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  1. 1. Author Editorial Nayan Kisnadwala Mumbai! Hyderabadi woman from Barkas, where people from Arab This story about Mumbai starts in Kerala. I had a great holiday descent live in the old city. Syed Ali’s son was Nasir, who was with my family in this Southwestern state of India. Kerala is also married to a Hyderabadi girl, Rukhia. He grew up in the truly heaven on earth. It is a land of natural beauty, full of green- Crawford Market area in Mumbai, and then later in Ghatkopar. ery, flowing rivers, sea-coasts, GuruVayur and Ayappa temples, He then moved to Dubai. It was in Dubai that he was brain- athletic people, abundance of herbs and spices and of course, washed, indoctrinated and then later trained by ISI agents. In great cuisine. While slowing drifting on the traditional house- Dubai, he met Sayed Mohammed Hanif, and Zahid Patni. All boat in the backwaters of Kumarakoram, I told myself, “God three planned the Mumbai bombings. Nasir was shot and killed has created such a beautiful world. Why would anyone want to in a police encounter on September 12th in Matunga, Mumbai destroy this great creation of God? The terrorists should spend after being watched and followed for some time. Loads of mate- just a few days in such beautiful surroundings, find holy com- rial used to make bombs was recovered in his car and home. munion with their Lord through Nature, and hopefully give up Patni was arrested in Dubai on September 16th, and waiting for terrorism for good.” I am too idealistic, of course. Soon, my extradition proceedings. Hanif was arrested with his wife lovely holiday was to end, and reality sank in quickly. Fahmida and daughter Farheen within a week of the blast. This family of three along with Hanif’s three-year-old daughter had On August 24th, we returned to Mumbai since the next night I had to catch my flight back to London. Like my every visit to hired the taxi that was blown up at the Gateway of India. They Mumbai, we planned to visit our favorite shopping and eating had hired the taxi, driven by Shiv Narayan Pande. By the grace destinations in and around the Taj Hotel area. For some reason, of Lord Shiva, Shiv Narayan also stepped out of the car after the I asked my daughter to stay with her Grandma that day. We family stepped out to have lunch. Shiv Narayan was able to keep soon caught a cab; the 20-year old yellow and black Fiat cab the police enough details to help them with the intense search. which is a hallmark of Mumbai. We stopped by at Siddhi Incidentally, the same group was responsible for the earlier Vinayaka Mandir, and after a quick darshan, continued towards bomb attack on July 28, 2003 in a public bus, which originated Taj. We had planned to be there at about 1 pm. At about 12.45 in Andheri East. Can you imagine two women took part in pm, we decided to stop by at a store just a few hundred yards these deadly attacks? And they even had a three-year old child away from the Gateway Of India to see some Hanuman antiq- participate in their evil designs. uities. The shop-owner was to leave at 1.30pm, so we planned to go to the Taj right after the antique store. At about 1 pm, as we Mumbai responded very admirably after the bomb attacks. were getting off the cab, we heard a huge explosion. I saw birds Neither was there a Bandh nor were there any riots. There were flittering around the Taj hotel, and wondered if it was a bomb. only peaceful demonstrations by people of all religions. In fact, Soon, we saw police cars and ambulances passing by. Yes, it was the dead included people of all religions. The terrorists were a powerful bomb. Yes, it went off right in front of the Taj. Soon totally unsuccessful in its attempt to disrupt Mumbai or the rest I realized, that we were just 2 minutes away from the bomb, and of India. would have been in the middle of it if… These are times when you realize that your Guru’s blessings are with you, and that the An Email is going through all Mumbaikars in the weeks since Supreme Energy, I call Sri Hanuman was protecting us. Sri August 25th, which summarizes Mumbai’s response very well. Siddhi Vinayaka’s blessings, and the Hanuman antiquities, and a It is a strong message from the residents of Mumbai to the combination of circumstances prevented us from reaching Taj terrorists. that fateful day. Soon, there were rumors of five other bombs. It was confirmed on the Internet. We managed to make only “You only tried to add to our woes but every time you one phone call – back to our home, that we were safe. All the were disgustingly unsuccessful. Do you know how we pass family members pleaded us to return immediately so that we do our life in Mumbai? How much it takes for us to earn that not get caught up in expected riots. I really wanted to continue doing what we had planned to do – but after a couple of hours, single rupee? If you wanted to give us a shock then we are we caught a cab and returned. On the way, we passed by Zaveri sorry to say that you failed miserably in your ulterior Bazaar where we saw a lot of police activity. That was the sight motives. Better look elsewhere, not here. We are not of the second bomb. Luckily, there were only two, and the Hindus and Muslims or Gujaratis and Marathis and rumors of 5 bombs were false. Luckily, there were no riots. Punjabis and Bhaiyas or we are not seth or nauker or govt. employees or private employees or corrupt politicians and At home, we confirmed on television that over 50 people had blind followers but WE ARE MUMBAIKERS. died in the twin bomb-blasts. The bombs were left in the black and yellow Fiat cabs! I left earlier than usual for the airport, We will not allow you to disrupt our life like this. Last time where there was tremendous security. On the flight, my when you struck, we went to work next day in full thoughts went back to Kerala, and wondered again, why would strength, this time we cleared everything within two hours anyone want to kill innocent people. After returning home, I and were back to normal fighting our daily woes. Next called Guru Maa and told Her about our experience – and how time, if you dare to, it shall be within minutes we will be Her blessings and Baba had prevented us from being at Taj – back. If you think we will fight and riot amongst ourselves and we were merely a few hundred yards away, a mere 2 min- because of you then you are totally mistaken. We are utes away!!! Mumbaikars and we live like brothers in times like this. So, please do not dare to threaten us with your crackers. I continued to follow the news, and it was like a Bollywood movie story. In fact, the story began in North Yemen, which The spirit of Mumbai is very strong and cannot be harmed! This was the home country for Syed Ali Yamani, who moved and set- is the only fitting reply to the terrorists. Do not let them divide tled down in Mumbai years ago. He was married to a The Journal of Vedic Heritage 3
