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Why TDD is Important for Everyone


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Presented at Agile Greece 2016, a talk about TDD and Star Wars and why everyone should care about both.

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Why TDD is Important for Everyone

  1. 1. @gil_zilberfeld Why TDD is important for everyone
  2. 2. @gil_zilberfeld Hello! I AM GIL ZILBERFELD @gil_zilberfeld
  3. 3. @gil_zilberfeld Test Driven Development Or is it Test Driven Design?
  4. 4. @gil_zilberfeld The TDD Cycle
  5. 5. @gil_zilberfeld Let’s build a lightsaber!
  6. 6. @gil_zilberfeld What are the requirements?
  7. 7. @gil_zilberfeld Let’s build it!
  8. 8. @gil_zilberfeld Let’s build a better lightsaber!
  9. 9. @gil_zilberfeld What are the new requirements?
  10. 10. @gil_zilberfeld BENEFITS Same tools Better coverage Less debugging Better design Think before your code! You can also split your content ISSUES Requires discipline Works better for greenfield projects Takes time to get to great results The light side vs the dark side
  11. 11. @gil_zilberfeld Plan ahead Define boundaries Small steps Smallest amount of code to pass the test JUST to pass the test Focus on the current test Ask questions Discipline, discipline, discipline! You can also split your contentYoda says…
  12. 12. @gil_zilberfeld Not every project is lightsaber size
  13. 13. @gil_zilberfeld COMPONENTS Navigation Shields Environment Weapons Energy TIE Fighters You can also split your content ACCEPTANCE Divide and conquer Interaction and boundaries Testing strategy BDD Our Death Star is composed of smaller things
  14. 14. @gil_zilberfeld Summary ◉ Try it! ◉ In a team ◉ How about BDD? ◉ And remember…
  15. 15. @gil_zilberfeld A death star with no tests is very dangerous!
  16. 16. @gil_zilberfeld Thanks! ANY QUESTIONS? You can find me at: @gil_zilberfeld