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Presentation given on September 18th, 2012 at the 3rd International IPRA Latam congress

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Ginisty for lima peru slideshare

  1. 1. Online crisis management Christophe Ginisty Deputy Managing Director - Edelman EMEA IPRA President elect, 2013 @cginisty
  2. 2.
  3. 3. December 19th, 2011December 20th, 2011 3,576,412 views December 21th, 2011 …
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  5. 5. What can we learn?An insignificant and evenpersonal everyday’s life issue becomes worldwide at an incredible speed
  6. 6. What can we learn? The web has evolved from information to transactions to social interactions, transforming passive users into active participants.
  7. 7. Key ideaSocial media explosion creates a permanent and sometimes extravagant exposure that raises the level of vulnerability for every organization/personality.
  8. 8. Key elementsConversations are everywhere and always on The level of trust dictates the online activism Stakeholders are requesting more ethical behaviors Gamification: fighting against a well established brand can be seen as a game by Internet users
  9. 9. Key elementsConversations are everywhere and always on The level of trust dictates the online activism Stakeholders are requesting more ethical behaviors Gamification: fighting against a well established brand can be seen as a game by Internet users
  10. 10. Distrust is growing; nearly twice as many countries are now skeptics - Fewer countries now in neutral zone 2011 2012 GLOBAL 55 GLOBAL 51 Brazil 80 > China 76 UAE 78 UAE 68 Indonesia 74 Singapore 67 China 73 TRUSTERS India 65 Netherlands 73 Indonesia 63 Mexico 69 Mexico 63 Singapore 67 Netherlands 61 Argentina 62 Canada 58 India 56 Italy 56 Italy 56 Argentina 54 NEUTRAL Canada 55 Australia 53 South Korea 53 < Brazil 51 Sweden 52 Sweden 49 Japan 51 > U.S. 49 Australia 51 South Korea 44 Spain 51 > Poland 44 France 50 U.K. 41 Poland 49 Ireland 41 DISTRUSTERS Germany 44 France 40 U.S. 42 Germany 39 U.K. 40 < Spain 37 Russia 40 < Japan 34 Ireland 39 Russia 32Composite score is an average of a country’s trust in all four institutions. Informed Publics ages 25-64in 20 country global total (excludes Argentina, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and UAE) and across 23countries
  11. 11. Credibility of CEOs and government officials declines while trust into peers and regular employees see dramatic rise 2011 2012 Academic or expert 70% Academic or expert 68% Technical expert in the company 64% Technical expert in the company 66% +22 Financial or industry analyst 53% A person like yourself 65% +16 CEO 50% Regular employee 50% NGO representative 47% NGO representative 50% A person like yourself 43% Financial or industry analyst 46% -12 Government official or regulator 43% CEO 38% -14 Regular employee 34% Government official or regulator 29%Q119-126. [TRACKING] Below is a list of people. In general, when forming an opinion of a company, if you heard information about a company from each person, howcredible would the information be--extremely credible, very credible, somewhat credible, or not credible at all? (Top 2 Box, Credible: Very + Extremely Credible)Informed Publics ages 25-64 in 20 country global total (excludes Argentina, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and UAE)
  12. 12. Businesses are not meeting public’s expectations LISTENS TO CUSTOMER NEEDS AND FEEDBACK 67% 36% -31 OFFERS HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS OR SERVICES 67% 48% -19 Business Importance TREATS EMPLOYEES WELL 64% Company 27% -37 Performance PLACES CUSTOMERS AHEAD OF PROFITS 62% 26% -36 TAKES RESPONSIBLE ACTIONS TO ADDRESS AN ISSUE OR A CRISIS 62% 28% -34 HAS ETHICAL BUSINESS PRACTICES 61% 32% -29 HAS TRANSPARENT AND OPEN BUSINESS PRACTICES 60% 27% -33 COMMUNICATES FREQUENTLY AND HONESTLY ON THE STATE OF ITS 57% BUSINESS 26% -31 WORKS TO PROTECT AND IMPROVE THE ENVIRONMENT 55% 29% -26 ADDRESSES SOCIETYS NEEDS IN ITS EVERYDAY BUSINESS 50% 30% -20 CREATES PROGRAMS THAT POSITIVELY IMPACT THE LOCAL COMMUNITY 49% IN WHICH THE COMPANY OPERATES 26% -23 IS AN INNOVATOR OF NEW PRODUCTS, SERVICES OR IDEAS 46% 41% -5 HAS HIGHLY-REGARDED AND WIDELY ADMIRED TOP LEADERSHIP 41% 29% -12 DELIVERS CONSISTENT FINANCIAL RETURNS TO INVESTORS 39% 23% -16 RANKS ON A GLOBAL LIST OF TOP COMPANIES, SUCH AS BEST 38% COMPANIES TO WORK FOR OR MOST ADMIRED COMPANIES 31% -7 PARTNERS WITH NGOS, GOVERNMENT AND THIRD PARTIES TO ADDRESS 36% SOCIETAL ISSUES 19% -17Q52-69. How important is each of the following actions to building your TRUST in a company? Use a nine-point scale where one means that action is “not at all important tobuilding your trust” and nine means it is “extremely important to building your trust” in a company. (Top 2 Box, Very/ Extremely Important) General Population in 25 countryglobal total (excludes ‘Don’t Know’ responses); Q103-118. Please rate [INSERT COMPANY] on how well you think they are performing on each of the following attributes. Use anine-point scale where one means they are performing “extremely poorly” and nine means they are performing “extremely well”. (Top 2 Box, Performing Very/ Extremely Well)General Population in 25 country global total
  13. 13. Trust in social media explodes 2011 Informed Public 2012 Informed Public + 10% 29% 32% + 18% 22% 26% + 75 % + 23% 14% 16% 13% 8% TRADITIONAL ONLINE MULTIPLE SOCIAL MEDIA CORPORATE SOURCESQ149-160. [TRACKING] Below is a list of places where you might get information about a company. For each, please indicate if you trust it a great deal,somewhat, not too much, or not at all as a source of information about a company. (Top Box - % Trust A Great Deal) Informed Publics ages 25-64 in 20country global total (excludes Argentina, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and UAE)
  14. 14. Distrust is growing while people’s attention and expectations are increasing.
  15. 15. We all are followed… >56% of US Twitter Users are following more than 6 brands on a regular basis (source: Twitter)
  16. 16. Internet users will praise and…punish Source: GoodPurpose survey 2012 conducted by StrategyOne on behalf of Edelman. 8,000 customers accross 16 countries – aged 18+
  17. 17. The web will become an gigantic playground: The Gartner Group has projected 50% of corporate innovation will be"gamified" by 2015. Deloitte called gamification one of the Top 10 Technology Trends for 2012.
  18. 18. Crisis “recipe”« Always on » conversations Decline of the trust in the followed by a massive institutions and in the audience worldwide traditional spokespeople Potential crisis situationsThe raise of expectations for The « gamification » ethical behaviors and the phenomenon is a massiveability to publicly appreciate trend for Internet users
  19. 19. Recommandations: we all need to work on 4 axis Restore trust byMonitor, listen and ethical behaviors Be ready to react analyse the by being as Engage into the fast: get today theconversations on a transparent as conversations tools that may help real time basis possible to maintain a high you tomorrow level of confidence