  2. 2. Declaration of Trustees, Directors, & Members F OUNDER -P RESIDENT H. H. Sri Sri Guru Maa J. Saraswati BENEFACTOR MEMBERS Late Mr. Ranchod Patel Dr. S. K. Garga Mr. Ramesh Shah Mr. Mukesh Mevawala ($2,100 OR MORE) Mr. Vinod Patel Mrs. Bansuri Ghosh Dr. Shashi Shah Mr. Shantilal Naik T HE I NTERNATIONAL A DVISORY B OARD Air India Mr. Kishan Paul Mr. Arun Ghosh Dr. Suresh Shah Mrs. Tej Narain Padma Vibhusan Pandit Jasraj Mrs. Krishna Paul Mr. Kanak Golia Mr. Mrinal K. Neogi Shankarlal Agrawal Mr. Shankarlal Agrawal (India) Mr. Amba Sharma Sarla Devi Birla Dr. Renu Aggarwal Mr. Ajay Prakash Dr. K. K. Goyal Dr. V. S. Sharma Mr. Gandharva Pragya Mitra Bhangdia, M.D. Mrs. Toshi Puri Mr. Q. R. Goyal Mr. Rajiv Sharma Padmanabhan H. R. Jhunjhunwala, M.D. Mrs. Anu Bakshi Nayan Mitra Kisnadwala Dr. Sanjay Bakshi Mr. Allen Ramlal Dr. Kanwal K. Gupta Mrs. Renu Sharma Mr. Ashok C. Patel D. Y. Patil, Ph.D. Dr. P. M. Bhangdia Mr. Ashok Sancheti Mrs. Sushma S. Gupta Mr. P. Shivdasani Mr. Atul Patel Mangal Thakker, M.D. Mrs. Annapurna Bhangdia Mr. S. K. Sarda Mr. Jagdish Handa Mrs. Beena Singh Mrs. Dakshaben Patel B OARD OF T RUSTEES 2003-2004 (USA) Mr. Shelly Bhoomitra Dr. Rina Sarkar Mr. Hari Harileela Dr. Gyan Mitra Singh Ms. Gita Patel EXECUTIVE TRUSTEE Mr. Satish Sehgal Mrs. Sita Hass Mr. Hasmukh Patel Motibhai Patel Mr. Basant Kumar Devi Birla Dr. Harnath Singh CO-EXECUTIVE TRUSTEE (India) Mrs. Seema Sehgal Hindustan Granite Ms. Charul Singla Mr. Indravadan Patel Pragya Mitra Bhangdia, M.D. Mrs. Poonam Sethi Mrs. Shasta Humayun Mr. D. K. Sinha Mrs. Induben Patel GENERAL SECRETARY Mrs. Rajashree Birla (India) Nayan Mitra Kisnadwala Mrs. Sarla Birla (India) Mr. N. K. Sethia Sunrise International Mrs. Kiran Singhi Mr. Kalpesh Patel SECRETARY Dr. Somya M. Chhabra Mr. Rajendra Sethia K. T. S. International Smith Barney Shearson Mr. Kamlesh Patel Vishnubhai Patel TREASURER Ms. Mittal Charities (India) Mr. Ranjit Sethia Mr. Amar Jain Mr. Jagmohan Suri Mr. Rohit Patel Kusum Gupta Mr. Narendra Dadarwala Late Mrs. Ratan Devi Sethia Mr. Raj Jain Mr. R. Tarun Mrs. Shardaben S. Patel TRUSTEES Mr. Upinder K. Sharma Mr. Virendra Jain Mr. G. Radmanabhan Chaman Gupta Mrs. Dadarwala Mrs. Renu Vakharia Seema Sehgal Mr. Madan Dalmia (India) Late Dr. S. C. Shukla Mr. Dilip Jalan Mr. Rakesh Vashisht Raj Auto Center Annapurna Bhangdia Ms. Salini H. Singh Mr. Dinesh Jaiswal Mr. Kamal Verma Mr. Bhoja Ram G. S. Gill, M.D. Mr. Jamna Datwani Sanghpriya Thakker, M.D. Ms. Jayshree Dave Mr. O. P. Singhal Mr. Yatin Kacchy Mr. Vijay Verma Mrs. Rajlaxmi Ramaswamy Mangal Thakker, M.D. Dr. Minakshi Dayal Mrs. Shanti Singhal Mrs. Harish C. Kakker Mr. Sunil Vipla Ms. Vibha Rege Renu Jain Mr. Ujjwal Dixit Mr. Ram Singala Dr. Madhumati Kalavar Mrs. Surekha Waland Mr. Nand K. Relen B OARD OF D IRECTORS 2003-2004 (USA) Dr. N. K. Garga Mr. Ravinder Singh Mrs. Kanta Karnani Mr. Khushal Waland Mr. Mahesh Sabnani MAILING ADMINISTRATOR Mr. Naresh Sabnani Vijay Singh Dr. G. S. Gill Mr. Surendra Singla Mr. Satish C. Khaneja Dr. Ram P. Wadhwa CULTURAL ADMINISTRATOR Mr. Ajay Gupta (India) Mr. P. K. Sinha Mrs. Kamal Raj Kharbanda Dr. Veena Wadhwa Mrs. Poonam Sabnani Rachana Sarang Mr. Girish Soni Mrs. Indu Khiwasra Mr. Walter Wroblewski Mrs. Sarda Saraswat CULTURAL COORDINATOR Mr. C. L. Gupta Renu Jain Mrs. Kusum Gupta State Bank of India Mr. Victor Khubani Dr. Ranvir Yadav Mr. Surendra Saraswat TEMPLE COORDINATORS Mrs. Madhu V. Gupta Mr. Devendra K. Surana Mr. Vipin Khullar Mr. Ramesh Shah Shantaben Patel Manju Patel Mrs. Nutan Ajit Gupta Mr. K. C. Surana Dr. Kumudini Kothari ANNUAL MEMBERS Mrs. Veena A. Shah Shilpa Seth Dr. Swaran Gupta Mrs. Lalita Surana Dr. M. Lodhaya ($51 OR MORE) Mrs. Meera Shaw Falguni Patel SOUND & VIDEO ADMINISTRATOR Mrs. Padma Harileela Late Dr. B. K. Swain Mr. Narendra Lakhani Dr. Ashok Agarwal Mrs. Roshni Sharma Tinu Patel Late M. Hiranand Mr. Babu Bhai Thakker Mr. Prabal Lunavat Mr. Pradeep Agarwal Mrs. Satyawati Sharma SOUND & VIDEO COORDINATOR Dr. Mangal Thakker Mr. Gulbir Madan Mrs. Manorma Singh Anil Jain Mr. Anil Jain Mr. B. D. Aggarwal HINDI CLASS COORDINATORS Mrs. Renu Jain Dr. Sangha Priya Thakker Mr. Naresh Mahtani Mrs. Rajni Ahuja Mrs. Rama K. Singh Sadhana Uppal Dr. Saraswani Jayaram Mr. Talreja Mr. Ashok Malhotra Mr. Mahendra Amin Mrs. Rina Singh DANCE CLASS COORDINATOR Rachana Sarang Dr. H. R. Jhunjhunwala (India) Dr. Jagdish Thakkur Mr. Romal Malkan Mr. Arun Bahl Mrs. Sunita Singh MATH CLASS COORDINATOR Mr. B. L. Joshi Mr. Prabhat Tibrewala Dr. Arun K. Mangala Mrs. Veena Bahl Mr. Vijay Singh Megha Sharma YOGA CLASS COORDINATOR Mr. Amrish Kacchy Mr. Rajendra Tibrewal Mr. T. D. Manglani Mr. K. M. Baid Dr. P. Suppiah Renu Vakharia Mr. Narendra Kapoor Moon Lite Mrs. K. Mehrotra Mr. Parag Bajaj Mr. Amit Trivedi LEGAL ADVISOR Mr. Moti Tekchndani Ms. Mrudula Mehta Mr. Surinder Tuli Shyamala Rajender, Esq. Mrs. Mani Kapoor Mr. Dinesh Bakshi TEMPLE PRIEST Dr. Pradeep Khanijou Dr. B. S. Vohra Mr. Nilesh Mehta Mrs. Alice Bell Mr. Sidharaj Umarani Pandit Amool Misra Mr. Paul Mehta Mr. Narasavva Umarani VOLUNTEERS Mr. Vijay Khanna Dr Alok Bhargava Rameshbhai Patel Ms. Karnika Kisnadwala LIFE MEMBERS Ma Yoga Shakti Mission Mr. Shreerang Bhatt Mrs. Elisa Upadhyaya Megha Sharma Mrs. Karen C. Kohli ($1,000 OR MORE) Mr. Harmesh Asha Mittal Mr. Vaman Bhatt Mr. Sunil Uppal Sunita Jain Dr. Chandar M. Kohli Dr. K. K. Aggarwal Mr. Shashi Kant Nagle Mrs. Swati Bhavsar Mr. Ravi Vardhan BOARD OF TRUSTEES 2003-2004 (INDIA) Mr. H. Kotawala Dr. Arun Aggarwal Mr. Azad Nandal Mr. Balkrishan B. Chabra Mrs. Asha Verma EXECUTIVE TRUSTEE Mr. B. B. Nanda Mr. Naresh Verma H.R. Jhunjhunwala, M.D. Dr. Manju Kumar Mr. Ashok Aggarwal Mr. Sanjay Chhabra CO-EXECUTIVE TRUSTEE Dr. Ravi I. Kumar Mrs. Meera Aggarwal Mr. Ajay Parghi Mrs. Manjula Chhabra Mr. C. M. Vikram Shankarlal Agrawal Mr. Shashi Aggarwal Mr. Gaurang Parikh Mr. Harish Chugani Mr. Sanjay Wadhwa GENERAL SECRETARY Mr. Neena Khosla Mr. Baijnath Agiwal Mr. Sundeep Parikh Ms. Tejal Desai Mrs. Surekha Waland Nayan Mitra Kisnadwala Mr. Nayan M. Kisnadwala SECRETARY Mrs. Neera Bahl Dr. A. G. Patel Mr. Man M. Dhawan Hari Prasad Khandelwal Mrs. Sonal Kisnadwala Mrs. Mokshapriya Bakshi Mr. Baldev Patel Mrs. Vina Dua MONTHLY CONTRIBUTORS TREASURER Ms. Kalindi Lunavat P. L. Bhandari Mr. Vidya Bakshi Mrs. Falguni Patel Mrs. Bina Dwivedi Mrs. Rajni Ahuja TRUSTEES Mr. Prajyot K. Lunavat Mrs. Manju Barot Mr. Motibhai Patel Mrs. Sunita Gandhi Asprey Shankarlal Mittal Mst. Pranay Lunavat Sanjay Khemka Ms. Cindy Begel Patel Brothers Mrs. Gail Goldstein Dr. P. M. Bhangdia Mrs. Sangeeta Lunavat CONSTRUCTION ADVISORY COMMITTEE Mr. Arun Bhansali Dr. Natu Patel Mr. Mike Gupta Mr. Kumar Dennis CHIEF Shankarlal Mittal Mrs. Nilima Madan H.M.S. COORDINATOR Sobha Bhopatkar Mr. Arun Bhatia Mr. Shailesh Patel Mrs. Dipti Gupta Mr. Prem Mahtani Mr. Suraj Grover COORDINATOR Shivkumar Poddar Mrs. Geeta Bhavsar Mr. Sanjay Patel Mr. Hukum V. Gupta CULTURAL COMMITTEE Mrs. Jaya Mahtani Dr. Shashi Patel Mr. Anupam Jain Sunita Budhiraj Late Radhika Mahtani Mrs. Priyambada Devi Birla Mrs. Sarla Gupta Jyoti Khemka Mrs. Jamila Khalid Butt Dr. Surendra Patel Mrs. Veena Gupta Mr. Y. N. Kachhy Kashi Devi Khadelwal Mrs. Neetu Malhotra Mr. Tinu Patel Mr. Mahesh K. Narang LEGAL ADVISOR Mangharam Trust Dr. Harbans Chhabra Mr. Vijay Gupta S. C. Nanda, Esq. Dr. Surendra Chhabra Mr. Viraj J. Patel Mr. Bhagwati P. Gupta Mr. K. S. Pandya LOCAL ARCHITECT Mr. Mukesh Malkan Mr. Vishnubhai Patel Mr. Allen Ramlall Sunil Vighney Mrs. Kashmira Malkan Dr. Vijay Chhabra Mr. Shital & Nirmal Jain MANAGER Mrs. Mona Chodha Dr. Iswar Dutt Pillalamarri Mrs. Sunita Jain Mr. D. K. Surana Pawan Srivastava Marriott Manhattan Dr. Daluvoy Rao Mrs. Shushila Mehta Mr. Kewal Chopra Mr. Krishna K. Jajoo A CHARYA V ISWANATH D EV S ARMA Late Mrs. Radha Chugani Mrs. Pratimaben Raval Mr. Yatin Kachhy MONTHLY FOR A RT F OUNDATION Mr. Chander Madan Dr. F. A. Ramlall INDIAN PROJECT CHAIRPERSON Mrs. Meena Dadha Mr. B. K. Kakar H. H. Sri Sri Guru Maa J. Saraswati Mr. B. D. Mehra Bina Sabapathy Dr. P. M. Bhangdia Mr. Kishan Datwani Mrs. Madhumati Kalavar HEAD OF PANEL OF JUDGES Mr. K. K. Mehta Mrs. Poonam Sabnani Mrs. Annapurna Bhangdia Padma Vibhusan Pandit Jasraj Dr. Umeshwar Dayal Mr. Bhimsen Kaliandasani TRUSTEES Mr. Achoy Methew Mrs. Anantpriya Sachdeva Dr. G. S. Gill