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Plan de activitati tradus in romaneste


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Plan de activitati tradus in romaneste

  1. 1. 1.VISITING PARTNERS:<br />Romanian: 21 students; 9 teachers/staff<br />2.WELCOMING AND ORGANIZATION PARTNERS:<br />Portuguese (Escola Secundária do Castêlo da Maia): 18 students; 9 class teachers; other school teachers; school headmaster.<br />Mrs Helena Fernandes, Mrs Rosa Fernandes and Mr Mário Lopes are the coordinators of the plan. <br />School contacts are: +351 229820641 / +351 229825088 (fixed phone numbers) / +351 962058590 (cell phone number)<br />3.MOBILITY DATES:<br />From 17th of May 2010 to 27th of May 2010<br />4.ACCOMODATION AND MEALS:<br />Each Romanian student is to be welcomed by another Portuguese student / teacher, respectively, where they will be offered breakfast and dinner (lunches will be in the school canteen); exceptions to this are referred to in the outline of the visit plan. Note that it does not imply that the family that will accommodate the student is directly involved in the project (it can be some student or teacher from other classes). If it proves to be impossible to lodge all students this way, a nearby religious institution will provide accommodation at very low costs. Romanian teachers will be lodged at The Central Park Hotel, in Maia <br />(+351 229475565; Av Visconde de Barreiros, 83).<br />5.DETAILED PLAN:<br />DAY 1 – Arrival and reception<br />DatePlanned Activities17th May(Monday)Afternoon (06:55 p.m.)- Getting visiting partners from airport and directing them to schoolEvening (08:00 p.m.) (school canteen)- Presentation of the students, some staff and the school headmaster- A short musical break – TUNA FEMININA (Faculdade de Letras)- Dinner at school - Typical food of Portugal offered by the Portuguese families / teachers/school management- Taking visitors to their lodging place <br />DAY 2 – The school <br />NOTE: 4 Portuguese students have to be absent from classes; those students change every hour and are chosen according to their difficulties so as not to miss subjects in which they are not so good at <br />DatePlanned Activities18th May(Tuesday)Morning (10:00 a.m.) - Guided tour around the school facilities - Romanian students /teachers get divided into 4 groups, each one having a Portuguese student as their guide, and visit other classes to introduce themselves and the project, inviting them to attend a session about Romania tomorrow. The classes will also ask the Romanian students/teachers questions about their school, country ... (+/- 30 min in each class)- Noon: Lunch in the school canteen (12.30)Afternoon (1:30 p.m.)- Conclusion of the visit and invitation to other classes.5.30 pm -(school auditorium): Visiting partners check the school session they have prepared about Romania (Romanian students/teachers alone)- Dinner – Lodging place<br />DAY 3 – Cultural sessions + joint lesson<br /> NOTE: Portuguese students do not go to their first two afternoon classes this day (Chemistry + English)<br />DatePlanned Activities19th May (Wednesday)Morning (10 a.m.) (school auditorium)- Portuguese students present Portugal to their visiting partners. - Noon: Lunch in the school canteen (12.30)Afternoon (1:30 p.m.) (school auditorium)- Sessions about Romania (Portuguese students assist the Romanian students)- Romanian students/teachers attend the last lesson the Portuguese students have on Wednesday (Physical Education, at the gym or pitches)- Dinner – Lodging place<br />DAY 4- Survey <br /> NOTE: Portuguese students do not go to their morning backup classes this day (APA Chemistry + APA Maths)<br />DatePlanned Activities20th May(Thursday)Morning (9 a.m.) (school auditorium)- Analysis of the results of the survey on info-inclusion in the two countries- Noon: Lunch in the school canteen (12.30)Afternoon FREE AFTERNOON FOR ROMANIANSDinner – Lodging place ( depending on the time the students are back) – meeting point for families – METRO Castêlo da Maia<br />DAY 5 <br />DatePlanned Activities21st May(Friday)Intercultural activities. Douro Valley cruise. <br />DAY 6 - A Visit to Oporto city <br />DatePlanned Activities22nd May(Saturday)Morning (8.30 a.m.) - meeting point for Portuguese and Romanian students – Metro Castêlo da Maia. Romanian teachers get in Metro Maia- Torre dos Clérigos (a visit to the tower and the church)- 9.30 am- Short walk in centre of Oporto- Oporto Wine Cellars – visit at 11.30 am- Quick lunch - picnic in Ribeira - each student / teacher ( Portuguese and Romanian) brings food and drinks.- Visit to Sé PortoAfternoon - Casa da Música –visit at 3 pm- Snack in a Café - Dinner out – Maia ( Mister Churrasco)- 7.30 pm<br />DAY 7 – A visit to Matosinhos (Portuguese parents / families are also invited to participate)<br />DatePlanned Activities23rd May(Sunday)Morning (9.30 am) – Portuguese and Romanian students/families meet at Metro Castêlo da Maia. Romanian teachers - Metro Maia- Matosinhos and its beaches (beach games)- Lunch in the City Park – each student/teacher ( Romanian and Portuguese) / family brings food and drinks.Afternoon- A visit to Sea Life Centre- Matosinhos 1.30 pm- Shopping centre- Norte shopping – time for shopping and dinner<br />DAY 8 – TPP + documentary<br /> NOTE: Portuguese students do not go to their morning classes this day (Philosophy + Portuguese)<br />DatePlanned Activities24th May(Monday)Morning (9 a.m.) (school auditorium)- Work on the TPP (register, attendance and assessment sheets) - Noon: Lunch in the school canteen – 12.30 pmAfternoon (2.00 p.m.)- Romanian students and teachers prepare a documentary about their days in Portugal (difficulties felt; main differences between both countries regarding school life, family life and the country itself) - (in the Language Club)- Dinner – lodging place<br />DAY 9 – TPP + Free afternoon for Romanians<br />DatePlanned Activities25th May(Tuesday)Morning (9 a.m.)- Work on the TPP (material for the development of the 1st session)- Noon: Lunch in the school canteenAfternoon (2 pm)- Romanians visit Park St. Pedro de Avioso accompanied by Portuguese teachers.- meeting point – School at Dinner – Lodging place<br />DAY 10 – A visit to Guimarães + joint lessons<br />DatePlanned Activities26th May(Wednesday)Morning (8 a.m.)- A visit to Guimarães (castle) - Noon: Lunch in the school canteen (1.15 pm)Afternoon (3:10 p.m.)- Romanian students attend lessons with the Portuguese students (English in the school auditorium; P.E. in the gym or pitches)- 08.30 p.m.: Dinner out at a local restaurant <br />DAY 11 – Report on the 1st mobility + Departure<br /> NOTE: Portuguese students do not go to their classes this day (APA Chemistry + APA Maths + Portuguese + Biology / Geology) <br />DatePlanned Activities27th May (Thursday)Morning (08:30 a.m.)(school auditorium) All students and Romanian teachers write a report on the week spent in Portugal and exchange films and recording. Saying goodbyes.- Noon: Lunch in the school canteen (12.30 pm)AfternoonVisiting partners leave for their home country.<br /> <br />