Politics groups of the french revolution


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Politics groups of the french revolution

  1. 1. Politic groups• 1. The conservative politic groups were satisfied with the reforms• 2. The Nobility wanted to get their privilegies back• 3. The Church wanted to get their lands back• 4. The popular sectors wanted more rights• 5. Girondists, Jacobins and the sans cullotes agreed with the reforms
  2. 2. The failure of the constitutional monarchy . Why???• The royal family had to return to France after their failed attempts to join forces with Austrian army• The real family was sent to prison charged with high treason.• The Republic was proclaimed• Assembly declared war on Austria
  3. 3. Let`s wonder........• How did the conservatives feel about the reforms?• What did the church want to get back and why?• Whose rights were also demanded?• Who were the reforms agreed by?• What did the Royal family attempt to do and failed?• Which charge made the Royal family be sent to prison?• What was declared and who was done on ?
  4. 4. 2nd Step. The Democratic Republic ( copy this )• Girondists:• General suffrage• Changed the name of the Assambly to Convection• The royal family was executed• The European monarchies signed a coalition• Republic was in danger because of the counterrevolutionary and Jacobins• The Jacobin Convention:• Jacobins came into power and enacted a new Constitution in 1793• Robespierre led to The Committee of Public Safety to defend the Republic• They created an army and enacted mandatory militar service• They enacted social laws such as controlling salaries• They sold the goods of the Catholic church• The cult to the Goddess Reason was imposed• They ruled under a “ Reign of Terror”
  5. 5. The Jacobins fall• The revolts had been extinguished by 1794• French armies were winning against the European coalition• Government was bloodier and bloodier• Coup d´etat of termidor changed hands again
  6. 6. The Bourgeoise Republic• Thermidorian Reaction led to arrest and execution of Robespierre• New government was led by Girondists• Their revenge is the White Terror• New Constitution of the Year III• The young general Bonaparte led to Brumario coup d ´état that put the end to the Directory and started the CONSULATE (1799)
  7. 7. Let`s go on wondering a bit more...• What did 1794 put an end to?• Which armies were winning and against who?• How did the government start to behave?• What happened to the coup d`Eat of termidor?• What led to the arrest and execution of Robespierre?• Which group got the power and did they revenge?• What did Bonaparte do and What did He start in 1799?
  8. 8. “El terror no es más quela justicia rápida, severa, inflexible .”