H. R. Jhunjhunwala, M.D. Dr. N. K. Mittal Mrs. Kalpna Dayal Mr. Arun Kandasamy Mr. Vishnu Dayal Mr. Rajan Sachdeva Mrs. Sangeeta Lunavat Shushil Kumar Agrawal Mrs. C. K. Mutha Mr. Urmil R. Kapoor Meena Dadha Dr. Bhadresh Desai Mr. Raman Sachdeva Mr. Motibhai Patel Nayan Mitra Kisnadwala Mrs. Maruti Mintz Mr. Babu Karamchandani Mrs. Paru Desai Mr. Sushil Sachdeva Dr. Mangal Thakker S. C. Nanda Mrs. Pramila Mitra Mr. Jagdish Kasat Sunita Budhiraja Mrs. Lovleen Dhawan Sam & Raj Appliances Dr. Sanghapriya Thakker CULTURAL CO-ORDINATOR Messrs. Oriental Paradize Mrs. Kavita Khatwani Rajendra Jain Mrs. Maya Dipchand Mr. Ashok Sandrangani Mr. Kamal Khindri Dr. Narendra Punjabi Come forward Madhurita Sarang Mrs. Veena Dua Dr. Deepak Sankholkar Mr. Anil Kumar Mrs. Asha J. Patel PUBLISHER Mr. Harshadbhai Patel Oaktree Village Mrs. Rachna Sarang Mr. Ajit Kumta with your monthly Vedic Heritage, Inc. (NY) Mr. Hasmukhbhai Patel Mr. Bimal Dua Late Mr. Suresh Seth Mrs. Asha Kumtha contribution in EDITOR Nayan Mitra Kisnadwala Mr. Mahendra Patel Mr. S. P. Duggal Mrs. Amrut Sethi Mr. Karan Malhotra New York or India. DESIGN & PUBLISHING MANAGEMENT Mr. Sitaram Bhai Patel Mr. Guru Dutt Mr. Anil Kumar Shah Mr. Vinod K. Malhotra Boccio Design Group, Ltd. Dr. S. C. Dwivedi Mr. Harshad Shah PRINTER Mr. Bharatbhai Patel Mrs. Suman Marwah Amax Printing Mr. Jitubhai Patel Mr. D. K. Gadhia Dr. Ila H. Shah Mr. Sudesh Mehta Did we spell your name incorrectly? We care! Send us an e-mail by visiting our contact page at The Journal of Vedic Heritage 4
  3. 3. Executive Trustee’s Report for 2003 A u t h o r P r a g y a m i t r a B h a n g d i a , M . D . , E x e c u t i v e Tr u s t e e efforts of Renu Jain and Rachana Sarang. They attracted good I t is my pleasure to report the account of all talent. The youngsters performed very well. This function gives the activities of last year. opportunities and encouragement to young and budding All the Credit goes to the artists. Sangeet Samrat Pandit Jasraj, who was the Chief Guest volunteers and the of the program, commented that this program started looking trustees to make sure that like our Dipavali program. The judges were: Mrs. Satya all the events this year Pradeep, Mrs. Marina Alam and Mr. Suman Ghosh. Book cer- were smooth and timely. tificates donated by Renu Jain were given to all the winners. Of course, without the guidance of H.H. Guru Hanuman Jayanti was celebrated on April 15th and 16th. Maa and the blessings of Gurmaa had returned back to the United States only two days Baba, we could not have previous. This is one of the main events at our Asharam. After done anything. the program of Bhajans, many devotees stayed overnight to chant Hanuman Chalisa one-hundred and eight times. There Last year, the Dipawali was a special session of questions and answers, and this time program was held on TV cameras and reporters were there. Afterwards, Baba’s November 1st and 2nd. It was held at Pandit Jasraj Auditorium birthday was celebrated, and Guru Maa and other devotees at Vedic Heritage, Inc. Sunita Budhiraja was the Master of who were fasting, broke their fast. Mahabhog was on the fol- Ceremony and the audience loved her. Of course, they enjoyed lowing Saturday. Mukesh Malkan and Sushil Khanna spon- the performances by the invited artists very much. Apart from sored Mahabhog. That day, famous singer Meenu Purshottam world-renowned artists like Padma Vibhushan, Sangeet sang old bhajans and everybody appreciated those bhajans. Martandya Pandit Jasraj, Maestro Pandit Budhaditya Mukherjee and Padma Vibhushan Sonal Mansingh, and Mrs. Twenty-one days Akahand Ram Charitra Manas Path and Veena Sahasrabuddhe, we had six young artists, who were selected at Acharya Viswanath Dev Sarma Art Foundation Installation of lotus and Nav Graha Pran Pratistha was the competition held in India on December 21st, 2001, for the final next function. As last year all the paths were booked well in competition in New York. They were Indrayani Mukherjee advance. Many days more than one family had to share the and Dipti Shah, who performed Kathak dance, Pushkar Lele paths, as there were not enough days. The lotus, made of solid and Amrita Kale giving Vocal recitals. Krishna Murthy marble, came from India. It took longer to get it out of cus- Srinivasan played Flute, and Aditya Kalyanpur gave a solo per- toms, so, we had very little time to install in completely. The formance on Tabla. Later on, the winners of this competition person from India who was to install it, did not get a visa and performed at the Holi celebration in India, at the Kumar could not come. In the remaining short period of time, our Resort. There they received award money by the hands of Dr. own contractor, Walter, installed it sufficiently enough for us D.Y. Patil. to perform Pran Pratistha of Nav Graha. All nine grahs and five out of nine petals of the lotus were sponsored by the devo- As usual, Pandit Jasraj mesmerized the audience with his melo- tees. Pandit Ramesh Shastri arrived from India for this cere- dious voice. After Jasrajji came the sitar played by Pandit mony. Forty-six people participated in Maha Aarti. This year, Budhaditya Mukherjee. It was as if the sitar itself was singing. Ramayan path went very smoothly. It started on time each The audience was overwhelmed by his performance. Then day. The last day started with Nava Grah Shobha Yatra, Nava came the six young artists one after the other giving their per- Grah Pran Pratistha, followed by 108 times Hanuman Chalisa formances. They performed so well, that, not only the audience recital, final Aarti of Ram Charitra Manas path, and was kept captive but also the judges had a very hard time judg- Sunderkand Havan. Everything went smoothly and on time. ing the awards in the first and second place categories. Then Many people commented that they have never before seen came Padma Bhushan Sonal Mansing. After the first couple of such a well organized function in their life. performances, she performed a dance on the Hanumanasthak Strotra that moved the audience and brought tears to the eyes This year, each evening during Ram Charitra Manas Path, of all. The next day, apart from Pandit Jasraj and six young H.H. Guru Maa gave discourses on Hanuman in Vedas from artists, Ms. Veena Sharabuddhe gave a vocal recital, which was Hanumat Puran She had written. Renu Jain recited the slokas appreciated very much. His Excellency Mr. Lalit Mansing, the (verses) in Sanskrit, accompanied by Naresh Verma on Tabla. Indian Ambassador to the United States, Mr. Roth, Counsel The response to this was very positive. This attracted a grow- General of India, and Mayor of Hempstead, Mr. James Garner, ing audience each day. We never had such a large crowd. This were presented to grace the occasion. Every year, Vedic year, many people came from as far as: Texas, California, Heritage, Inc. (VHI), presents two awards – one is NIrmal Michigan, Indiana, India, and England. Unfortunately, we did Seva Purskar (Pure Service Award), and the other is Uttam not have enough rooms to accommodate all, and we had to Seva Puraskar (Best Service Award). This year, they were book a few rooms in the hotel. awarded to Renu Jain and Kusum Gupta, respectively. The Dipawali celebration will take place on October 31st and After that, H.H. Guru Maa left for India. There, She began November 1st. This year’s artists are: Padma Vibhushan work on Nav Graha Gardens. When I went to visit, there were Sangeet Martand Pandit Jasraj (Vocal), Padma Bhushan about fifty workers tending to the gardens. Most of the fruit Prabha Atre (Vocal), Grammy award winner Vikku Vinayak trees were planted. Dr. Jhunjhunwala was able to get permis- (Ghatam), South Indian film start Shobana (Bharat Natyam), sion from the forest department for the road to Lohgarh and permission to lift water from the Pawna water reservoir. While Vijay Ghate (Tabla) and six young artists. They are: Shakir in India, Guru Maa chaired the competition of Acharya Khan (Sitar), Bijoyaditya Mukherjee (Sitar) and Gayatri Gudi Viswanath Dev Sarma Art Foundation, where six young artists (Vocal), Ashvini Vyaghiambare (Sitar) and Sulakshana were selected. They were chosen to perform at the Dipavali cel- Jayaram (Bharat Natyam). I understand that these young ebration of 2003. Our base Ashram has been moved to VHI artists are almost as good as professionals. owned property now. I cannot thank enough our trustees, directors, volunteers and As usual, we missed Guru Maa for our Holi function in New devotees. Of course, without Baba’s blessing and Guru Maa’s York. This function could not have been successful without the The Journal of Vedic Heritage 5
