Product Information Toolkit


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Communication channels and vehicles for providing product information to consumers. Please contact me to request a copy of the file with embedded audio. (2012)

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Product Information Toolkit

  1. 1. Product Information Toolkit
  2. 2. Product Information ToolkitMaking consumer care more delicious
  3. 3. Product Information Goal: Provide product information anytime,anywhere, any way via multiple contact channels, with content that meetsinformation need in formats and style to delight the consumer
  4. 4. Product Information Management People Data Systems Content
  5. 5. Product Information Management People Data Systems Content
  6. 6. Product Information Management People Data Systems Content
  7. 7. Product Information Management People Data Systems Content
  8. 8. Product Information Channels ‘Communicating with Flavor’ call center scripts and form letter content Branded HTML wrappers for e-mail correspondence Kraft Foods Online Product Locator Corporate and Brand website FAQs/‘Contact Us’ Social Media Outbound Marketing programs
  9. 9. ‘Communicating with Flavor’ call center scripts and form letter content Sample complaint script Adding FlavorThank you for taking the time to visit us at Thank you for taking the time to visit us at and for letting me know and for sending us yourabout your experience. comments about Oreo cookies.I’m sorry to hear you were not happy with the Oreo I’m sure that opening a new package of these yummycookies you purchased. I am sending you cookies, only to find that the cookies are stale, couldreimbursement in the mail for this product, which you ruin anyone’s day. I’m so sorry that you had thisshould receive within 7-10 business days. experience!The problem you described sounds like the product Nabisco takes special care when making this productwas not properly stored during distribution. We take but sometimes bad things happen. If cookies arecare at our manufacturing facilities to ensure that our exposed to excessive temperature during distributionproducts are stored at the correct temperature and they can sometimes lose flavor and crispness. Wetime frame until we are able to distribute them. Once want you to enjoy Oreos as they were always meantour products are in distribution, the storage is out of to be, so I will be sending reimbursement which youour control. If the product was exposed to excessive can expect in the next 7-10 business days.temperatures it could cause the problem you I hope that you try our cookies again and that whendescribed. you do, you will raise a glass of milk and join me inAgain, I apologize for this experience. Thank you for celebrating the kid inside all of us. Happy dunking!your loyalty and we hope that your next experience isa good one.
  10. 10. Custom HTML wrappers for e-mail promote product branding
  11. 11. Custom Product Locators enhance satisfaction and increase sales
  12. 12. Custom ‘Contact Us’ FAQ pages create afully integrated brand website experience
  13. 13. Social Media Engagement
  14. 14. Outbound Marketing Programs TACTIC MAIL (Letter, Coupon, Product Sample) SURVEY (Call Center, Online or Mail) PRE-RECORDED CALL MESSAGING (Inbound Call Center – 1-800# Up-Front, IVR, On-Hold) E-MAIL CAMPAIGN OUTBOUND PHONE CAMPAIGN ( Live Rep with call scripting) OUTBOUND PHONE CAMPAIGN (Automatic Dialer) INBOUND PHONE CAMPAIGN (Live Rep -scripting based on product and contact reason code) FOCUS GROUPS
  15. 15. Consumer Relations Dept. website
  16. 16. Integrated Marketing Communications