Streetbanditos Project #3 railways runaway


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Streetbanditos Project #3 railways runaway

  1. 1. With FAB
  2. 2. SRailways Runaway Credits : treet Banditos is a small group of Street Photography Enthusiast which based in Jakarta. Our concern is to documenting and tellArry Ramadhan the story about Jakarta reality including Jakarta’s environment,Fahmi P. Rahman people, society, condition, etc.GinanjarKrisna MurtiIndra Rizkiawan At the end of 2012 Street Banditos organized an epic “runaway” whichIndra Sentosa called by “Railways Runaway”. Railways Runaway is a photo journeyLutfiar Adriansyah which done by 10 Banditos and 5 friends around Banditos (FAB),Rizky Putranto Railways Runaway was done using railways from Manggarai (Jakarta)Yohanes Dwi Prasetyo to Bogor (West Java), this is our runaway to escape from 2012 into aM. Fahran Ismail better future in 2013.Friends Around Banditos (FAB) : This is the summary about our last project in 2012 to documenting urbanRitchiest living in Jakarta and Bogor which live near the railways and around theRuly Khrisna train stations, hopefully this project can be an inspiring thing for peopleAdhitya Wijaya to make some documentary project and do some storytelling about ourKiky Huzein environment, about people around us, about our city, about somethingAris Tj that affect us, and about everything that inspired us. At last Street Banditos would say thank you very much for every people and community which always supporting and inspiring us, for Cover Stories every appreciation which Street Banditos get until today, for all critics and advices which make Street Banditos growing better, also for every people which had been downloading this project. We love you all.. Jakarta, 18 January 2013 Best Regards, Photo cover by Fahmi P. Rahman
  3. 3. With FABOne of the city closest tothe Jakarta Capital Region is Bogor.With the distance about 60 Kms, Bogor is the one of thecity that had a function as the Jakarta’s buffer. Many publictransport links between Jakarta and Bogor, one of it is therailways. On January 30th 2012, StreetBanditos and FAB(Friends Around Banditos) try to explore the train stationsincluding the areas between and around the stationsalong Jakarta and Bogor.
  4. 4. The journey start from Manggarai Railway Station at 07.00 am. The weather was nice, made us more excitedand pumped to make the great runaway and the great escape from 2012into 2013. The team was split into two groups, the Street Team and the Banditos Team. Each team get different tasks to documenting two different stations which exist between Jakarta and Bogor. Photo by Indra Sentosa
  5. 5. Let the exploration begun...Photo by Ruly Khrisna
  6. 6. The situation on the train still remarkably deserted. Because it was a Sunday and still at the early morning, people seen still get yawn……Photo by Yohanes Dwi Prasetyo Photo by Rizky Putranto Photo by Indra Sentosa
  7. 7. After about 5 minutes away from Manggarai Station,the Street Team arrived at Tebet Station. Photo by Ruly Khrisna
  8. 8. Photo by Fahmi P. Rahman
  9. 9. Tebet Station is the first destination forthe Street Team, they had to documenting Tebet Station.The Street Team immediately rushed to seek and find objects and take some photographs in Photo by Lutfiar Adriansyah scattered way.
  10. 10. Photo by Rizky Putranto
  11. 11. Photo by Indra Rizkiawan
  12. 12. Tebet Station situation is quite deserted. Not so many activity or interaction seen, there’s just a few people which waiting for the next train. But the Street Team decide to wait and continue to explore more longer.Photo by Lutfiar Adriansyah
  13. 13. Now we jump at the Banditos Team. While the Street Team exploring Tebet Station, the Banditos Team proceed to the Lenteng Agung Station. Manggarai - Lenteng Agung takes approximately 20 minutes. The Banditos Team felt excited and they can’t wait longer to approach Lenteng Agung Station, just like a boywhich can’t wait patiently until he reach his playing ground as his destination. Photo by Ginanjar
  14. 14. Photo by Yohanes Dwi Prasetyo
  15. 15. After arrived at the Lenteng Agung Station and took some picture,the Banditos Team decide to explore a market which is located near the station. Photo by Adhitya Wijaya
  16. 16. Photo by Ginanjar
  17. 17. Photo by Aris Tj
  18. 18. Photo by Krisna Murti
  19. 19. After exploring sufficiently, the Street Team rushed to get on board into a train and movingtowards to the next station which is Pasar Minggu Station.After 10 minutes from Tebet Station, the Street Team arrived at Pasar Minggu Station. Photo by Indra Rizkiawan
  20. 20. Photo by Fahmi P. Rahman
  21. 21. The Street Team also immediately explore the areas around thePasar Minggu Station. Photo by Ruly Khrisna
  22. 22. Photo by Fahmi P. Rahman
  23. 23. Photo by Indra Rizkiawan
  24. 24. Photo by Rizky Putranto
  25. 25. Photo by Fahmi P. Rahman
  26. 26. In the meantime, the Banditos Team proceed to the Depok Station which is their next station to explore.Train seemed already occupied. The people might on the recreation trip to Kebun Raya Bogor, which is a favourite tourist spot for the urban in Bogor. Photo by Aris Tj
  27. 27. At the Depok Station, the Banditos Team exploring the area around the station. Depok Station is very crowded, because almost all of Depok’s people used the train as their primary transportation to reach the destination that quite far enough such as Jakarta and Bogor. Photo by Arry Ramadhan
  28. 28. Photo by Ginanjar Photo by Aris TjPhoto by Arry Ramadhan
  29. 29. Photo by Krisna Murti
  30. 30. Photo by Adhitya Wijaya
  31. 31. Photo by Ritchiest Pasar Minggu and Depok are the last stations for both of the team. So after exploring those stations, they back into the train and continue their trip heading toPhoto by M. Fahran Ismail Bogor.
  32. 32. Around 11:00 AM, both of team gathered at Bogor. We had lunch near Bogor Station and do somediscussion about the experience of each team in their stations stop. Photo by M. Fahran Ismail
  33. 33. Photo by Arry Ramadhan After lunch and do a small discussion, exploration continues. We took a walk within aradius of 2 Kms around the Bogor station. The time shown 12:20 AM, we knew it wasn’t a golden hour anymore and the sun was straight in top of our head and it feels burning our skin, but we still enthusiast to took some pictures and finished the journey.
  34. 34. Photo by Adhitya Wijaya
  35. 35. Photo by Arry Ramadhan
  36. 36. Photo by Adhitya Wijaya
  37. 37. Photo by Aris Tj
  38. 38. Photo by Ruly Khrisna Photo by Ritchiest
  39. 39. Photo by Kiky Huzein
  40. 40. Photo by Fahmi P. Rahman
  41. 41. Photo by Yohanes Dwi Prasetyo
  42. 42. Photo by Ginanjar
  43. 43. Photo by Lutfiar Adriansyah
  44. 44. Photo by Kiky Huzein
  45. 45. We spent almost 2 hours while exploring the area near the Bogor Station. Our circumstances in Bogor was different with the journey that we do in the last stations, weary face and sweat which dripped down was accompany us within the journey along the way in Bogor. But at least, ourfatigue were paid by a satisfaction that felt by every person which do this runaway. Great friends, great shot, great city make this journey as a memorable thing to documenting the urban living in the small areas along Jakarta and Bogor. Photo by Arry Ramadhan
  46. 46. Finally we heading back to Jakarta using the same train. Bring back to home all ofjokes and laughters. Remembering this journey into memories, the great memories at the end of the year of 2012. -End- Photo by Yohanes Dwi Prasetyo
  47. 47. 3 rd Photo Project “Railways Runaway”www.streetbanditos.comCopyright 2013 - StreetBanditos