  4. 4. Upcoming Events 2004 MAHA SHIV RATRI AKHAND RAM CHARITRA MANAS PATH Thursday, February 19th, 2004 Starts Saturday, July 10th until Saturday, July 31st 2004 Puja will perform at 8:30pm 504 hours continuous path. Everyday starts at 6:00pm 6:00pm Puja by sponsor of the day 7:00pm Pravachan until 9:00pm followed by Bhog (dinner) HOLI (Everyday: 9:00am breakfast, 1:00pm lunch, Saturday, March 6th, 2004 5:00pm afternoon tea and 9:00pm dinner) 6:00pm Regular Hanuman Puja and Gulal with Baba RAKSHA BANDHAN 6:30pm Thandai (without Bhaang) Sunday, August 29th, 2004 7:00pm Cultural program will start in Pdt. Jasraj Auditorium 9:30pm Aarti followed by Mahabhog 11:00pm In backyard, Holika Dhan will take place KARWA CHAWTH followed by Gulal play Sunday, August 29th, 2004 4:00pm until 6:00pm HANUMAN JAYANTI Starts on Sunday, April 4th until Tuesday, April 6th, 2004 GARBA On 4th at Saturday, October 16th, 2004 8:00pm Bhajans 8:00pm until 12 midnight Dandiya 12:00am 108 Hanuman Chalisa will start On 5th at DIPAWALI CELEBRATION 4:30am 1/2 hour break Friday 5th, Saturday 6th, and Sunday 7th, November, 2004 5:00am Puja and birth celebration will start Celebration of 25th Anniversary of Vedic Heritage 6:15am Sunderkand Hawan For updated information on event, please see page 50 & 51 7:30am Mahaprasad or visit: On 6th at 7:30pm Regular Puja followed by Mahabhog (dinner) MAHALAKSHMI PUJA Friday, November 12th, 2004 GURU PURNIMA 8:00pm Chopda pujan with Lakshmi puja Aarambha Thursday, July 1st, 2004 9:30pm Mahabhog 7:00pm Cultural program commences (Whoever wishes to sit in the puja must arrive 10 minutes in 8:30pm Bhakta’s views advance. Please remember to bring your ledger book (a piece of 9:00pm H.H. Sri Sri Guru Maa’s Ashirvachan paper will not be suitable), pen, gold and silver for puja 9:15pm Aarti followed by Mahabhog (you will keep all of these). For further details call: 516.539.9055 or visit us at: and click on the calendar button The Journal of Vedic Heritage 6
  5. 5. General Secretary's Report for 2002-2003 Author Nyanmitra Kisnadwala, General Secretary I t continues to be my dis- now even begun to celebrate many of the festivals in our Lonavala tinct pleasure and honour Ashram too. The most satisfying thing is that we attract more and to be writing this report more congregants at the festivals, and now have to open up Pandit on behalf of the on-site Jasraj Auditorium regularly to feed the hundreds of devotees. General Secretary's in India and US. I could do this Educational Activities only with the blessings of Guru Maa not only educates hundreds through Her Pravachans, Guru Maa, and Baba. but we have regular classes offering the second generation a chance to learn Hindi, Indian classical Music and Dance, Yoga, Growth Activities Mantras etc. This is the only way we will keep alive the ancient With the vision and direc- Vedas for the next generation of youngsters. The Annual Holi tion of Guru Maa, and the Competition has now become a showcase for the talent of these blessings of Baba, we con- youngsters in the traditional Indian music and art forms. tinue to make good progress on all fronts. In our US Thanks Ashram, we have just completed the installation of the Nav Graha We cannot thank enough the contributors, advertisers and volun- murtis on a grand Lotus made of marble by experts in India. The teers (listed elsewhere in this journal). VHI is a non-profit organ- Murti-Sthapna ceremony was successfully completed in August at ization, and can only have limited staff of 4 or 5 full-time people. the end of the Akhand Ramayana program. We have completely The selfless activities of the volunteers bring the most amazing renovated the Samoohik Kitchen. And, by year-end we should positive spirit at the Ashram; and no activity is too small or too big install Air conditioning system for the Pandit Jasraj Auditorium. for this dedicated cadre. The trustees and directors lead a very busy life, and even for them to balance their work, family and ded- In the meantime in India, our Ahsram has moved to its own loca- icate time for the VHI activities is very commendable. tion in Lonavala, instead of wasting money on a rental property. The work for the Ashram also continues with the garden work Silver Jubilee Celebrations being in progress, Nav Graha, and the government permits being Next year we will be celebrating the silver jubilee of the organiza- obtained for the remaining stretch of road. We will be able to grow tion. It will be a time to celebrate our achievements, and a time to faster now. thank the hundreds of trustees, contributors and volunteers who have stood beside VHI through its ups and downs. We will begin Cultural Activities announcing our celebration programs from this journal only, and VHI continues to promote the development of classical Indian art I look forward to the events. I have myself been attached to VHI and dance through AVIDES Art Foundation. The competition in for over 14 years and how has time flown by. I still remember the India continues to attract good talent from all parts of India, and days when slowly but surely all the different parts of the old YMCA building were renovated to its current form. Now, less the good name of the foundation is spreading. Once again, we have than 10% remains to be renovated. selected some great upcoming stars for our annual competition in November. We are planning to extend this to the world of Art and Crafts too in the near future. Much more remaining to be done????.. Yes, much more remains to be done. We can look back and be proud of our achievements, but we have a large part of VHI's mis- Pravachans, Writings and Healing activities sion and Guru Maa's vision which remains to be fulfilled. We need Guru Maa continues to attract more and more congregants in more funds, we need more volunteers and we need more leaders to more and more locations, and not only publicize Sri Hanumat help us get there. A few examples: complete the building of the Purana, which She has recently completed, but also on the art of NY Ashram (join Sri Hanuman Mandir with Shiv Shakti Mandir, living and self-improvement. She is spreading the message of love, install Kali Mataji's Murti and renovate the remaining part of the faith and purity. Her religion is that of humanity. This is in sharp basement and back stairs area) contrast to the messages from many extremists of all religions who - begin the construction of the Ashram in Lonavala, India. are spreading nothing but hatred in this world. This alone will require hundreds of crores in funds - start all the social welfare schemes (free health clinics, Vedic Heritage Inc. is also now upgrading the website so that it home for destitute women, orphanage etc.) becomes a great and reliable source of all the writings of Guru Maa, - publish the Hanumat Purana, and then translate in all and all the rituals, mantras relating to Sri Hanuman. Indian languages and English - write and publish the teachings of Guru Maa Guru Maa continues to heal hundreds of believers wherever She - become the primary source of all research and knowl- goes. Her Healing and spiritual consultations after the Tuesday edge about everything related to Sri Hanuman includ- and Saturday Aarti continues to attract devotees from all over and ing a grand hard-copy library and on-line, web-based all faiths. Miracles keeping on happening for the devotees who research tool come with great faith. - create a museum of Sri Hanuman Art and Craft Religious Festivals These are just few of the many dreams Guru Maa has for the future As you will see from Dr. Bhangdia's report, we continue to cele- of Vedic Heritage Inc. We have come a long way, but much The Journal of Vedic Heritage 7
