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Open agency introduction

  1. 1. “Prepare, engage and protect in a digital world”
  2. 2. “Open” is the leitmotiv which applies toTHE PURPOSE the agency but also to campaigns and to what the public expects today from organisations and communicators The hummingbird stands for recordspeed, total agility and its singular ability to stay still in flight. In some societies, the bird is a symbol of newness and of rebirth The pixelisation of the image is a reference to the digital footprint of both the agency and the programmes implemented for its clients
  3. 3. The environment of public relationsconsultancies is currently experiencingconsiderable upheaval:  Stakeholders have grown in number,bringing about a dispersion of influence.  Information flows have become morevaried in terms of both nature and form.  Organisations and leaders havebecome subject to greater vulnerabilitydue to increasing scrutiny and amplifiedpublic reaction. Open Agency was born out of theseobservations.
  4. 4. ITS ALL ABOUT… Humility Agility Responsibility Face with the scale and size The extreme rapidity with Organisations and leaders of the Web, the number of which conversations spread must behave ethically and stakeholders and the on Internet, the urgency responsibly and show volume of conversations, that has come to conven- respect for the values organisations and leaders tional media editorial desks, which will cement a have to learn, adapt their the swiftness with which mutually beneficial methods and start to opinions change and the relationship within their implement proactive possibility of sensitive community. Any negligence observation and monitoring situations all point to agility could give rise to crisis solutions as the first characteristic of situations engagement
  5. 5. THE CONSULTANCYS ETHOS Protect   Prepare   Engage  
  6. 6. THE CONSULTANCYS ETHOS… Prepare Engage Protect Help organisations and Define strategies and take Manage potentially sensitive leaders detect the key steps which will allow our situations and issues in reputation clients to make their voice circumstances calling for management in a heard and stand out. crisis communications. connected, constantly Engage in constructive Design and organise evolving world. dialogue with opinion initiatives based on rapid Develop awareness, leaders and influencers: and responsible responses, provide coaching and journalists, bloggers and with the objective of support as part of a social media users. protecting a reputation and process of conversion and restoring trust from public adaptation to digital. opinion in the long term.
  7. 7. CONSULTANCY EXPERTISE… Prepare  Monitoring and surveillance Help organisations and leaders detect the key  Reputation auditing issues in reputation  Organisational auditing management in a  Adapting the organisation to digital connected, constantly  Digital identity management evolving world. Develop awareness,  Crisis communication contingency provide coaching and  Training in digital support as part of a  Media training process of conversion and  Coaching for top management adaptation to digital.
  8. 8. CONSULTANCY EXPERTISE … Engage Define strategies and take  Media relations steps which will allow our  Influencer relations clients to increase their  Public affairs and lobbying share of voice and stand out from the rest.  Creation of social network communities Engage in constructive  Community management dialogue with opinion  Brand content strategy leaders and influencers,  Creation of web sites, weblogs, social media among them, journalists, bloggers and social media  Creation of applications users.
  9. 9. CONSULTANCY EXPERTISE … Protect Manage potentially sensitive  Management of sensitive situations situations and  Crisis communication circumstances calling for  Creation and management of crisis rooms crisis communications. Design and organise  Public speaking initiatives based on rapid  Hotline implementation and management and responsible responses,  Creation and operation of social media with the objective of  Community management protecting a reputation and restoring trust from public  Reputation appraisal opinion in the long term.
  10. 10. A network federating skills
  11. 11. The world is a network… and so are we!
  12. 12. Specialist in PR, digital, advocacy and crisis communications Founder of Rumeur Publique in 1988, a digital communication specialist since 2004, VP of Edelman for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), author of the essay Allons enfants deChristophe l’Internet (2010), a blogger since Ginisty 2004, and a consultant in public communication for television (2009 and 2010), Christophe is also president of the International Public Relations Association for 2013 and founder of Open Agency. Since 2010 he is also a lecturer in advocacy and lobbying at INSEEC.
