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The Social Experience. Grow your personal brand, engage with your audience and stand out from the crowd!

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The Social Experience. Grow your personal brand, engage with your audience and stand out from the crowd!

  3. 3. @GINALEDNYAK HOW CAN LEVERAGING SOCIAL MEDIA HELP YOU? ? Grumpy Cat owner, Tabatha, has made $100 million since grumpy cats became a social media sensation!
  4. 4. @GINALEDNYAK HOW CAN LEVERAGING SOCIAL MEDIA HELP YOU? • Build a personal brand & stand out from the crowd • Put yourself out there - opportunities will find you! • Be known as an expert and a person of influence • Work on better, more exciting and sought after projects • Make more money! • Pay it forward and spread your knowledge & expertise • Control your own destiny, be the person you want to be and create a community and career you absolutely love
  5. 5. @GINALEDNYAK Social Media Fundamentals - digital trends and time spent online.
  6. 6. @GINALEDNYAK WE ARE CONNECTED There are now more devices connected to the internet, than there are people on 
 the planet. On average, Australians check their smartphone 150 times per day. 56% of Facebook users check it daily, 12% check 
 it hourly.
  8. 8. @GINALEDNYAK HOW WE MAKE DECISIONS TODAY On average it takes 7-11 touch points to build trust with a person, business or brand.
  9. 9. @GINALEDNYAK WHERE DO WE USE SOCIAL MEDIA? Lounge Bed Study Kitchen Bathroom Toilet 66% 44% 36% 21% 7% 6% 6% of Australian social media users assess social while using the toilet!
  10. 10. @GINALEDNYAK How to use social media to build your personal brand.
  11. 11. @GINALEDNYAK 7 STEPS TO HAVING A SUPERSTAR PROFILE There are 7 key steps to creating a personal brand successfully through social media. “Plan your work for today and every day, then work your plan.” Margaret Thatcher …aka stick to it!
  12. 12. @GINALEDNYAK STEP 1 - STRATEGY & EVALUATION “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” • The first step is to create your strategy. Decide what you would like your personal brand to achieve for you and what you would like to be known for. • Evaluate who your target audience is and then get crystal clear on who they are and what they are interested in. Think laterally. • Decide what success looks like for you and then set monthly, quarterly and yearly KPI’s and goals for your social media activity. • Sit down each month and analyse whether you are achieving your social media goals, and whether your social media goals are helping you achieve your offline goals!
  13. 13. @GINALEDNYAK STEP 2 - CHOOSE YOUR SOCIAL NETWORKS • Decide what social networks can best help you achieve your goals. • It is better to do 1 or 2 networks well, than do 3-5 networks poorly. Social media is about the quality and attention to detail within each network, and the connectivity to your community. • Choose the networks where your audience already is, research this beforehand. Country, age and other demographic information will influence this. • Some networks are more time consuming than others, evaluate the time you can commit before you begin. • Choose the networks you will feel the most comfortable with publishing content on, content is visual, verbal, long-form, short-form, video and more. Each network responds best to a different content mix.
  14. 14. @GINALEDNYAK STEP 2 - CHOOSE YOUR SOCIAL NETWORKS 13.8 million Australians on Facebook, business and personal pages and groups; powerful but personal. 2.8 million Australians; powerful for thought leadership and profile but time consuming. 350,000 Australians, Pinterest is great for promoting visuals, fashion, design and more. 4 million Australians on Instagram, great for building a personal and business brand, highly visual. Only 60,000 Australians are on g+, though the network is good for SEO. 3.3 million Australian users, incredible for building a strong brand and for publishing.
  15. 15. @GINALEDNYAK STEP 3 - CREATE ENGAGING CONTENT • Decide on the kind of content you would like to publish - it can be purely business, personal, opinions and more. • Create unique content that is targeted to your audience and shows your personality. Don’t create generic content. Be different and be personal; people will connect with you on a deeper level. • Plan your content in advance - always pre-plan larger chunks of content like blog posts, articles and videos. You can still be spontaneous but plan out enough content to avoid prolonged periods of digital silence! • Whatever you do, aim to add value, remember there is always someone listening and you never know how you can help them or what you can teach. • Create content you love and feel passionately about, this will get noticed more than anything else. Don’t sell directly, instead be relevant and add value.
  16. 16. @GINALEDNYAK STEP 3 - CONTENT & ENGAGEMENT Content comes in all shapes and sizes!
  17. 17. @GINALEDNYAK STEP 4 - LOOK AMAZING! • Get a professional head shot. You will use this time and time again. • There should be a visual consistency between all of your social networks, your business and your website. Each network can have it’s own aesthetic and photo while keeping consistency in mind. • Your profile picture must look amazing on mobile and desktop! Always go for something bold and something that looks great small. Close up photos look best. • The design used on your networks should make it clear who you are and what you do, and show your unique value proposition. Don’t forget you get a cover photo! • Make sure your profile information is filled out accurately, especially on LinkedIn, and if possible try to have recommendations on your LinkedIn.
  19. 19. @GINALEDNYAK STEP 5 - POSTING & ENGAGEMENT • Keep your social networks updated! LinkedIn at least once a week, Twitter at least 3-5 times a week, Instagram at least 3-5 times a week and if you are blogging aim to post once a week. • Experiment with posting at different times of day and have a clear understanding of what time of day your community is active online. As your audience may be all over the world, finding the most engaged time to post is crucial. 8pm tends to be the most engaged time online. • Respond back to each person who engages with you on any of your networks through a comment or message. • Proactively engage in conversations with people - this will grow your profile and create new connections.
  20. 20. @GINALEDNYAK STEP 6 - GROW YOUR CONNECTIONS • The best way to grow your connections and influencer is through consistent publishing. • When you are just starting out make sure you first connect with everyone that you know in real life, whether they are a business connection or friends and family. • Create engaging content - the more your followers like your content, the more they will share it and engage with it, increasing your visibility and growing your connections. • If you are using social media for business utilise advertising on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Facebook advertising is highly targeted making it very effective.
  21. 21. @GINALEDNYAK STEP 7 - TRACK RESULTS & MEASURE SUCCESS • Ensure you are sticking to the goals and KPI’s you set in step 1. • Track your online progress weekly, this could be as simple as tracking how often you posted and what opportunities/results happened. • Each month run a mini strategy session with yourself and evaluate the previous month and what you would like to achieve in the coming month - personal profile is very much linked to your goals. • Every quarter sit down and do a bigger picture evaluation and evaluate if you are happy with the direction your profile is growing in and if it is helping you achieve your offline goals. After this, go back to step 1! • Celebrate success! Richard Branson started following you? Celebrate. Business lead came through? Celebrate. You hit 500 followers on Twitter? Celebrate!
  23. 23. THANK YOU Gina Lednyak @ginalednyak