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Gothic architecture


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Gothic architecture

  1. 1. Universities Salamanca Cambridge Oxford
  2. 2. Gothic Architecture • At the end of the 12th century , the Romanesque style gave way to the gothic style, which originated in France and quickly spread throughout Europe
  3. 3. CATHEDRALS • The most representative building was the Cathedral • It was the centre of the city • There were religious services inside • It is a place of meeting for guilds or municipal councils • Cities competed with each other to build the biggest cathedral because of it showed the power and wealth of the cities.
  4. 4. Main Characterictics • They were very different from Romanesque cathedrals. • 1- Pointed arches • 2-Rib vaults
  5. 5. Question of weight • The weight of the rib vault didn´t rest on the walls, but on the pillars inside the cathedral and on the flying buttresses (arbotantes y contrafuertes)outsides.
  6. 6. Walls, Where are the walls? mmm • So, thick walls weren´t necessary and large windows could be built. The windows were made of stained glass (vidrieras) and there were rose windows (rosetones) in bright colours. • Gothic cathedrals were high and full of light, to represent heaven.
  7. 7. Graund plan • The ground plan of Gothic cathedrals was also different. The Latin cross shape continued to be used • The East ends (cabeceras) were polygonal , not semicircular • The central nave was much higher and wider the side naves
  8. 8. Notre Dame Milán Siena