The most dangerous game,new for BBA


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The most dangerous game,new for BBA

  2. 2. ABOUT THE AUTHOR  Born In New York. (October 17, 1893 – November 22, 1949)  Began his career at a young age when he did some time in jail for his father  Became fascinating writer at the age of 10  He graduated from Harvard in 1915.  His works include – Apes and Angels(1924) Mad Lover(1927) The Most dangerous Game
  3. 3. The story is about : Hunter vs. the hunted Strong vs. the weak Man vs. man Killing and murder
  4. 4. CHARACTERSCHARACTERS Sanger Rainsford,Sanger Rainsford, -Renowned Hunter - Skilled - Clever - Proud of his profession - Keen observer
  5. 5. General Zaroff,General Zaroff, - Ex-army man - Hospitable - Fearless - Desires for more - In-human & Insane - Over confident - Skilled
  6. 6. Ivan,Ivan, Zaroff's Russian servant, body guard and hunting partner. Ivan is a giant, he is deaf, mute, and unintelligent. Whitney,Whitney, Rainsford's friend who appears briefly in the introduction, wondering what it would be like if he were the hunted instead of the hunter.
  7. 7. SUMMARYSUMMARY Rainsford and Whitney, head towards Amazon rain forest Whitney mentions about the Ship Trap island Rainsford ignores what Whitney has to say Considers hunting as the best sport Ignores the feeling of the hunted Whitney mentions about the fear of pain and fear of death
  8. 8. Later Rainsford goes for the sleep Wakes up hearing the 3 shots of gun Leaps on the rail to see what has happened Lost his balance and fell off the ship Swims and lands on the island Follows the sound he hears Follows the trail of the hunting boots Sights an enormous building
  9. 9. Opens the iron gate and finds a gigantic creature (Ivan) standing with a revolver Ivan- Deaf and Dumb Another man enters ‘General Zaroff’- a Russian noble Appears to be a generous host Loves hunting but is bored by killing animals He says, ‘ There is no greater bore than perfection’
  10. 10. But he has found a new animal to hunt That animal has courage, is cunning and able to reason Rainsford confused about which animal is General Zaroff talking about General then says that he has chosen to hunt humans This makes it Most Dangerous Game
  11. 11. o Rainsford shocked and amazed with what he has heard He is confused as to know where does these men come from The General simply mentions that the island is the Ship Trap Island….. The general had dozens of trapped pupils, collection of heads and hounds Rainsford asked him what he would do if in case he refused to play the game
  12. 12. General persuaded him by saying that if he caught him within three days the general would kill him , if not the general would be defeated General himself would use only a small caliber pistol General suggests him to avoid the "Death Swamp” Ivan bought a supply of food, hunting clothes and a knife He was given moccasins and a three hours start
  13. 13. He set to the woods and assured to maintain a distance between himself and Zaroff. Taking care not to leave the slightest mark, he climbed the tree The First Day
  14. 14. The Second Day The general came searching with an automatic pistol The general went away with a smile as he turned back Rainsford made, what the general called a "Malay man-catcher" to trap the general But only the generals shoulders got hurt That night he set to prepare another trap " the Burmese tiger pit" One of the General’s best hounds got killed
  15. 15. The Third Day •Rainsford was awakened by the sound of the hounds •A trick Rainsford learnt in Uganda came up on his mind •Through this trick he managed to kill Ivan •That night general Zaroff had a great dinner but two slight annoyance disturbed him •He saw Rainsford behind the curtains in his room •At last, Rainsford managed to kill Zaroff and get rid of his terror
  16. 16. INTERPRETATIOINTERPRETATIO NN fear of death and the fear of pain is the same in case of both human beings and animals. ‘A wearer only knows where the shoe pinches.’ makes us feel how inhuman it is to hunt animals just for the sake of fun and hence it should be discourage.