  6. 6. Lord Sri Author need text ANTON: THIS PAGE TO COME The Journal of Vedic Heritage 8
  7. 7. Hanuman Don Juan LORD SRIT HANUMAN CONTINUED ANTON: THIS PAGE TO COME The Journal of Vedic Heritage 9
  8. 8. THE TRAVEL ITINERARY FOR INDIA AND USA VEDIC HERITAGE MEMBERSHIP FORM H.H. Sri Sri Guru Maa’s Trip MEMBERSHIP: Please check any pledges that are applicable November 2001 - June 2002 u Benefactor member (US $2,100 or more) - (Indian RS.51,000 or more) Dear Divine Souls, Jai Sri Hanuman u Life member (US $1,001 or more) - (Indian RS.31,000 or more) I have the distinct pleasure and privilege of announcing Her Holiness Sri Sri Guru Maa Jyotishanand Saraswati’s trip u Annual member (US $51 or more) - (Indian RS.1,100 across Asia and the United States. or more) For those of you requesting the presence of Her Holiness u Monthly member (US $11 or more) - (Indian RS.101 in your area, I suggest that you contact either of the perti- or more) nent address below: Vedic Heritage u Journal subscription (US $15 per year) - (Indian RS.251) Sri Pawan Srivastawa Ravi Pangorli Estate #1 Name_______________________________________ Ravi Pangorli Rd. - Lonavala Dist. Pune MS 410403 Address______________________________________ ph 91 2114 276789 cell 94 2232 328844 City______________________State_______Zip______ fax 91 2114 279191 Country______________________________________ Vedic Heritage, Inc. Home phone (____)_____________________________ Attn: Mrs. Kusum Gupta Work phone (____)______________________________ 111 Jerusalem Ave. Hempstead, NY 11550 Cellular (____)________________________________ ph 516 539 9055 / 516 367 4963 fax 516 483 1078 Email_______________________________________ email Website______________________________________ During Her stay in India, Guru Maa may spend most of Birthday_____________________________________ Her time at the above Ashram in Lonavala. PAYMENT METHOD: However, as is always the case, she will inevitably travel the Check enclosed in u US Dollars u Indian Rupees nation to meet Her awaiting Bhakta’s and Shishyas. I hope the following itinerary is informative. Credit Card (only for USA) u VISA u MasterCard u Discover Finally, I convey Guru Maa’s blessings to you and your loved ones. Card Number_________________Exp. Date__________ Cardholder’s Name (as it appears on card)__________________ May Baba bless you all. Address______________________________________ Kusum Gupta City/State____________________________________ Treasurer, V.H. New York _ Zip/Country___________________________________ THE ITINERARY FOR INDIA USA PATRONS PATRONS IN INDIA D AY D ATE D ESTINATION CONTACT PHONE Please return completed form Please return completed form Sunday November 9th, ‘03 Lonavala Vedic Heritage 021 1427 6789 along with check, or details of along with check or money Wednesday November 26th, ‘03 Chennai Meene Dadha 044 2431 5290 card, payable to: order payable to: Saturday November 29th, ‘03 Lakshadeep 942 232 8844 Vedic Heritage, Inc. Vedic Heritage 984 1093 555 Tuesday December 2nd, ‘03 Pandicharry Mukti 984 1093 555 Mail to: Vedic Heritage, Inc. Mail to: Friday December 5th, ‘03 Delhi Mokshpriya Bakshi 011 2691 8745 Friday December 12th, ‘03 Lonavala Vedic Heritage 02114 276789 111 Jerusalem Avenue Vedic Heritage Monday December 29th, ‘03 Banglore 942 232884 Hempstead, NY 11550 Ravi Pangorli Estate #1 Wednesday December 31st, ‘03 Hamppi-Kiskandha “ “ Ravi Pangorli Road Friday January 2nd, ‘04 Hydrabad “ “ Lonavala, Monday January 5th, ‘04 Lonavala Vedic Heritage 02114 276789 Dist. Pune MS 410403 Tuesday April 2nd, ‘04 New York Vedic Heritage 516 483 9500 email: 516 539 9055 The itinerary for USA is still not finalized. For that, please keep in touch with our updated journals. The Journal of Vedic Heritage 10
  9. 9. Book Review Reviewed by Amita Sarwal The very heart of Krishna’s ‘Song of the Lord’ is to see God in every The Bhagavad Gita being. This message is repeated in numerous verses, such as: Translated with a general introduction by Eknath Easwaran ©1985 by Nilgiri Press, The Blue Mountain Center of Mediation I am ever present to those who have realized me in every creature. Seeing all life as my manifestation, they are never separated from me. E knath Easwaran, founder of The Blue Mountain Center of They worship me in the hearts of all, and all their actions proceed from Meditation in Tomales, California, was a renowned spiritual teacher. me. Wherever they live, they abide in me. (6.30-31) During his lifetime he wrote a series of books including translations with general introductions of The Bhagavad Gita, The Upanishads and He alone sees truly who sees the Lord the same in every creature, who The Dharmapada. sees the deathless in the hearts of all that die. Seeing the same Lord everywhere, he does no harm to himself or others. Thus he attains the Having heard the recitations of the Bhagavad Gita (Sanskrit: ‘Song of the supreme goal. (13:27-28) Lord’) frequently, my previous attempts at reading the book failed due to the presence of the interspersing Sanskrit verses and their translations. These tended to break my chain of thought. Thus, for a beginner like me, Lord Krishna tells Arjuna that selfless action without motive or Easwaran’s version of one of the most influential and thought-provok- expectation purifies the mind and leads to self-realization. The ing Hindu scriptures seemed appropriate. same action done with a selfish motive entangles a person further: You have the right to work, but never to the fruit of work. You should Despite its intensity and wisdom, the author translates the Gita into never engage in action for the sake of reward, nor should you long for easy prose without losing its depth. Combined with his detailed intro- inaction. (2:47-48) duction, Easwaran’s version comes across as an inspirational guide to a philosophical text. It is a small but substantially thought-provoking rendering for anyone looking for an introduction to the Bhagavad Gita. Whatever you do make it an offering to me (9:27) The Bhagavad Gita, comprising almost 700 verses divided into 18 chap- Rebirth or samsara is introduced to us as wearing the body as a gar- ters, is the dialogue between Lord Krishna and Prince Arjuna, one of ment during our lives; and yoga is not referred to the yoga of physical the five Pandavas, from the epic Mahabharata. It is recited on the exercises and postures. Yoga is revealed as a form of disciplining the morning of the battle in Kurukshetra where Krishna, as Arjuna’s