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Reputation war 2014 introduction


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Introduction of the 2014 edition of ReputationWar international conference that will take place in Paris on Friday January 17th, 2014

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Reputation war 2014 introduction

  1. 1. What is ReputationWar?
  2. 2. It  all  started  on     January  2013  
  3. 3. Created  &  designed     by  Christophe  Ginisty   Interna;onal  PR  expert  and  digital  guru     One  of  the  most  famous  French  bloggers   IPRA  President  2013  
  4. 4. A  full  day  of  keynote  speeches  and  round  tables  on  reputa;on   management  in  a  connected  world  where  conversa;ons  are  always  on.   Co-­‐organized  by  the  Interna;onal  Public  Rela;ons  Associa;on  (IPRA)     and  Syntec-­‐RP  on  January  11th,  2013  
  5. 5. “Tomorrow,  reputa.ons  will  be  managed  in  a   frene.c  environment.  Brands,  companies,  leaders   and  even  ordinary  ci.zens  will  have  their  image   examined  and  even  trashed  by  a  public  opinion   demanding  ever  higher  levels  of  openness  and   ethical  behavior.   The  object  of  Reputa.onWar  is  to  unpick  this   situa.on  and  to  provide  those  aCending  with  tools   to  deal  with  the  future.”  
  6. 6. More  than  250  delegates:     in-­‐house  communica;on  directors,  PR  execu;ves,     agency  leaders,  influencers,  journalists,  industry  analysts,       solu;on  providers,  students,…    
  7. 7. 29%   27%   15%   9%   7%   13%  In-­‐house  communica;on   directors/managers   Communica;ons  agency   leaders   Bloggers,  influencers,   analysts   Communica;ons  agency   staff  members   Journalists   Digital  solu;ons   providers  
  8. 8. 3.453  men;ons  on   social  networks  during   the  day  of  the   conference   #1  trending  topic  on   Twi_er  at  noon   “Since  I  first  heard  about   Reputa.onWar,  I  started   searching  to  find  similar   conferences  closer  to   home  but  came  up   empty  »    
  9. 9. PARTNERS2013
  10. 10. What will be ReputationWar 2014?
  11. 11. Date: Location: Organizers: Target audience: Duration: Language: Friday, January 17th 2014 Paris, France (to be announced soon) Christophe Ginisty in partnership with Syntec RP and the International Public Relations Association (IPRA) 500 people (20% international) – In-house com directors, agency leaders, influencers, journalists, analysts, A full day with optional workshops organized by solution providers the previous afternoon Bilingual (English+French) with simultaneous translation all day long
  12. 12. What will be the theme of ReputationWar 2014?
  13. 13. “Sentimental Crowds” — beliefs, emotion, activism —
  14. 14. “Sentimental Crowds” — beliefs, emotion, activism — Social media is a fertile ground on which beliefs are playing a major role in the management of a reputation
  15. 15. “Sentimental Crowds” — beliefs, emotion, activism — No only facts and information have an impact on the way people are ready to interact with a brand.
  16. 16. “Sentimental Crowds” — beliefs, emotion, activism — People are ready to praise and to punish brands and leaders based on the way they really behave.
  17. 17. Speakers •  Coming from different countries •  Authors and professors •  CEOs, CMOs, Communications directors •  Journalists and analysts •  Individuals who had to manage a spectacular reputation issue •  Activists
  18. 18. Speech format •  Mainly keynote speeches •  Battles:Two speakers confront their point of view on one specific topic, managed by a moderator. •  No round tables
  19. 19. Why attending? •  More than 500 participants: an outstanding and unique opportunity to share on the new challenges of reputation management, far beyond useless debates on social media •  Learn from international organizations and discover how reputation challenges are addressed •  Understand stakeholders behaviors •  Contribute to the hottest debate of the moment and be where the conversations are taking place •  Position your organization at the forefront of the evolution of modern communications
  20. 20. Institutional partners International Public Relations Association
  21. 21. “I have the good fortune to speak at conferences all over the world, and the Reputation War conference created by Christophe Ginisty was the highlight of my year.  The speakers were all outstanding; the participants were highly engaged and engaging; the logistics were very professionally handled; and the social media community that arose around the conference continues to provide value and advance the important conversations begun at the conference. » Helio Fred Garcia Author, professor, Executive Director of the Logos Institute for Crisis Management and Executive Leadership
  22. 22. « I can say, with absolutely no exaggeration, that I am still drawing professional benefits from my attendance at the first ReputationWar conference six months after the fact! This event managed to pack every hour of its agenda with presentations of a very high level of quality and expertise, in a field that is still largely emerging and undefined. I am still actively corresponding with many of the international contacts I made while there and feel that my practice is greatly enriched by this new network. I predict that the ReputationWar conference is sure to become a required stop for all those who place reputation management, digital communications and public relations at the center of their careers. » Tom Liacas, Online Reputation Strategist
  23. 23. A suivre…