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2008 Statistics SK GS Acrobat


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A statistical review of our lives in 2008.

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2008 Statistics SK GS Acrobat

  1. 1. Søren Knudsen & Gina Schaar: 2008, the year in statistics* Nr. Category Details 365 Days . . . . . . when we have thought of all the dear friends and family we have around the world and considered ourselves blessed Ida's 18th birthday, and sadly Sørens father 2 Major events in Knudsen family Knud’s funeral, both in November 177 / Days at home in . . . and we gladly invite you to visit us any of 181 Zagreb—Søren / those days we are at home! Gina * Note from our in-house lawyer: Figures shown in this table are decidedly unscientific; we disclaim all responsibility for completeness and/or accuracy. Readers are advised to consult their own judgment and consider the source when relying on these figures or quoting them to others.
  2. 2. • Albania (Tirana, Burrel, Peshkopi) 16 Countries visited • Austria (Saalbach, Alt Aussee) (includes both • Bosnia (Sarajevo, Mostar, Neum) Søren’s and Gina’s • Croatia (Split, Makarska, Dubrovnik, travels, together Osijek, Vukovar, Sipan Island, etc. . .) and alone, work • Denmark (Copenhagen, Asnæs, Århus, and pleasure) Kalundborg, Møn) • Estonia (Tartu) • France (Paris) • Germany (Frankfurt) • Hungary (Harkany, Pecs, Villany, Budapest, Balaton) • Italy (Val Gardena) • Macedonia (Skopje, Mavrovo Nat’l Park) • Moldova (Chisinau) • Montenegro (Budva, Bar, Podgorica) • Serbia (Belgrade, Nis, Vranje, Fruska Gora Nat’l Park) • Slovenia (Krvavec, Smarjevska, Bled, Lubljana) • USA (North Carolina, Texas, New York, Virginia) 23,100 Total kilometers Mostly longer tours; we use the Fiat Punto for (14,437) (miles) driven in dreadful in-town traffic in Zagreb Volvo Hungary: Harkany, Heviz, Balatonfürdö; 6 Thermal baths/hot springs visited † Croatia: Istarska Toplice; Serbia: Vranjska Banja; Albania: Peshkopi 3 Countries skied in Slovenia, January; Italy, February; Austria, March and December 5 Deep powder off- Saalbach, Austria, March—with Gina’s cousin piste ski days Jimmy Petterson as guide (Gina was a copy editor of his book, Skiing Around the World, link at 2,043 Digital photos For explanation, see other categories! saved 10 Most overnight Reunion of Søren’s General Staff Course class houseguests at one (OFU), August time † This figure does not include numerous visits to hotel spas and our jacuzzi bath at home.
  3. 3. Note: number of reports actually read by all 57 Defense Attaché reports written by recipients is unknown! Søren 1 Masters degrees M.Sc. in E-business from IT University of earned by Gina Copenhagen, February 26 Days of consulting 1 in Croatia, for the Danish School for Public work by Gina Administration; 25 in Albania and at home in Zagreb working on a bid for a US-funded e- government project 173 Events: lunches, Some events were covered by only Søren or dinners, meetings, Gina, not both; but even so we sometimes receptions, private approach social burn-out invitations and other events N/A‡ Estimated number We and our friends are doing our part for of empty wine recycling! bottles and beer cans delivered to recycling center 810 / Estimated Mostly in the woods just outside our door in 520 kilometers run by Zagreb. Søren’s figure includes 13.5 km up to Søren / Gina Sljeme mountain in Zagreb, in May; and about 24 miles of the 200+ mile Blue Ridge Relay in North Carolina, in September. 106 / 80 Estimated average Sljeme mountain run is 1000 meters high; and meters elevation Søren got some steep parts of the Blue Ridge differential per run-- Relay! Gina loves to run, especially with Søren, Søren / Gina but those long distance/altitude combos are more than her legs can handle. ‡ N/A = not available at the time of printing; those keeping the figures refused to release the data on advice of their lawyer.