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Turnkey project


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Turnkey project

  1. 1. Turnkey project presented by: Ginna Ramírez Feriz Juan Diego López
  2. 2. What is a turnkey project?It is a contract under which a firmagrees to fully design, construct andequip a manufacturing/ business/service facility and turn the projectover to the purchaser when it isready for operation for aremuneration.
  3. 3. Turnkeyproject The turnkey project is one in which the contractor agrees to the client, in exchange for a fee, usually a flat rate, to design, build and operate a particular work that he previously projected.
  4. 4. process of turnkey projectcontractor tender for the project • Wanted: who is eligible and what is the best contract execution project delivery and execution
  5. 5. Method of paymentCASH Management service countries credit with another institutionor may be mixed A portion is paid in cash and the other Management service countries
  6. 6. All we are part of a turnkey project Because all pay tax health infraestructura
  7. 7. Example turnkey projectA bid (also called tender or contract the public and privatesector) is the administrative procedure for theprocurement of supplies, performance of services orworks that celebrate the entities, agencies and entitieswithin the Public Sector.Ex For the construction of a highway local governmentmakes a contest and choose the best proposal for theconstruction of paid in cash or through negotiation pays part and therest is left to the management of the group that built tokick in a certain time in this case money through tolls
  8. 8. Bibliografia