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M&m chinese comedy portrait


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Different from American style humor, Chinese have their cultural influenced style of humor, a quick comedy portrait and definition for Chinese sense of humor, and how can M&M better adapt themselves in this market.

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M&m chinese comedy portrait

  1. 1. TBWA M&M Chinese Comedy Portrait
  2. 2. TBWA What is Chinese sense of Humor? ChineseComedy Body Focus Humor Straightforward , Funny pose, Exaggerated performance... Language Focus Humor Making jokes with twist, Self-deprecating, Sarcasm...
  3. 3. TBWA Body Focus Humor More American, Easy to understand, Directly, Fun and Relax
  4. 4. TBWA Body Focus Humor: Back Dorm Boy 后舍男孩 - Funny and exaggerated performance - A Chinese duo who gained fame for their lip sync videos to songs by the Backstreet Boys and other pop stars - Became an iconic body humor group in China
  5. 5. TBWA Language Focus Humor More Cultural, More Indirectly, Complicated, Sophisticated
  6. 6. TBWA Language focus Humor: Crosstalk 郭德 于 - Most famous and beloved Crosstalk group in China, also famous abroad - Invited by CCTV Spring Festival Gala 2013 as performance guest - Crosstalk is a unique signature of Chinese sense of Humor, can communicate with Chinese audience better than american jokes
  7. 7. TBWA Scheming Insecure Thrives on attention Aggressive, Arrogant, Smug... In Guo’s crosstalk, he always making jokes on his partner Yu (Yellow), shoot from the lip, he is not being scheming and Insecure in the show, but his jokes and sarcasm, represent Red character in his own Chinese way. Red in Crosstalk
  8. 8. TBWA Simple Carefree Clueless Kind, Innocent, Sweet, Likable In Guo’s crosstalk, Yu is always the one who got played by Guo. Carefree and kind, represent the Yellow. Yellow in Crosstalk
  9. 9. TBWA Red and Yellow in Crosstalk What do they look like? (Reference video)
  10. 10. TBWA Other Humor? Body focus humor is fun to watch, easy to understand, but sometimes it’s too superficial to bring enforce the characteristic of a brand as lacking of distinctive humor Language focus humor has its unique Chinese culture background but it involves different geographical cultural difference, may not be widely accepted by Chinese youth. Body Focus Humor Language Focus Humor Body Comedy ? Crosstalk Is there better comedy that combines both with huge success?
  11. 11. TBWA Redefine Chinese Humor Body Focus Humor Language Focus Humor Combined Humor Outlandish style of humor and rubber-faced facial expressions, also with interesting and laughable conversation. Engaging Chinese audience with modern Chinese cultural.
  12. 12. TBWA Combined Humor Funny performance and conversations relevant to modern Chinese cultural
  13. 13. TBWA Combined Humor: 泰 Lost in Thailand - Funny and exaggerated performance with interesting story - Hit the top of Comedy Movie box office in China (1.2 Billion Yuan) - A Comedy wins over Chinese audience and redefines Chinese ’Humor taste in films’, begins a new era of Chinese comedy movie.
  14. 14. TBWA Red in 泰(Lost in Thailand) Scheming Insecure Thrives on attention Aggressive, Arrogant, Smug... In this movie, Xu Lang is a scientist and try everything to get the authorization of his invention. He is arrogant, aggressive and also insecure, play tricks and use Wang Bao Qiang (Yellow) to archive his goal.
  15. 15. TBWA Simple Carefree Clueless Kind, Innocent, Sweet, Likable In this movie, BaoBao is a naive sweet guy, simple and clueless. He doing things without plan and always doing silly pose to take pictures. Yellow in 泰(Lost in Thailand)
  16. 16. TBWA Red and Yellow in 泰(Lost in Thailand) What do they look like? (Reference video) Exaggerated performance Funny facial expressions Engaging jokes and conversation Chinese modern cultural
  17. 17. TBWA
  18. 18. TBWA Movie: Stephen Chow’s Movie - Stephen Chow is the most awarded and famous comedy movie director, he created many classic character and all his jokes in the movies became a fashion. - In Hong Kong, he represents the local grassroots culture, while in the mainland he is a cultural hero/icon among the 20- and 30-somethings thanks mainly to his A Chinese Odyssey in 1994. - His latest film still hits the box office for 1.2 Billion RMB
  19. 19. TBWA Red in Stephen Chow’s Movies 周星影系列 In most of his earlier movies, Stephen Chow always plays a scheming, arrogant and smug character who is doing silly things all the time (flirting with all the girls, try to make himself looks cool etc.,), look exactly like the Red.
  20. 20. TBWA Yellow in Stephen Chow’s Movies As the partner of Stephen Chow(Red), Ng Man-tat always play a silly, simple and kind character in his movie. Just like the Yellow.
  21. 21. TBWA Red and Yellow in Stephen Chow’s movies What do they look like? (Reference video)
  22. 22. TBWA Drama: iPartment 情公寓 - Best Drama Awards of Asia Idol 2012 - Beloved and welcomed by young people because its funny performance and relevant to modern Chinese cultural. - Highest audience rating of the year at Anhui, Shanxi, Hubei. - Top 1 hot searching keywords ever, 305 million times search in one day.
  23. 23. TBWA Red in 情公寓 iApartment 曾小 “Good boy is me, I’m Zeng Xiaoxian”, a funny, overconfidence guy, always try to flirt with girls but end up in failure, scheming and thrives on attention. This drama became dreadfully popular because of Zeng Xiaoxian’s interesting performance and character. (reference video)
  24. 24. TBWA Yellow in 情公寓 iApartment 展博 Naive, innocent and nice guy in this drama. Did a lot of silly things with Zeng Xiaoxian(Red)
  25. 25. TBWA Red and Yellow in iPartment What do they look like? (Reference video)
  26. 26. TBWA Cartoon: 喜羊羊与灰太狼 Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf - Happy Lamb and Grey Wolf or "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf" had 530 episodes when it premiered. After it became moderately successful, Creative Power Entertaining created the next 480 episodes, including 60 exclusive Olympics episodes. - Most successful Chinese cartoon in recent years and had the highest box office record of Chinese cartoon. - Had 3 movies in the cinema, total box office over 1.5 billion yuan.
  27. 27. TBWA Red in 喜羊羊与灰太狼 Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf 灰太狼 A scheming, insecure wolf, a rather bumbling character, he always concocts elaborate plans and creates fanciful traps to catch the goats, with limited success.
  28. 28. TBWA Yellow in 喜羊羊与灰太狼 Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf 喜羊羊 Positive, likable character, naive and careless. As simple as the Yellow.
  29. 29. TBWA Red and Yellow in 喜羊羊与灰太狼 Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf What do they look like? (Reference video)