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AFTRA Member Moments Newsletter I designed for our Freelance Members

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Aftra Member Moments Newsletterv1

  1. 1. AFTRA Detroit Member Moments 2011 Freelance Update Volume 1, Issue 1AFTRA DetroitMember MomentsAFTRA DETROIT YEAR IN REVIEW 2011Welcome to the first annual AFTRA Detroit Member Moments Newsletter. Each year youwill receive a copy of this newsletter that will detail important happenings and issues thathave been addressed at the AFTRA Detroit Local.If you are a Freelance Performing Artist, Singer, Broadcaster, Voice-Over Artist or anyother AFTRA Member, these stories are about you and for you. These stories are aboutthe struggles that have been tackled at the Detroit Local and the victories won.We at AFTRA Detroit hope you will be inspired to become actively involved in some of theopportunities that will strengthen your Union.AFTRA DETROIT BOARDMeet your 2011 AFTRA Detroit Board: INSIDE THIS ISSUEL-R: Alex Davis, Donna Cerise, Tiren Jhames, Anne Keeble, Jayne Bower, James Cowans,Martha Reeves, Steve Goldsmith, Jo-Jo Shutty-MacGregor, Lynne Woodison, Greg Bow- Mid-Winter Blah Bash ......... 2man, Tom Watson and Gina-Marie Hernandez (AFTRA Detroit Freelance Representa- Pen To Paper Rally .............. 2tive), (Ed Kelly and Sandra McNeill not pictured) “Amend, Don’t End” Rally ... 2 AFTRA & SAG Soirees ......... 3 Senate Hearing ................... 3 AFTRA Detroit Facebook .... 3 Governor’s Office Listens..... 4 AFTRA Member Moments... 4 Waterfront Film Festival ..... 5 AFTRA Oct. Conservatory.... 6 Headshot/Demo/Audition .. 6 Conservatory Recap ............. 7 Conservatory Recap ................ 8 AFTRA/AFL-CIO Rally ........... 9 AFTRA Labor Day Parade…….10
  2. 2. AFTRA MID-WINTER BLAH BASH 2011 The AFTRA Mid-Winter Blah Bash was held on Monday, January 31st. There were over 126 AFTRA Members and Pre -Members in attendance. This was the starting gun for new events and initiatives at the Detroit Local, including Social Networking through Facebook. We were entertained by singer Rennie Kaufmann and Come- dian Dave Donaldson. L-R: Jayne Bower, Dave Donaldson, Gina-Marie Hernandez (AFTRA Freelance Representative) Tiren Jhames, Jo-Jo Shutty-MacGregor, Sandra McNeill, Liz Graham “The Mid-Winter Blah Bash was the perfect way to start 2011 for AFTRA Detroit! We had a blizzard the following day, but that night we celebrated AFTRA in the Tropics!” AFTRA IN ACTION— “AMEND, DON’T END” RALLYAFRTRA IN ACTION— AFTRA joined in support of the “Amend, Don’t End” Rally held onPEN TO PAPER RALLY Wednesday, April 20th at the Masonic Temple in Detroit. KennethAFTRA held a “Pen to Paper” Droz was the Master of Ceremonies and speakers included DannyRally at the Michigan Film Studioon March 3rd and presented 888 Mooney, (Deep Blue Pictures), Vicki Barnett, Rep. (D– 37th District),letters of support for the Michigan and Mitch Albom. The event was streamed live and video was postedFilm Tax Incentive to Lansing. on the AFTRA Detroit Facebook page.Dan Pesta and Freelance Representative,Gina-Marie Hernandez at Rally (Pic. 1) AFTRA Detroit contributed $500.00 to the “Amend, Don’t End” Michi- gan Film & Digital Media Incentives Coalition. Nicole Ramirez and Megan Davis accept AFTRA Detroit’s $500 donation to the “Amend, Don’t End” Coalition. (Picture 1) Gina-Marie Hernandez, AFTRA Detroit’s Freelance Representative displays the “Support MI Film” and AFTRA Materials. (Picture 2)2