char- mind. ioteer, reveals the ‘war’ within each one of us and the self-mastery we must wage through spiritual means to understand our own nature. Krishna teaches Arjuna to attain liberation through union with God, These, in turn, are meant to enable us to take the right actions in life. through several available paths – of knowledge, devotion, action, and meditation – each becoming a seed for all the Hindu systems of phi- Easwaran maintains that the Gita was not an integral part of the losophy and religion that followed. Mahabharata – instead it was an Upanishad (the mystical and speculative scriptures of Hinduism composed in the beginning forming the final sec- tion of the Vedas). The Gita was supposedly inserted into the epic at the When a person responds to the joys and sorrows of others as if they appropriate place. The author bases his deduction on the fact that each were his own, he has attained the highest stare of spiritual union. (6:32) chapter of the Gita ends in an almost identical manner: “In the Bhagavad-Gita Upanishad, the text on the supreme science (brah- Fill your mind with me, focus every thought on me, think of me mavidya) of yoga, this is the chapter entitled ….” always …. Then you will be united with me. (9.34). In his translation, Easwaran says the Gita “distills the loftiest truths of So what does Arjuna finally do? He follows his dharma – as we all India’s ancient wisdom into simple, memorable poetry that haunts the must – which broadly means: justice, goodness, righteousness and mind and forms the affairs of everyday life.” The Gita’s universal appeal purpose, rather than chance. Dharma means the essential order of is attributed to it not merely representing a philosophy of life – but things, harmony in the universe and in life which cannot be disturbed offering something for every faithful devotee of God. Easwaran sums it without negative, chaotic results. This presents two ways of living, as a handbook for self-realization and a guide to action. shows their consequences, and then leaves the choice to us. And Lord Krishna says: A careful balance is maintained between “the introductions to each chapter and the text itself, [which is] the spirit of the Gita, into our That one I love who is incapable of ill will, who is friendly and com- society’s consciousness without compromising the spiritual depth.” passionate … who looks upon friend and foe with equal regard …. (12:13) When the Gita is recited, the stage is set for the biggest of all battles resulting from a culmination of decades of dissensions between the Easwaran was obviously a great admirer of one of the greatest propo- Pandavas and their cousins the hundred Kauravas. Yet, on the eve of nents of the Bhagavad Gita – Mahatma Gandhi. It is a well known fact the battle, Arjuna is tormented when he is faced with the dilemma of a that the Mahatma lived his life by the Gita. Gandhiji said that the vers- confrontation with members of his own family and former teachers. es at the end of Chapter 2 (2: 54-72) held the key to understanding the He is unwilling to kill them and asks his charioteer, Lord Krishna, what entire Gita. In these verses Arjuna is told about self-knowledge and he action he should take. Arjuna’s predicament is comparable to many of questions: “When a person attains this knowledge, how does it show? our real-life conflicts. How do people conduct themselves in everyday life?” Krishna replies that the surest sign is that they have banished selfish desires. Krishna persuades him to fight by teaching him spiritual wisdom and the means of uniting with God through selfless action, knowledge and As the recitation of the Gita concludes, the narration of the devotion. The Lord further counsels him on the levels of consciousness Mahabharata starts again depicting the war and its ensuing devastation. and reality; the framework of the phenomenal world; and advises Here Easwaran quotes Gandhiji’s answer to the justification of war by Arjuna to show compassion to friend and foe alike; to see himself in the Bhagavad Gita: “just base your life on the Gita sincerely and sys- every person, and to suffer others’ sorrows as his own. tematically and see if you find killing or even hurting others compatible with its teachingsa”. The Gita culminates in the mystical experience where Lord Krishna reveals himself to Arjuna as the transcendental Lord of life and death. When the discourse finishes, the battle starts with great losses to human The book, with its clear message, is relevant to everyday life: one’s life and with Arjuna’s side emerging victorious against the Kauravas. primary mission is to be true to one’s self, and to fulfill one’s duty as The Journal of Vedic Heritage 11 11
  10. 10. General Guidelines for Yogaabhyas Author Renu Vakharia 1. Place and surroundings: choose your place the emotional mental and physical level. which is quite, airy, and well lit Strengthens the legs and ankles and foot 2. Yoga does not need any equipment muscles. 3. Can be done daily in all seasons Asana #1: Eka Pada Asana or 4. Must be done preferably in the morning or Virkasana Technique: First stand in Tadasana, with evening or at any time on a light stomach feet together and arms at the side. Focus 5. Can be preferably performed four and a the gaze at a fixed point in front of the half hours after a heavy meal body at eye level. Bend the right knee, 6. Use minimum effort to attain and maintain grip the ankle and place the sole of the the postures foot on the inner side of the left thigh. Heels 7. Avoid a competitive spirit. Yoga can be should be close to the perineum and the right knee done by anybody who can breathe. should be pointed out to the side. 8. Perform all practices slowly and smoothly never do it forcefully and maintain the pose Hold the ankle until the body is balanced, extend both according to your ability. Slow and regular arms to the side and turn the palms upward and stretch practice can make you supple, happy, the palms overhead. Join the palms keeping the elbows healthy, and strong physically and mentally straight, extending the palms overhead, breathe evenly 9. Yoga practice is harmless when properly hold the arms and fingers vertically upward, stretching done the body upward. What are yoga asana and why practice them: Breathing: breathe normally throughout the practice. Today, yoga asanas are very popular. Asanas are the Practice unto three rounds on each leg, third and one of the most important limbs of yoga. The holding the pose up to 2 minutes each word ‘asana’ is usually translated as a pose or posture. time. Asana are not only for physical fitness but are a means to physical vitality. The yogic tradition is ancient time Asana #2: Uttitha Hasta honored and has had a lot of positive spiritual energy Padangusthasana invested into it, for over a millennium. So yoga works Technique: Stand with feet together and not only with the physical body but also increasingly relax the entire body. Focus the gaze at a with subtle bodies. Swami Sivananda explained yoga as fixed point at eye level. Bend the right an integration the harmony between thought word and knee bringing the thigh as close as possi- deed. Or the integration between head heart and hand. ble to the chest. Place the right arm around the outside of the bent leg and take a Asana help develop the interrelation between the emo- hold of the big toe. Straighten the right leg and slowly tional, mental and physical level. Through the practice pull it up close to the body and keep your left arm close of asana one can achieve the reunion of body and mind. along the left side of the body in a