Segura river basin


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Segura river basin

  1. 1. Segura basinBasin and route through one of the most importantSpanish river and the main of Murcia.By: Elisa y Claudia
  2. 2. IndexGeneral introduction to the basinPresentationRoute:- High Course- Middle Course- Low Course
  3. 3. General introduction to the basin The Segura basin is located in the southwest of thepeninsula and it takes up a space of 18.606 km2; that 14936 km2 belongs to Segura river.
  4. 4. Introduction The Segura river born inPontones (Jaén), located on theSegura range, with 1.413altitude meters. In its route of325 km, across the provinces ofJaén, Albacete y Murcia toflow into the Mediterraneanshore. Its route it is divided on severaltributaries, that are Mundoriver, Guadalentín river andArgos river. Some of revoirs areSantomera, Almadenes, Pedreray Taibilla.
  5. 5. Presentation On the one hand, the level tomake the most is very high ifwe compares it with otherSpanish rivers. This affect innegative form. Floods are also very larges. Itis considerate the river whichhas the most controls ofEurope, and the best adjusted. The river it has got a veryimportant lack of water onsome zones and it hasconditionated murcianos lifefor its irregularity.
  6. 6. Presentation
  7. 7. Route: middle course of the river The river goes through Valle de Ricote, goes out of it to across thelocality of Archena, where cross for Vega Media. Later, it’s started la Huerta de Murcia. Then of Orihuela, the routeis modified to the west, going in the trench tectonic defined betweenBenejúzar y Guardamar.
  8. 8. Route: high course of the river The river born in a natural cave flooded, to 1.413 altitude metres, inthe Segura range. During its first kilometres the rivers go through forvalley where receives tributaries such as Madera, Zumeta and Tusrivers. The valley is closed for reservoirs like Fuensanta and Cenajo.
  9. 9. Route: middle course of the river The river receives its maintributary the Mundo river,her the valley starts to wideforming a narrow alluvialplain really fertile, called"vega" . Ir receive tributaries likeBenamor, Argos and Quípar,to penetrate later at thebasins that formes theVegaAlta del Segura, zone whichis made the most of irrigation.
  10. 10. Route: middle course of the river The trench that goes from the Contraparada up to the mouthformed part of the Depresión prelitoral murciana where theGuadalentín goes with the Segura after passing Murcia city, andis the center of a valley that starts in Puerto Lumbreras.
  11. 11. Route: middle course of the river Here the alluvial plane beginsto have a width that ispositioned about the50 msnm,for this reason it has a veryimportant made the most of theriver around the Murcia citythat causes a reduce on theriver flow, with the pollutiontroubles that have beenimproved on the last years. Themost important tributaries arethe Mula and the Guadalentínrivers.
  12. 12. Route: low course of the river Once time that the Seguragoes into the province ofAlicante; begins the laststretch of the Vega Baja delSegura. The most space of the river iscanalized to avoid floods,but the canal is consideredlow since has a capacityabout 250 m³/s in Orihuela.
  13. 13. Route: low course of the river The mouth in theMediterranean sea is producedon the north of Guardamar delSegura, and leaves the Seguravega as a zone closed to thesea. It has a width of 221 m inthe artificial canal in itsmouth. Since the closed zone isvery low there are gaps. Thecaudal that contributes to thesea has been reduced to less of1 m³/s.