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2 1 이노우에켄 일본gm


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Published in: Education, Technology
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2 1 이노우에켄 일본gm

  1. 1. Seoul, Aug 11, 2012 Ken Inoue GM, Evernote Japan Evernote and Education Innovative use-cases in Japan
  2. 2. My Objective Learn from Korea
  3. 3. Learn from KOREA E-Text Books in Schools Korea: 2014 Japan: Take Forever…
  4. 4. What I learned at Graduate School Lifelong learning: You need to continue learning, even AFTER graduation
  5. 5. Evernote and Education Evernote: A tool to facilitate lifelong learning, in the classroom and beyond
  6. 6. Evernote in Higher Education Universities using Evernote for various uses include:
  7. 7. Case #1 Keio Media Design Graduate School of Media Design (Design + Technology + Management + Policy) Evernote Used in “Introduction to Media Policy” Class (Prof. Ichiya Nakamura) Users:70 students (1st year of grad school)
  8. 8. How Evernote is being used ① Sharing Lecture Material ② Record Learning Activities ③ Submit “Short Report” ④ Final Report
  9. 9. ①Sharing Lecture Material Lecture material of VARIOUS FORMATS, SHARED, ALL IN ONE PLACE Web clippings documents Charts/ graphs Photos Notes
  10. 10. ①Sharing Lecture Material You can SEE INSIDE at a glance
  11. 11. ②Record Learning ActivitiesStudy groups save everything in EN Notebooks • Visualize learning process • No copy/paste – need to get to the SOURCE • Facilitate sharing and effective collaboration Web clippings documents Photos Interview recordings Charts/ graphs Notes Meeting minutes
  12. 12. ②Record Learning Activities
  13. 13. ②Record Learning Activities Other Sharing Tools are NOT the same…. Visualization and ease-of-use are KEY to USAGE
  14. 14. ③Submit “Short Report”(Tw + EN)Tweet “Short Report” (= OPEN)which will be automatically organizedas notes on EN (= CLOSED within Prof+TA) Lecture#1 Apr 11, 2012
  15. 15. Observations from Initiative③ Mixed benefits of combining OPEN & CLOSED (shared)
  16. 16. ③Mix OPEN & CLOSEDTweet “Short Report” (= OPEN) • Training for summarizing concisely • Facilitate sharing thoughts with others • Social attention (PR) • Check Class Attendance • Peer pressure + α
  17. 17. ③Mix OPEN & CLOSEDnotes on Evernote(= CLOSED within Grp) • All in one place, organized by lecture • Saved forever (unlike Twitter, which “flows”) • Easy to search • Keep track of who said/thought what
  18. 18. ④Final Report FINAL REPORTS are submitted using Evernote Students can choose whether to make it OPEN to other classmates, or visible ONLY to teaching staff Using Evernote’s Encryption feature
  19. 19. Summary Education Intuitive Collaborative Lifelong LEARNING
  20. 20. Thank you!
  21. 21. • Web:• Twitter: @EvernoteJP• Facebook: