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Matteo pp final


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EDT321 Fictional Grant Application Powerpoint

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Matteo pp final

  1. 1. www.menupad.comMenu Tablet ProposalGina MatteoCorked Wine Bar2012
  2. 2. EDT321 8/12/12Why Is It Needed? 2
  3. 3. The GoalTo provide Corked Wine Bar with the best application software on55 iPad tablets to enhance overall restaurant profit and provide aninnovative and cutting edge ordering experience for guests
  4. 4. EDT321 8/12/12What iPad Menus Can ProvideSetup and Edit of MenusEmpowers Servers to Upsell andProvide Better ServiceInstantly Update Menu andBrandingIngrates with POS systems andrestaurant printers. dining/2012/apr/25/5/mebizo1-carmel-cafes-menus- on-ipads-draw-notice-fr-ar-396207/ 4
  5. 5. EDT321 8/12/12What iPad Menus Can DoFor The CompanyIncrease Guest ExperienceImprove Restaurant Sales ipads-news2786 5
  6. 6. EDT321 8/12/12Increase Guest ExperienceEvery menu item has a picture and detailedinformationThe Guest has much more information than atraditional menu providesThe knows exactly what to expect, includingexactly what the meat temperature will look likeImpress guests with speed of order to kitchen,thus lowering average ticket times 6
  7. 7. EDT321 8/12/12Increase Guest ExperienceIncreases the probability of up-selling the guestGuests can read about detailed flavor profilesabout what the wine will taste likeEliminates guest frustrations about out of stockitems with the ability to update menu instantlyGuest can view links to the winery of each wine,and view the image of each bottle 7
  8. 8. EDT321 8/12/12Increase Restaurant SalesIncrease employee productivityServers can handle more tables at a time thuslowering labor costsThe detailed technology allows servers to use thedevice as a tool to up-sell guests 8
  9. 9. EDT321 8/12/12Annual Cost to Implement iPad Menu Software Providers Annual Cost Annual Total 5000 4000 3000 2000 1000 0 Company Series1 3180 Series2 4020 9
  10. 10. EDT321 8/12/12Monthly Cost to Maintain iPad Menu Software Providers Cost per Month Price Per Month 400 300 200 100 0 Company Molho 265 MenuPad 335 10
  11. 11. EDT321 8/12/12Molho.comAs providesthe same service as but at a Charges Pricelower price, it goes without Subsciption/Month 265saying that Molho is the Setup Fee 1500company to choose to iPad Unlimitedimplement iPad menus TOTAL (First Month) 1765into Corked Wine Bar ANNUAL TOTAL 3180 11