  3. 3. AFTRA FACEBOOK Prior to 2010, AFTRA Detroit did not have much of a pres- ence with Social Networking and Media, with the excep- tion of the AFTRA National Web Site page and E-Mail blasts to our Members. AFTRA Detroit FreelanceAFTRA/SAG Pizza Party Soiree May 9, 2011 Representative Gina-Marie Hernandez knew the im-AFTRA & SAG SOIREES portance of having a pulse on Social Networking and howIn order to form a more perfect Union...oh, wait, that has already been used. As many ofyou know, AFTRA and SAG are working towards the “ONE UNION” initiative and valuable it could be to com-merging the two Performer’s Unions. municate important ideas, issues, events and exchangesThe AFTRA Detroit Local has worked towards fostering a cohesive partnership and aclose working relationship with the SAG Detroit Branch and has hosted joint W&W through this medium.Sessions, Agent Relations Meetings and Educational Training days. The AFTRA Detroit BoardIn a less formal setting, AFTRA and SAG has hosted a series of Soirees at the 5th Ave- unanimously voted to imple-nue Bar in Royal Oak. AFTRA and SAG Members as well as Pre-Members, Producers, ment our new Facebook pageCasting Agents, Talent Agents and special guests have enjoyed an opportunity to catch and it has been a valuableup with long-time friends and meet some new faces. tool for Members to find out what is happening with theirSENATE HEARING ON FILM TAX INCENTIVES Local.Raleigh Studios, Pontiac May 13, 2011 You can find the AFTRA De-The Month of May found AFTRA at Raleigh Studios in Pontiac to take part in a Senate troit Facebook page atHearing regarding the viability of the Michigan Film Tax Incentives. State Senator MikeKowall, House Representatives Vickie Barnett, (Farmington Hills), Brad Jacobson listened to testimony from AFTRA Members, SAG Branch Executive Director aftra.detroitMarcia Fishman and many others.The new Tax Incentive Bill 383, which modified the incentives was introduced and sup-ported productions up to 42%. The goal of this bill was to keep us in contention withother states that have a strong Film Incentive Program. Testimony was also given byErin Cummings of “DETROIT 187.” 3
  4. 4. GOVERNOR’S OFFICELISTENS TO AFTRADETROIT MEMBERSOn June 15, 2011 AFTRADetroit sat down with JohnNixon, State Budget Direc-tor and Director of theMichigan Department ofTechnology, Managementand Budget (DTMB).AFTRA presented the fol-lowing facts:“DETROIT 187” employedhundreds of AFTRA Actors.Episode 101 included 9 of13 Actors that were fromDetroit (not including se-ries regulars) and Episode AFTRA Member Moments 2011— (Clockwise: Martha Reeves, Dave Donaldson, Mary Lou Zieve, Peter Carey112 employed 3 of 5 StuntPerformers from Detroit. AFTRA MEMBER MOMENTS AFTRA Member Moments was the brain-child of AFTRA Detroit’s Freelance Representative, Gina-MarieMr. Nixon challenged AF- Hernandez. These short videos detail the AFTRA Freelance and Broadcast Performer’s association withTRA, SAG and all others AFTRA and how AFTRA is a vital part of their careers.concerned about the Film Board Members Tom Watson (Video) , Lynne Woodison (Interviewer), Tiren Jhames (Interviewer) andand Digital Media Incen- Liz Graham (Interviewer) have highlighted Freelance and Broadcast AFTRA Members in these videotives to come together and vignettes.have one voice and to work AFTRA Freelance Performers that have been featured are Ed Kelly, Zahra Huber, Beth Fisher, Peter Carey, Jayne Bower, Tiren Jhames, Shirley Hayden, Anne Keeble, Alex Davis, DaVaughn Lucas, Davidwith the MEDC. Donaldson, James Cowans, Roop Raj, Martha Reeves and President Emeritus Mary Lou Zieve.We need a unified, central- The AFTRA Member Moments are archived on the AFTRA Detroit Facebook page ( voice regarding Film aftra.detroit), the AFTRA National Web Site ( and the AFTRAand Digital Media in Michi- YouTube Channel ( and your Detroit Local If you are interested in being featured on the AFTRA Member Moment video series, contact AFTRA De-is working diligently on this troit Freelance Representative, Gina-Marie Hernandez at AFTRA Member Moments September 2011 Featuring FOX2 News Anchor Roop Raj4