relaxed manner, There are many groups in asana, for example, standing, keeping the balance, and hold the position as long as sitting, sleeping, backward bending, and forward bend- possible. Bend the knee, relax the toe and lower the ing etc. foot to the floor. Repeat with the other leg, perform this asana 2-3 times on each leg. The different group’s impact different parts of the body and the mind, for instance, balancing asana develops the Uttitha Hasta Padangusthasana: (Variation cerebellum the brain center that controls how the body #2) works in motion. Balancing asana maybe difficult to Stand in Tadasana, with feet together, feeling the equal perform at first, but since the body is adaptable and weight on both feet, and relax your entire body. Keep progress will quickly be made with a few weeks of regu- the left foot firm, facing directly forward turn the right lar practice. leg out, placing the center on the back of heel on the ledge, in line with the right hip. Shift the body weight Benefits: These asana specially noted for balancing the on the right leg, stretch the left leg up, keeping it verti- nervous system remove stress and anxiety and balance cal, stretch the right knee and extend the back of the leg the body and the mind, it helps improve the concentra- toward the heel. Stretch the sole of the foot with the The Journal of Vedic Heritage 14
  11. 11. YOGA • P R A N A Y A M • MEDITATION Join Mind, Body and Spirit Find your Own True Nature, Inner Beauty and Joy Lead a more fulfilling life For the able and disabled at all levels For the Young and the Old Build up your Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Strength With Mediation and Exercise Increase Your Energy and Flexibility with every Breath You Take Reduce Everyday Stress Balance and Improve your Muscle Tone and Weight and Strengthen Your Body to Overcome Disease and Physical Study Yoga with Master Teacher Renu Vakharia a Vedic Heritage, Inc. t Vikram Hall 111 Jerusalem Avenue, Hempstead, NY 11550 Classes are held year-round and are open to all.* Sunday 10am to 11am Wednesday 6:30pm to 7:30pm *Private instruction is available by appointment “Mediation is not for one who eats too much, nor for For more information, call them who eats not at all; not 516 771 1423 / 516 868 6220 for one who is much addicted or check out our web site to sleep, nor for him who is The Journal of Vedic Heritage always awake.” ~ Bhagwat Gita 15
  12. 12. CHANDER M. KOHLI, M.D. Neurological Surgery “The wise who knows the Self as ROOP K. KOLLIPARA, M.D. bodiless within the bodies, as Allergy & Immunology unchanging among changing things, as great and omnipresent, JOEL D. SIEGAL, M.D. does never grieve. That Self cannot Neurological Surgery be gained by the Veda, nor by understanding, nor by much learn- Venkata S. K. Kollipara, M.D. ing. He whom the Self chooses him Vascular Surgery (his body) as his own. But he who has not first turned away from his wickedness, can never obtain the 295 N. Kerrwood Drive, Hermitage, PA 16148 Self (even by knowledge.)” 8790 E. Market Street, Warren, OH 44484 ~ Bhagwat Gita Katha Upanishad 1.2.22-24 1280 Boardman-Canfield Road, Boardman, OH 44512 MAIN OFFICE 540 Parmalee Avenue, Youngstown, OH 44510 330 747 6759 The Journal of Vedic Heritage 16
  13. 13. Northern Arizona N. Beaver Street 823 Kidney Care & Flagstaff, AZ 86001 Hypertension Center, P.C. phone 928 213 1447 pager 520 773 5676 Harnath Singh, M.D. Mrs. Beena Singh Ms. Shalini Singh “There are two ways of passing from this world - one in light and one in darkness. When one passes in light, he does not come back’ but when one passes in darkness, he returns.” ~ Bhagwat Gita The Journal of Vedic Heritage 17
  14. 14. GHANTA The sound of the ‘Ganta’ (bell) in a temple symbolizes creation The Significance Author H.H. Sri and indicates its mystic sound from (Mantra Suarupa). Its SANKHA sound strikes terror into the Conch: It was used from the earliest evil powers and welcomes the times as an ornament and later on positive powers to bestow as a liberation vessel. When the goodness, pleasure, prosperity point of the sea shell is cut off it and liberation. becomes the Shankha and serves as a war trumpet. Vishnu is said to have struck terror into His enemies by the sound of this Sankha, but to His devotees it gives assurance and liberation. GADA Krishna’s Pancajanya (Sankha) is It symbolizes the described as small, slender, black and power that ensures melodious, and with spirals turning to conformity to uni- the right. A white Sankha containing versal law and water and placed on a tripod is an inde- also represents pendent cult objects. Because of its the ‘Buddhi’ It resemblance to the yoni it is associated was also known with fertility. It symbolizes eternal space. as Kali (Shakti) the power of time that destroys all that opposes it. It represents PADMA light after destruction of Lotus symbolizes the beauty and ignorance. freshness of ever renewing creation. It also denotes the KALASA eternal Dharma. It signifies In the beginning, the universe was all water. perfection and purity (high The earth issued out of the primeval character). It is indicative of water. It holds ‘Amrita’ or the elixir of divinity. It is borne on long life. It symbolized the universe, in stalks high above the water, which the deities descend and arrange whilst the roots remain in the themselves. Also it represents the mud. It is a belief that on the eve womb, and hence are used to represent of creation, the lotus emerged from ‘divinity’. primeval waters; representing non- manifestation; its unfolding petals signifying the evolution of the uni- verse from the unmanifest. Thus, the lotus became the visible representa- tion of the womb of creation. TRISULA In Yoga, it denotes the three subtle arteries of the body, Ida, Pingala and Susumna, which ascend from VAJRA the base of the spinal cord to the It is indestructible. It cannot break or lotus of a thousand petals at the bend. It defies and drives away evil top of the skull. The trident is sprits. In tantarism it represents also the giver of punishment on the creative principle of the the spiritual, subtle and physical Linga. It has much the same planes. Great magical powers are significance as the Trisula. attributed to the trident. It can over- come the triple function of Shiva – cre- ation, protection and destruction, or the three Gunas: Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. The Journal of Vedic Heritage 18
  15. 15. MALA of Symbols Good spirits are said to dwell in mala. There are many kinds of malas to rep- resent different aspects of life and creation. Mala in the form of garland Sri Guru Maa represents victory. Shiva wears the mala of skulls at the time of the dis- KHADGA solutions and devolutions of worlds The Khadga signifies the power of destruction as and their inhabitants through cyclic well as spiritual wisdom which cuts through time. Vishnu mala is the mala of victo- ignorance (Avidya). It is a symbol of ry, Brahma’s mala represents the spiritual enlightenment. aspect and the eternity of cyclic time. The other mala is Japa Mala made of beads. It may be either of the Rudraksha, Tulshi, Spatika, Chandan (sandlewood), silver, gold, KAMANDALU pearl, etc. Through the repetition of sacred It is used by ascetics and denoting names on malas, sin is cancelled out and the mendicant’s life. Brahma has worldy distractions are minimized. By con- this water pot as an emblem. stantly invoking holy names and syllables When regarded as filled with thus, the devotee is brought closer to the ambrosia, it symbolizes knowl- presence of God. Life’s aim for a