prehaps, and tradition can be just as good as change. He's also a proper Romancer unlike Gadus, thank fishness! Even though he still is such a sweet guy. 'Got himself' abducted as a teen so can have alien babiez too. I'm having alienz next generation whatever, yay! Cons: I've just had a Romance heir (no matter how useless he was) Toodle pip for now! This has been Gin, avoiding reading over her paper on butterflies because I hate them because they make my face explode. Byee-e.
  105. 105. "Can I have a poking stick for my birthday?" "No." "Can I have a rusty fork?" "No." "Can I have a vicious baby hedgehog?" "No." "Can I get some fangs?" "Just NO Evil Susan!" "..Can I get a pitchfork?"