  5. 5. AFTRA/SAG WATERFRONT FILM FESTIVAL PICNIC AFTRA , in partnership with SAG hosted a picnic at the 2011 Saugatuck Waterfront Film Festival at the Back Bay Cabins on June 11, 2011. AFTRA Detroit Freelance Representative, Gina-Marie Hernandez met with Hopwood DuPree, Film Festival Co-Founder and TicTock Studios owner and found that he is enthusiastic about working with AFTRA . AFTRA Detroit Freelance Representative Gina-Marie Hernandez meets with Hopwood DuPree Hopwood extended an invitation for AFTRA Detroit to attend the SAG Oscar 2012 Party. “Thanks Gina-Marie! It was a pleasure making your acquaintance. I hope you stay well until I see you again. Keep Smiling!” Mike Reed Joshua Leonard is the Film Director/Producer of “The Lie” and heads up Percep- tion Media Films. He explained to Freelance Representative Gina-Marie Hernandez that he “chooses Table 1: J.C. Wells, Ralph Lister, Mike Mosallam to use people that he has Table 2: J.C. Wells, Mike Reed, Jennifer Roberts built a relationship with, as Mike Reed SAG Member well as those who have been recommended due to theirThanks, Gina-Marie! reputation for hard work forIt was a pleasure making your acquaint- the ‘craft.’”ance. I hope you stay well until I see youagain. Keep Smiling!Mike Ralph Lister AFTRA/SAG Member Jennifer Roberts AFTRA/SAG Member 5
  6. 6. AFTRA Headshot-Makeup/Demo Reel/Audition Conservatory 2011— (L-R: Mary DuPrie, Tammy Pore, Daniel Love, and Lisa Cole AFTRA HEADSHOT-MAKEUP/DEMO REEL/FEEDBACK: AUDITION CONSERVATORY OCTOBER 4, 2011AFTRA HEADSHOT/DEMO REEL/ AFTRA Detroit listens to its Members and when Sonja Crosby said that sheAUDITION OCT. 4 just found the “BEST HEADSHOT PHOTOGRAPHER, EVER!” we satCONSERVATORY up and took notice. Sonja just had a Headshot session with Photographer Mary DuPrie and her Makeup artist, Tammy Pore. That conversational nugget led to the idea of having a “soup-to nuts-to des- sert” type Conservatory for the AFTRA Detroit Members. AFTRA Detroit Freelance Representative Gina-Marie Hernandez reached out to Mary to find out if she was interested in presenting to our Members and Mary was thrilled to participate. A few days later, a call from Daniel Love of Digmshift who had just returnedPeter Tocco to Michigan from LA proved to be the next piece of the pie. Daniel had just(SAG Detroit Branch completed a summer as the Director of Photography for the movie “Corner Store” and doing a demo reel for James McDaniel of DETROIT 187.”Council President): He expressed an interest in being a part of the emerging October Conservato-"I thought the workshop ry and signed on to present his knowledge of Demo Reels.was great! Even actors Last but not least was a phone call to Lisa Cole, Talent Director of Produc-who have been in the tions Plus/The Talent Shop—LA. When asked what constituted a good audi-business for years were tion, Lisa was quick to compile a list of what every actor and performer thatable to pick up pointers auditions needs to know how to do and what NOT to do.on getting a competitiveedge. Thanks for an in- See page 7 and 8 for more details.formative evening.” Peter Carey: AFTRA/SAG Member “Hi Gina [-Marie], I was thrilled to get insight into making my demo reel stronger. With my recent feature film work, the informative con- servatory was perfectly timed. Thanks again, Peter”6
