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Sandy Selby


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Know Your Brand

Published in: Travel, Technology, Business
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Sandy Selby

  1. 1. small town BIG MESSAGE
  2. 2. Who Are You? & What Makes You Think You‟re So Special? Questions you must answer before you create your brand or launch your marketing efforts.
  3. 3. BIG Step 1: Perform A SWOT Analysis  What is a SWOT Analysis?  Strengths  Weaknesses  Opportunities  Threats
  4. 4. Recruit A SWOT Team  Who could be on your SWOT team?  Longtime residents  Newcomers  Merchants  Frequent Visitors  Organization Staff/Volunteers  The Doers  The Burnouts
  5. 5. The Arrow Rock SWOT  Strengths  National Historic Landmark (Santa Fe Trail and George Caleb Bingham)  State Historic Site  Architectural integrity throughout village  The Arrow Rock Lyceum Theatre  The J. Huston Tavern  Talented volunteers
  6. 6. The Arrow Rock SWOT  Weaknesses  Isolated location  Population 79 (half are part- time residents)  Merchants  Too many organizations  Inaccessible historic buildings  Lack of cell phone service
  7. 7. The Arrow Rock SWOT  Opportunities  Partnerships with new regional tourism programs (Scenic Byways, Regional Cuisine, etc.)  New and inexpensive communications technology  Civil War Sesquicentennial  Bingham Bicentennial
  8. 8. The Arrow Rock SWOT  Threats  Lack of regional zoning  Competition from high-energy attractions  Downtime January-April  Cuts in state funding for historic site  Lack of a common vision among residents and organizations  “But we’ve always done it this way!”
  9. 9. What‟s Your SWOT?  Strengths  Weaknesses  Opportunities  Threats
  10. 10. BIG Step 2: Develop A Strategic Marketing Plan  Consider bringing in an outside facilitator to keep the process on track.  Create a marketing mission statement.  Prioritize your objectives.  Set achievable goals.
  11. 11. BIG Step #3 Establish Your Brand “Define your brand identity—your product's „personality‟—before you spend a dime on advertising or marketing.” -- Bloomberg Businessweek  What Is Branding?  It’s your personality.  It’s what you stand for.  It’s the story you want to tell about yourself.
  12. 12. Recruit Your Marketing Team  Event Planners  Salespeople  Journalists/Writers  Web Developers  Graphic Designers  Town Historians  Photographers  Artists  Fundraisers  Realists  Bookkeepers  Dreamers
  13. 13. Find Your Look  Logo Development  What images represent your community?  Consider hiring a professional designer to create your logo. An amateurish logo creates a bad first impression.  Fonts  Don’t sacrifice readability for historical accuracy. Use old-timey fonts sparingly. With fonts, more is not better.  Color schemes  Be intentional with color choices.  Be consistent with color palette.
  14. 14. Choose Your Methods  Press releases  Brochures  E-Newsletters  Advertisements  Facebook  Billboards  Twitter  Website  Blogs  Podcasts  Video
  15. 15. Develop Your Voice Share The Burden:  Use your best writers for:  Use your best techies for:  Press releases  Website  E-newsletters  Podcasts  Brochures  Videos  Use your best marketers for:  Advertisements  Facebook & Twitter  Blogs
  16. 16. Keep On Talking!  Don’t start an e-newsletter until you have a volunteer who is fully committed to producing it every month.  Keep your website current.  Post to Facebook at least a couple times a week. More is better. Add photos and video.  Develop relationships with the media. Consider inviting editors and travel writers for a tour of local attractions. Provide media passes to your events. INSIDER TIP: Journalists will go almost anywhere for free food and a T-shirt.
  17. 17. Arrow Rock Examples  Website (  Hint: Find inexpensive website templates at
  18. 18. Arrow Rock Examples  E-Newsletter: This Month In Arrow Rock  Hint: Our service provider is Prices start at $9.95 for up to 250 subscribers.
  19. 19. Arrow Rock Examples  Facebook: The Village Of Arrow Rock  Hint: Limit your administrators to one or two people so your posts have a consistent tone.
  20. 20. Create A Signature Event  What makes your town unique?  What goals do you want to meet?  What gets your volunteers engaged?  What can your facilities handle?  What’s the timeline?
  21. 21. Capitalize On Your Uniqueness  The Slater Example 5th Annual Steve McQueen Day scheduled for April 2011.
  22. 22. Capitalize On Your Uniqueness  The Arrow Rock Example 3rd Annual Spirits, Shadows & Secrets event scheduled for Oct. 30, 2010.
  23. 23. Identify Your Goals  To raise money?  How much?  For what purpose?  To raise awareness?  For what?  What’s the message?  Who’s in charge of conveying the message?  How will the message be delivered?
  24. 24. Engage Your Volunteers  Invite everyone to participate in the event planning.  Divide and conquer.  Assign people to jobs they’ll like.  Have a potluck dinner/work night.  Say thanks, and if possible, say it in print.  Invite all volunteers to a post-event evaluation meeting.
  25. 25. Assess Your Facilities  Where will the event be held?  How many can the space accommodate?  Should you rent portable toilets?  Are there any safety hazards that should be addressed prior to the event?  If it’s an outdoor event, what’s the rain plan?  Who’s going to clean up afterward?
  26. 26. Develop A Timeline  How much time do you need for planning?  Allow ample time in this phase.  Think through the “what ifs.”  How much time do you need for promotion?  Will you have printed materials?  Website or e-mail promotions?  Newspaper, radio, TV and magazines?
  27. 27. Develop A Timeline  How much time is needed for the event itself?  Setting up before the event  Occupying the early birds  Finding the sweet spot between too short and too long (consider volunteer fatigue, facility wear and tear, etc.)  Post-event clean-up plan
  28. 28. Evaluate Your Event  If you intend to hold your event annually, have a post-event evaluation meeting within two weeks.  Listen with an open mind to all the critiques.  Take notes.
  29. 29. Add And Subtract  Beware of stagnant events.  Offer your visitors something new every year.  Don’t be afraid to eliminate the things that aren’t working.  Move things around and mix things up so visitors have a familiar, yet brand new experience every year.
  30. 30. Questions?