"5 Inspiring Reasons to Manage Projects on SharePoint 2013" SPSRED13


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SharePoint Saturday Redmond 2013

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"5 Inspiring Reasons to Manage Projects on SharePoint 2013" SPSRED13

  1. 1. • “5 Inspiring Reasons to Manage Projects on SharePoint” • Gina Montgomery – VP, Business Development Acuvate Software
  2. 2. Hi, I’m Gina! Gina Montgomery, VP, Business Development Gina Montgomery is the Vice President of Business Development for North America. She is a SharePoint Evangelist and subject matter expert in architecting SharePoint solutions. Gina brings expertise in helping organizations maximize their I.T. investments. Her focus has been on strategy, project planning, analysis, best practices in software licensing, and implementing successful business solutions. Gina is responsible for Acuvate's New Business Development and Partner Alliances in North America. Twitter: @ginammontgomery Blog: www.ginamontgomery.com Email: gina.montgomery@acuvate.com • SharePoint Saturday St. Louis • SharePoint Saturday Richmond • SharePoint Saturday D.C. • SharePoint Saturday L.A. • SharePoint Saturday Silicon Valley • SharePoint Saturday Redmond • SharePoint Saturday Omaha • SharePoint Saturday Dallas Ft. Worth
  3. 3. Netherlands UK India USA Who are we? Global company, local presence 200+ clients worldwide Strong Microsoft focus KansasCity New York City The Hague Slough Hyderabad Bangalore Pune Gurgaon Member of MS Solution Board, 1 among 45 in the world Winner of Solution Partner of the Year 2011 Featured in MS Video Case Studies during WPC Awards & Recognitions
  4. 4. Our Focus Adoption Integration Productivity SharePoint Horton works Hadoop Power Pivot Big Data Azure Office 365 Cloud HTML5 Windows Phone Win-8 App for SAP Mobility DQS Data Mining BI Dashboards Business Intelligence
  5. 5. Incentive Calculator Easily configurable, incentive calculation engine for rolling out incentive programmes and pay-outs. Intranet in a Box Full Intranet with pick and choose features available for on premise and Office 365 based SharePoint intranet. CIO Cockpit Comprehensive Dashboard to assist the CIO in his day to day activities and also facilitate strategic thinking. Idea Management To foster a culture of ideation and innovation. Let all the ideas flow through the funnel and see the logical conclusion. Product Comparator Visually appealing tool to facilitate customers get a feel of the product and compare their features with other units. Project Workspace Project workspace is a SharePoint based Collaboration solution for project teams to collaborate better among themselves. DQS Data de-duplication and cleansing services and ensuring that correct data is fed into ERP with the right governance in place. CXO Dashboard A Silverlight based dashboard, providing extremely powerful data visualization to senior executives of the company. Sentiment Analysis Get a better understanding of sentiments, emotions, moods, and perform opinion analysis using our Big Data solution 15+ Ready-to-deploy solutions 90+ Components 200+ Enterprise success stories Our Approach
  6. 6. Our SharePoint Adoption Methodology - Prebuilt templates - Checklists & Questionnaires - Blueprint & Roadmap definition - Technical tools & apps - Governance - Change Management
  7. 7. 180+ Microsoft technical consultants certified in SharePoint, SQL BI, Azure and System Center. Global Team of certified Architects, Business Analysts, Project Managers, Developers, DBA, UX, Test & Administrators. Office 365 Fast Track Deployment Partner Azure Circle Partner Cloud Accelerate Partner Cloud Deployment Partner Our Team
  8. 8. Tweet It!... I dare you! @ginaMmontgomery is making us go social with #SharePoint 2013 at #SPSRED Follow @AcuvateSoftware for more updates
  9. 9. Today’s Goals • Take a look at some of today’s challenges in PM • Learn about a project management journey • Have a look at the demonstrations that address these challenges and the pm journey.
  10. 10. Today • We work in a project-driven environment • Certain abilities are necessary • Coordination of various projects and spread teams • Strategic decision making based upon project progress • Communication of Project Information We are still wasting time and money depending on Excel spreadsheets, email, and other manual processes
  11. 11. What makes a Project run? Communication Planning Monitoring
  12. 12. Challenges Publishing plan to entire team and keeping it updated Tracking Plan versus Actual in terms of burn rate, budget and time Milestones are project tools that allow pm’s to determine whether a project is on schedule or not Identifying and tracking project Risks and mitigation plans for those risks Effective project status reporting measures in place will create a focused team Manage scope changes during the project – Change Management Track and Resolve issues on time Manage resources across multiple projects based on availability and skill
  13. 13. Project Management Journey Excel, Word, File Shares, Email SharePoint Project Server Simple to use and get started. Works great for smaller localized teams. No special training required Provides great capabilities for managing your project Works for local and distributed teams Similar to using MS Word and Excel. Portfolio Management Advanced PM functionality Knowledge of MS Project
  14. 14. Your 5 Inspiring Reasons to manage projects on #SharePoint 2013
  15. 15. 1
  16. 16. Improved Interface for Project Teams • Timeline for milestone tracking • Project Summary • Project tasks list – ability to define sub-tasks in- line, etc • Supports multiple browsers and mobile devices
  17. 17. demo
  18. 18. 2
  19. 19. Improved Project Team Collaboration • Social collaboration – newsfeeds, hashtagging, following, etc • Project Doc. Libraries • Shared notebook • Team mailbox
  20. 20. demo
  21. 21. 3
  22. 22. Enhanced Productivity • Task aggregation and management • Mysite • Drag and drop • Rich text preview • Search on hashtags, #sp2013 , etc • Ribbon – project server verbage is similar,
  23. 23. demo
  24. 24. 4
  25. 25. Reporting and Tracking Capabilities • Scorecards – OOTB capability • Change Management Tracking • Issue Tracking • Risk Register /Mitigation Planning • Projects roll up dashboard – multiple KPI’s
  26. 26. demo
  27. 27. 5
  28. 28. Improved Integration With MS Project/Outlook • Syncing tasks with MSP • Making changes in the plan that will reflect back into SP • Ability to look at resource loading and allocation MSP • Synchronization of Outlook with tasks is also a productivity enhancement on SharePoint 2013. It adds tasks directly to your Exchange server which allows you to manage them from all of your devices. In SharePoint 2010, if you synced your tasks with Outlook you only saw them on that given device
  29. 29. demo
  30. 30. Conclusion • Many organizations today are still managing projects on Excel and through email. • The next step in the Project Management journey is SharePoint. • It is a much easier transition into full blown Project Server should your organization mature to that level.
  31. 31. But wait… • What about SharePoint 2010?!
  32. 32. Gina Montgomery VP Business Development gina.montgomery@acuvate.com, 913-217-0211 Abhishek Shanbhag VP Business Solutions abhishek@acuvate.com, 347-971-7080 Ron Clampitt Strategic Account Executive ron.clampitt@acuvate.com, 816-914-7023 Thank You! Contact Us… Visit www.ACUVATE.com for more info