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From monarchy to a republic


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Published in: News & Politics
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From monarchy to a republic

  1. 1. Bloody weddingA dangerous anarchist had hidden a bomb in the flower bunch. 28 deaths, a complete disaster in Mayor street.
  2. 2. The second Republic• Who can explain the difference between a Republic a and a Monarchy?• What do you think about this? Do you prefer a monarchy or no?• What do you think about our king?
  3. 3. The declaration of the Republic• There have been a local elections held on April the 12nd 1931.• These elections were very important . They were as referendum between Monarchy and Republic.• The republican coalition won and The King Alfonso XIII rejected and left the country to exile.
  4. 4. The provisional government• A provisional government was soon formed which included Amnesty republicans, socialists A provisional and left winged Generalitat of The Law of mixed Juries Catalonya Catalonians and it started some reforms Changes
  5. 5. Clara Campoamor. It was her the only one who did get it. The left-winged politiciansThe right-winged side supported legal equality for was firstly against both men and women andwomen´s right to vote defended their right tobut later it changed its vote and be elected but position finally they voted against of this. WHY???? The women´s vote
  6. 6. Niceto Alcalá The Constitution of 1931 zamora Manuel President Courts and had the Azaña Prime legislative Minister power Declaration Non of individual denominality rights Universal suffrage for both men and women New Constitution