  7. 7. FEEDBACK: HEADSHOTS AFTRA HEADSHOT/ DEMO REEL/AUDITION OCT. 4Mary DuPrie and Tammy Pore presented AFTRA Members withthe following guidelines for gaining a fantastic headshot:1) “Giving” the photographer an image versus “extracting” an image2) Using a large viewing source to “dissect” your images throughout theshoot Alex Davis3) Exploiting your best image “zone” (AFTRA Board Member):4) Industry backgrounds... what’s in and what’s out “In such a competitive market, the feed5) Clothing... what works and why. Does your photographer have back- -back I received is exactly what willup wardrobe? continue to set me apart. Thank you AFTRA for your continued support and providing the benefits that help me be the best that I can be!” DEMO REELS Daniel Love of Digmshift presented AFTRA Members with the following guidelines to making their Demo Reels stand out: Tiren Jhames 1) Show an association with “Fame" (AFTRA Board Member): Show the best production value possible: “The best part of the evening was knowing that each person we heard PICK A GOOD EDITOR. The quality that actors seem to look for in an editor from was a true, full-time, all-in, con- is cheap, but you need to find GOOD. Dont pay attention to the editor’s talk, stantly working, experienced and re- Look at content they have edited and check their reel. If your reel looks cheap, spected colleague in the acting/movie subconsciously you look small and unknown. business. With AFTRA I know I’m not CHOOSE HIGH QUALITY CONTENT. If you are not “big,” get to know good wasting time with wanna-be’s. They directors who make good looking content (they might put you in next project). bring the real deal, and that’s what we Get to know producers/post production people on set (friendships can give you got. Well worth the time.” access to content). Try to get an agreement up front for access to content (there is great work you have done on projects that will never get to post.) CONFORM YOUR ASPECT RATIOS. The digital age was supposed to give us standards; instead it gave us more options. If the editor cant conform your content to match 1 aspect ratio, at least make it so the aspect ratios are not dis- torted. EVEN OUT THE AUDIO. Another sign your editor is bad is when the level of different scenes are inconsistent. AVOID BIG FANCY EDITS, FX AND GRAPHICS A great edit never slaps you in the face for attention 2) Move—Your reel should move along and not drag out. Jayne Violassi “[The AFTRA] Conservatory was a 3) Show Presence great experience, providing both tech- 4) Range (Notice how great acting is not on my list) nical prowess and "real world" nuggets of digestible, useable material. Thank you!” FINALLY - Demo Reels are not only good for getting auditions. You can get a good manager with a great reel and also agent representation. 7
  8. 8. AFTRA Headshot-Makeup/Demo Reel/Audition Conservatory 2011— (L-R: Mary DuPrie, Tammy Pore, Daniel Love, and Lisa Cole AFTRA HEADSHOT-MAKEUP/DEMO REEL/AUDITION CONSERVATORY OCTOBER 4, 2011 (CONTINUED) AUDITIONS Lisa Cole presented AFTRA Members with the following guidelines for a memorable audition: 1) GETTING THE AUDITION: Photos and Resumes REGISTER WITH NOW CASTING (IF YOU ARE 2) PREPARING FOR THE AUDITION: Sides, NOT ON IT – DO IT TODAY!) Memorize, Rehearse Know your ‘type’ 3) AUDITION DAY: Be “directable” Have your photos/resumes Get in a class Your clothing should be pressed – do not look like you Work with a group of fellow actors just rolled out of bed BE ON TIME! (Early) 9) DONT’s: Sign in and look for changes Do NOT try to become friends with CD or Director BE QUIET! Do not “chit-chat”/FOCUS Do NOT touch the CD, Reader, or anyone in the room 4) IN THE ROOM: Do NOT use props Enter and say hello Do NOT Pantomime Hit your mark Do NOT bring you “baggage” into the room Set the scene (Ladies, leave your purse in the car) No jokes! Do NOT “Push” or overact No chit-chat Do NOT apologize Take your cue from the CD/Director 