devoted edge and immortality. Indian is libration (Moksha) or self-realiza- tion, final union with the supreme; it is reached by services, devotion, sadhana and total self-surrender. On mala, devotees recite sacred mantras. Mantra recitations are con- sidered to erase sin from within and sanctify AGNI the worshipper. While mind and body are It represents shakti or soul, it exists in all three regions as respectively occupied with the movement of terrestrial fire, as lightning in the atmosphere, and as sun beads and the repetition of a single word or in the sky. Fire links heaven and earth, and was an phrase, one withdraws into a place of still- essential part of vedic sacrificial ritual. As the flames ness and completeness. always rise heavenwards, Agni acted as bearer of the oblations to the deities, and is said to have as many forms as there are sacrifices. The vedic fire sacrifice CHAKRA symbolically reproduced the cosmic order and strength- The cyclical con- ened the creative potencies of the gods. There are ten cept of contiuous main forms of fire, the first five are natural forms and the change is asso- next five ritual forms: (1) ordinary fire, either visible or poten- ciated with tial; (2) lightning; (3) the sun; (4) the fire of the digestive the wheel. process common to all living beings; (5) fire of destruction The Chakra (volcanic fire), born in the primeval waters, it remains dormant represented until the end of the age when it flares forth and destroys the with height world; (6) the brahman agni which appears spontaneously spokes denotes when a specific manta is uttered during sacrifice , whilst the fire the eight direc- sticks are revolving; (7) Prajapatya Agni at the time of sacred tional point and thread; (8) Grahapaty Agni, the householder’s fire; (9) signifying universal Dakshina Agni, fire of the ancestors who dwell in the south. supremacy. The rim of This fire is also used for rites exorcism; (10) Kravydda Agni, of the wheel symbolizes the funeral fire. Metaphysically, fire represents the rajoguna, the the world in its entire- ‘active’ principle and He is the greatest manifestation of energy ty, the unending, inex- on earth. Agni is the symbol of cosmic destruction at the end of orable progression of the age and therefore is associated with the destructive aspect the cycle of life, death of Shiva. But fire also destroys ignorance and by extension, it and rebirth. The rotary symbolizes knowledge (jnana) and hence Agni is worshiped for movement of the whell intellectual brilliance and for longevity. denotes creation out of the non-manifested substratum, thus indi- DAMARU cating the necessity for It denotes primordial causal sound (Nada). Great power is inherent in the nada of change which has both the drum, which marks the evolution and devolution of the universe through creative and destruc- the aeons. The upward pointing triangle of the drum represents the linga, the tive aspecdts. downward watery triangle, the Yoni. The two denote the two aspects of cre- ative force. At the meeting point of the triangles, creation begins when sep- arated, the dissolution of the world occurs. continued on page 49... The Journal of Vedic Heritage 19
  16. 16. ANTON: Rajbhog Ad PK TO SUBMIT AD DIRECTLY The Journal of Vedic Heritage 20
  17. 17. Reflexology Author D r. J a y e s h S i n g h a v i more than 4,000 years old! All the Ayurvedic oil treat- A irplane flying, especially long trips, can be very stressful. I particularly have severe back-ache after ments and massages also treat the hand and feet. most long flights. On my trip to India last year, I went to the spa and the therapist suggested a session of History reflexogy. I confessed my ignorance of reflexogy to the The current popularity of Reflexogy began in the early therapist, who gave me a refresher course of two min- 20th century. The Zone Theory developed by Dr utes. Anyway, he seemed to be massaging my foot, when William H. Fitzgerald whom Dr. Edwin Bowers encour- I was expecting a gentle massage of my back. He told me aged to publish many articles on these topics. In their to relax, and after 45 minutes of foot reflexogy, I really opinion, a large percentage of cases were as a result of an felt better. I soon forgot about it. ‘error of body and mind’. Dr. Fitzgerald had discovered that the application of pressure on the ‘zones’ not only The basics relieved pain but in the majority of cases also relieved Last month, on the way from work, I read an interesting the underlying cause as well. article in the Health and Fitness section of the Evening Standard about Reflexogy. The article was about a Eunice Ingham was fascinated by the Zone Theory and London-based couple, who had given up hopes to have started developing her foot reflex theory in the early children, despite spending thousands of pounds on vari- 1930’s. After much research she concluded that the ous treatments. The lady was referred to a professional reflexes on the feet were an exact mirror image of the Reflexologist to relieve her stress and anxiety from going organs on the body. She soon began writing, lecturing through various fertility treatments. The reflexologist and treating hundreds of cases. She was then assisted by explained that the treatment works by helping the body Dwight Byers and Eusebia Messenger, who created the rebalance its energy via the hands and feet. The feet acts National Institute of Reflexogy like a switchboard, which has points or channels of ener- gy connected to all the systems in the body. By feeling The position of the reflexes on the soles of the feet mir- these points, the reflexologist can tell where there is con- rors their arrangement in the body. Just imagine the sole gestion of energy. These congestion are relieved by put- maps next to each other, with the spine running down ting pressure of points on the feet. After a treatment of the middle, and the toes representing the head. The right a few sessions, the lady indeed became pregnant. In her foot maps the right side of the body, and the left foot words, ‘ I am sure conventional medical practitioners maps the left side. The waist line is approximately in the would disagree, but I honestly believe that the power of middle of the feet. There are thousands of reflex points reflexogy helped the miracle that is the baby to come on the soles of the feet and the palms of the hands. You into the world.’ have to use your thumb and fingers. The pressure points are as small as pinheads, and you have to move your fin- This article inspired me to do some more research and gers in the forward direction. share this topic with the readers. The therapeutic bene- fits of massaging both the feet and the hands have long There are hundreds of websites which you can refer to been recognized. Typically, Guru Maa after hours of to see the maps of the feet and hands, and many of the puja, path, havan and breakfast (from 2 am to about 12 websites will direct you to an experience reflexologist in noon) takes a rest in the afternoon. Her best relaxation your neighborhood. If you want to practice on yourself comes when one of her disciples or temple staff takes a and your family members, then Ann Gillanders ‘The bit of ghee and rubs it on Guru Maa's feet. Many authors Family Guide to Reflexology’ is a very useful and prac- claim that there is evidence of feet massage in ancient tical book. India, Egypt and China. A wall painting in the Physician’s Tomb At Saqqara in Egypt depicts patients Wish the readers well as they discover their reflex receiving both foot and hand treatments. This painting is points! s The Journal of Vedic Heritage 21