  13. 13. Specialist in corporate communications After being a reporter for print media (La République du Centre) and the radio (RMC, Radio France Landes and Radio France Drôme) following his graduation from the top Olivier journalism college CELSA,Cimelière Olivier progressed to corporate communications within big businesses operating in pharmaceuticals, (Bœhringer Ingelheim), the food sector, (Nestlé Waters), hi-tech and telco (Ericsson Google) and finally, market research and opinion analysis (Ipsos).
  14. 14. Public relations expert Her career started up in 2000 as press officer at B2B telecom operator Completel. She then joined Groupe Go Sport, where she launched the PR department for Go Sport and Courir. In 2006 she left the Virginie group to found her ownDebuisson consultancy, « agence idéale » based in Grenoble. Virginie works for leading brands in areas running from lifestyle to hi-tech and is particularly keen on instilling and implementing 2.0 PR techniques for political figures and business leaders.
  15. 15. Web marketing and community management specialist As former digital communication manager at the French industry federation Medef and the leading proponent of its emergence on Frédéric the Web, Frédérics capabilities Michel- run to the design of digital strategy, marketing content andChevalier community management. He also has a strong interest in social web monitoring methods and inbound marketing.
  16. 16. Media relations specialist Natacha Heurtault started her career as communications officer in IT firms (PSINet, Highdeal-SAP) before getting involved in social media and networks, joining BlueKiwi in 2008 then as press officer for Natacha companies specialising in the 2.0Heurtault environment (Lecko, Knowledge Plaza, talkSpirit, Enterprise 2.0 Summit, etc.) A graduate of the Lyon political science school (IEP) and of the Sorbonne (with a Master in Communication and Politics), she also spent a year at Georgetown University (Washington, D.C.) as part of a study exchange programme.
  17. 17. SEO and traffic acquisition specialist With wide-ranging experience in the Web sphere, including the creation of an e-commerce website and the management of around thirty websites in banking and insurance, MatthieuMatthieu is a specialist in the acquisition Ladiray of qualified traffic (natural SEO and Google AdWords campaign management) and conversion optimisation. Alongside his professional activities, Matthieu is also part- time lecturer at the Nice IAE where he teaches Web marketing..
  18. 18. The manifesto
  19. 19. Public opinion is committed… so are we!!
  20. 20. #1 — POSITIONING Open Agency primarily aims to serve organisations and leaders committed to social responsibility and ethical conduct,respectful of the environment and their community, and motivated by long-term results. #2 — RESPONSIBILITY ETHICS Open Agency and its partners consider the result to be the leading motivation for its actions. They makecommitments to clear goals and measure their results objectively and tangibly. Open Agency and its partners observeand uphold codes of ethics laid down by the leading professional organisations and in particular those which form thebase of the International Public Relations Association. #3 — INNOVATION Open Agency and its partners regularly review and challenge their own methods and run permanent monitoring inorder to transform innovation into opportunities, enabling them to design and deploy creative campaigns for thebenefit of their clients. #4 — HUMAN CAPITAL Open Agency is an organisation which puts the individual at the centre of its development. In view of this, theconsultancy is committed to operating a human resources policy bearing the hallmarks of trust, equal opportunitiesand the desire to train its employees, offering them new professional horizons. #5 — EXEMPLARITY AND PHILANTHROPY Open Agency promises to promote an ethical and responsible approach in everything it does, regularly offering itsskills and capabilities pro bono to specific causes handpicked for their relevance and degree of urgency.
  21. 21. and you…
  22. 22. Both internally and in its client relationship, the consultancy is an ardent advocate and user of technology that allows for maximum pooling of resources, thereby optimising communication, exchange and monitoring in real time. CLOUD Every quarter, the consultancy organises creative workshops for its clients with the participation of externally sourced professionals, so as to stimulate the emergence of new ideas. CREATIVITY The consultancy allows free access to all of its resources and shares knowledge as openly as possible. Invoicing items are also managed transparently. TRANSPARENCY The consultancy makes hard, fast commitments to the achievement of goals and accepts the principle of linking a percentage of its remuneration to its ability to reach objectives set regularly RESPONSIBILITY throughout the contract.
  23. 23. Thank you and enjoy your flight!