5) WHEN YOU ARE DONE: REMOVE “I’M SORRY” FROM YOUR Redirection – This is a good thing VOCABULARY THANK YOU! Say “Thank you” and “GOOD BYE” If they ask you or you ask to do it again…IT BETTER RESOUCES: BE DIFFERENT/BETTER THAN 1ST! 6) THE “AFTER AUDITION SMACK DOWN”: AUDITION by Michael Shurtleff Keep an audition log Be honest with yourself AUDITION & BOOK IT by Helen McCready 7) FOLLOW-UP: NO CALLS! HOW TO AUDITION: For TV, Movies, Commer- Send a “Thank You” note cials, Plays and Musicals by Gordon Hunt Send a Headshot Post Card “Thank You” 8) DO’s: Memorize Rehearse until you are sick of it Watch your eye line Dress to ‘suggest’ (Not in costume) Have a couple of things in your ‘back pocket’ Know your ‘shot’8
  9. 9. AFTRA /AFL-CIO Rally (L-R): Michigan Fire Fighters Union, AFTRA Detroit Freelance Representative—Gina-Marie Her- nandez, AFL-CIO Members AFTRA /AFL-CIO RALLY AGAINST “RIGHT TO WORK” Detroit Rally Against So-Called "Right-to-Work" Laws Friday, October 28, 2011 12:00 PM EST Unions like AFTRA have always fought on behalf of all working people for basic workplace rights, such as child labor laws, 40-hour work weeks, weekends and workplace safety regulations. The Facts about “Right-to-Work” “Right-to-work” laws, like the one being discussed right now in Michigan, undermine unions which protect and advo- cate for workplace rights and safety on behalf of all workers, union and non-union workers alike. “Right-to-work” laws do not guarantee employment to workers. Instead, they depress wages and weaken the ability of unions to advocate for and represent all workers by shrinking union membership and limiting the effectiveness of unions, like AFTRA. “Right-to-work” laws erode the hard-won wages, hours and working conditions contained in AFTRA and other un- ions’ collective bargaining agreements, and AFTRA members know that “right-to-work” laws create obstacles to or- ganizing, which is a fundamental American right at work. AFTRA was represented at the Rally by Freelance Representative, Gina-Marie Hernandez. There were approximately 350 people in attendance from various Unions, including the AFL-CIO, Teacher’s Unions, Fire Fighters Unions, and the Latin Union Workers.AFTRA /AFL-CIO Rally (L-R): Speakers Dias, AFTRA IN SOLIDARITY in front of Detroit Renaissance Center, Latin UnionWorkers “Deserve Respect!!!” 9
  10. 10. AFTRA DETROITMEMBER MOMENTS AFTRA LABOR DAY PARADENEWSLETTER AFTRA has a long history of participating in the AFL-CIO Labor Day Parade and 2011 was no different, with one great exception— President Obama spoke at the end of theIf you would like to be featured in Parade and AFTRA Member Moment,please contact AFTRA Detroit This year we had Jayne & Jeff Bower, Pat Sweeting, Stephanie Davis, Steve Goldsmith,Freelance Representative Gina- Debra Port, Robert Paul, Peter Werbe, James Cowans, Tom Watson, Harry Carlson, andMarie Hernandez. Please contact Martha Reeves march in the Parade. Also in attendance was Marcia Fishman of SAG,the Detroit Local for more infor- AFTRA Detroit Executive Director, Janette Rook, and AFTRA Detroit Freelance Repre-mation about Conservatories, sentative, Gina-Marie Hernandez.Workshops, and events that canimpact your career.AFTRA Detroit Freelance Repre-sentative, Gina-Marie Hernandezcan be reached at (248) 228-3172Office, and (313) 452-3758 Cell orat ghernandez@aftra.comYou can also find information onour Facebook page AFTRA Detroit Local PLEASE 23800 West Ten Mile Road PLACE Suite 228 STAMP Southfield, MI 48033 HERE Gina-Marie Hernandez Freelance Representative— Detroit Local Phone: (248) 228-3172 Fax: (248) 223-9223 Mailing Address Line 1 E-Mail: Mailing Address Line 2 Mailing Address Line 3 Mailing Address Line 4 Mailing Address Line 5