Blackboard9 tenminutetips


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Tips for a quick use of Blackboard 9 basic features.

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Blackboard9 tenminutetips

  1. 1. Blackboard Ten-Minute Checklist **Blackboard course sites are created as “unavailable” to students.**ACCESSING BLACKBOARDBlackboard can be accessed directly from your USFConnect account at: Then click theLearning Technologies tab for access.*For Blackboard 9 until the end of July is the Summer Courses 2011 button on the Learning Technologies page.*Student Enrollment in BlackboardOfficially registered students are automatically enrolled in your Blackboard course site.If a student does NOT appear in your Blackboard course, please have him/her go to One Stop and confirmregistration for the course.BEFORE YOUR COUSE BEGINS Create a course Announcement.On the Home Page, Click the more announcement link. > Click Create Announcement button. > Create yourannouncement with a Subject and Message. > Scroll down to #2 - Web Announcements Options > Select a durationoption. > Click the Submit button. “Hide” any features in the Tools area you are not using.Click the Tools button on the Course Menu > Click Hide Link to hide features you will not be using. You can alwaysunhide them at any time. Make sure your course is available for students.All courses are created as “unavailable” so that you can add your content before the students have access to thesite.Please make your course “available” for students by going to the Control Panel Area > Customization >Properties >Course Availability > Select Yes. > Click the Submit button.SUPPORTING STUDENT SUCCESS Remind students to check your Blackboard site regularly for new information. Post a weekly Announcement in your course.[Announcements are a quick and easy way to keep in touch with your students about the course.] Check the Performance Dashboard to see when students last logged into your Blackboard site. Remind thosewho have not logged in recently to check more often for new course information.[Control Panel area > Evaluation > Performance Dashboard]
  2. 2.  Suggest a file name protocol for digital assignments [example: wallacewk2paper.doc].Remind students to only use alphanumeric characters when creating a file name. Blackboard WILL NOT recognizefiles or email addresses with special characters such as # & % $, etc. We recommend using only alpha-numeric filenames in Blackboard and in general. When using any assessment feature, provide a sample or non-graded test/quiz for students to learn and practicehow the feature operates.RESOURCES FOR BLACKBOARDFor help with Blackboard: blackboard@usfca.eduTo register for a Blackboard workshop - course copy or merge request – Blackboard Wiki – Resources & Tutorial –