Edward Alexis Andrea Digital Citizenship


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Edward Alexis Andrea Digital Citizenship

  1. 1. By Andrea Kinzler, AlexisTsapralis, and EdwardGelernt
  2. 2. 9 Themes of Digital Citizenship● Access● Commerce● Communication● Etiquette● Law● Health and Wellness● Literacy● Rights and Responsibilities● Security"Digital citizenship can be defined as the normsof appropriate, responsible behavior withregard to technology use."—Nine Themes of Digital Citizenship
  3. 3. Digital Access● When posting things on the internet, one must be cautious of who has access to it● All people should have equal access to websites and interconnected digital networks
  4. 4. Digital Commerce● Much of the modern worlds economy is made digitally via internet● Example:Buying and selling products● Basically digital marketing
  5. 5. Digital Communication● There are many different forms of digital communication● Cell phones, computer, tablets, IM, e- mail, etc.● But many people are unaware about how to be "safe" online
  6. 6. Digital Etiquette● Not being rude to others while texting, on social media sites, sending pictures, etc.● Treating other technology users like you would want to be treated● Keeping others feelings in mind when sending or posting any information
  7. 7. Digital Law● Abiding by laws that govern online interactions ○ Also has to do with ethics--just because something is legal does not mean that it is ethical● Cannot: send spam, plagiarize, steal others intellectual or physical property, harass others online, create destructive worms or viruses
  8. 8. Digital Health and Wellness● Being smart about internet usage to avoid internet-related health problems ○ Physical: eye safety, repetitive stress syndrome, sound ergonomic practices ○ Psychological: internet addiction, feelings of harassment/depression related to social networking● Not using the internet too much or without common sense to greatly diminish the possibility of getting an internet-related health issue
  9. 9. Digital Literacy● The process of teaching and learning about technology and the use of technology● "New technologies are finding their way into the workplace that are not being taught in schools."● As new technologies emerge we are constantly trying to update ourselves with the information it takes to use it
  10. 10. Digital Rights and Responsibilities● Freedoms extended to everyone in the digital word● "Everyone has a right to privacy, free speech, etc."● "With these rights also come responsibility as well. Users must help define how technology is to be used in an appropriate manner."
  11. 11. Digital Security● Implementing passwords, firewalls, or other forms of protection to hinder thieves and hackers ○ Not enough just to trust others--must prepare for those who dont follow the rules● Security also involves backing up/synchronizing digital property so it can be restored if someone steals or deletes it
  12. 12. Works Citedwww.digitalcitizenship.net