Kaltreider-Benfer Library's Stuffed Animal Sleepover 2012


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What DOES your stuffed animal do at night? Children were able to see exactly what their stuffed animals did on their very special sleepover at the library!

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Kaltreider-Benfer Library's Stuffed Animal Sleepover 2012

  1. 1. Kaltreider-Benfer Library’s Stuffed Animal Sleepover Summer 2012
  2. 2. First, Miss Gina read us a story.
  3. 3. Then we read stories together!Cutie, Lila, Sleeping Beauty, and Erica read Cinderella.
  4. 4. Cat in the Hat, Whaley, Ella Bella, Teddy,and Moose Cake read a Dr. Seuss favorite.
  5. 5. Princess, Black & White, Sally, Doog, Coco, One-Eared Willy, and Dog all decided to brush up on their cat-catching skills.
  6. 6. Yoda and Bush Baby felt right at home with a Star Wars book.
  7. 7. Then it was playtime! Froggy, Nina, and Butterfly worked on a puzzle together.
  8. 8. Erica, Cutie, Princess, and Moose Cake worked on a puzzle too.
  9. 9. Up in the treehouse, Orange Beak, Elephant, Drake, Big Bear, and Frank were becoming good friends.
  10. 10. Below, Doog, Froggy, and Bush Baby relaxed on the bean bag.
  11. 11. Moose Cake liked the music!
  12. 12. Cutie, Princess, and Sleeping Beauty did, too!
  13. 13. Erica, One-Eared Willy, and Teddy decided to color.
  14. 14. Butterfly read her favorite story by Laura Numeroff.
  15. 15. Then, we decided to play a game of Hide and Seek.
  16. 16. No peeking,Orange Beak!
  17. 17. Where willFrank hide?
  18. 18. You can hidein here with me, Frank.
  19. 19. ThanksSnowman, but I don’t think I will fit! I’ll have tofind anotherplace to hide.
  20. 20. Ready or not, here I come! Hmm, I wonderwho could be hiding behind those pillows?
  21. 21. It’s Butterfly, Ella Bella, and Whaley!
  22. 22. Uh, oh! Ibetter find aspot to hide! Orange Beakwill definitelyfind me here!
  23. 23. I see youSleeping Beauty!
  24. 24. How did you get all the way up there, Drake?
  25. 25. I definitely don’t fit under here.
  26. 26. Cat in the Hat, you’resupposed tobe hiding not hanging!
  27. 27. That looks likeBig Bear’s blanket!
  28. 28. It was! Big Bear, Ifound almost everyoneexcept Frank.Do you know where he’s hiding?
  29. 29. Do youthink they’ll find me under the desk?
  30. 30. Best is spot for hidingthink Yoda.With tree Yodablend in.
  31. 31. Well, this isthe last place Frank couldbe, but I don’t see him!Wait a second, what is thatorange thing?
  32. 32. It IS Frank! I found you!What a great hiding spot!
  33. 33. Now it’s time for a snack! Yummy!
  34. 34. We love popcorn and juice!
  35. 35. Ella Bella finished all of her juice.
  36. 36. There’s good ‘ol Frank and Yoda.
  37. 37. Snowman, Dog, and Lilaenjoyed their snacks too.
  38. 38. These puppies are sleepy!Sally is the only one who ate all of her snack.
  39. 39. Drake, please chew with your mouth shut!
  40. 40. Now it’s time to get tucked in for bed.
  41. 41. Miss Gina reads us one last bedtime story.
  42. 42. Goodnight! Don’t let the bedbugs bite!
  43. 43. Thanks for spending the night at thelibrary, Friends! Come back again soon!