Collins Brothers Worldwide Review Of Services Presentation


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A brief descripton of our services.

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Collins Brothers Worldwide Review Of Services Presentation

  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS Section Description Slide Number I. Corporate Profile 4 II. Why Use Collins Brothers Worldwide? 5 III. Worldwide Freight Management & Transportation 6 IV. Warehousing & Delivery Program 7 V. F. F. & E. Placement & Installation Program 9 VI. Project Management & Administration 10
  3. 3. CORPORATE PROFILE Collins Brothers was founded in the New York Metro area in 1910. Its early focus was on the delivery and installation of furniture, fixtures, and equipment (F. F. & E.) for businesses and residential customers in the New York metropolitan area. Today, Collins Brothers Worldwide is a national leader in full-service freight management, delivery, logistics, local and regional warehousing, as well as F. F. & E. installation services for facility planners. The company has assembled a team of professionals who know what it takes to get the job done – around the corner or around the world. Regardless of whether you need all, some, or only one of our comprehensive services, Collins Brothers Worldwide is dedicated to Delivering Performance. By providing unrivaled project management from start to finish, our customers focus on what truly matters: building their enterprise value. The purpose of this presentation is to provide evidence to help you answer the question: “Why should we hire Collins Brothers Worldwide?”
  4. 4. WHY USE COLLINS BROTHERS WORLDWIDE? Across industry barriers, the company’s targeted clientele are decision-makers who have one or more of the following in common:  Projects with many vendors, generally complex facilities, with orders placed for a wide variety of interior products, including wall coverings, carpet material, furniture, fixtures, signage, and operating equipment.  The need to coordinate and manage project supply chain vendors who may have long lead times for production (i.e. custom manufactured merchandise).  Project scheduling that is construction, production, or marketing dependent and therefore subject to unpredictable change.  Decision-makers whose supply chain may require transition between multiple modes of transportation, including ocean freight to surface transshipment, air freight, warehouse staging, and specialized final mile deliveries.  Responsibility to provide a fully installed product, ready to place into service at the earliest possible scheduled date.  Continuous involvement with managing the development, construction, renovation, furnishing, or equipping of facilities.
  5. 5. WORLDWIDE FREIGHT MANAGEMENT & TRANSPORTATION The management and coordination of multiple shipments from a variety of vendors, as well as the ability to exert more control over timing are important objectives for CBW clients. By providing timely, accurate, and readily available shipment tracking data, the user will have the data for efficient expediting and for coordinating scheduled deliveries. Experienced CBW freight management professionals carry out the following available freight management scope of project services. A. Carrier Selection, Management, & Transportation B. International Shipping for Overseas Projects & Vendors C. 0Freight Project Reporting & Administration D. Available Program Parameters
  6. 6. WAREHOUSING & DELIVERY PROGRAM As a large national account and commercial moving corporation, Collins Brothers carries out continuous everyday business with moving and storage companies throughout North America. Due to the large volume of outbound and inbound van line work handled by our parent company, reciprocal business relationships have been developed over the years with the fellow Atlas Van Line agents who can perform dependably and professionally. In areas without strong commercial agents in our own system, Collins Brothers Worldwide has qualified and placed under contract many companies which may operate under a different banner for their household moving business. These business partners have undergone a rigorous qualification program and they are “best in class” providers of commercial warehousing services in their metropolitan markets.
  7. 7. WAREHOUSING & DELIVERY PROGRAM CONTINUED….. Collins Brothers’ standards and contractual requirements ensure that the network warehouses that handle your work are financially stable, insured, reputable, and well-equipped to carry out the following program of services for your project.  Receiving  Reporting  Warehouse Staging/Storage  Tailgate Delivery  Outbound Handling & Warehouse Access  Additional Services  Inventory & Control  Port Consolidation for International Shipping
  8. 8. F.F.&E. PLACEMENT AND INSTALLATION PROGRAM Collins Brothers’ project services are available separately, or as a combined program of warehousing and F.F.&E. installation services. Depending upon your specific requirements, our installation program may include any or all of the functions listed below. A. General Conditions for Installation Project Work B. F.F.&E. Placement and Installation Scope of Work C. Critical Areas for F.F.&E. Installation Projects
  9. 9. PROJECT MANAGEMENT & ADMINISTRATION Collins Brothers project manager becomes a part of your team, working every day to provide creative solutions to your needs, and to instill confidence that your job is being handled professionally and on time. A. Information Flow: Collins Brothers Worldwide (CBW) can manage the flow of information from your vendors through hand-off to your general contractor or our on- site installation crew.  Purchase Orders  Receiving Reports  Delivery Tickets  Project Benefit B. Technology Tools for Reporting & Communication C. Network Warehouse Qualification D. Critical Areas for Successful Planning E. Material Management
  10. 10. ADVANCE PLANNING With basic information that you provide, your Collins Brother’s representative can prepare an accurate, competitive proposal for your project. While some details may not be readily available early in the design and specification phase, the following information can eliminate guesswork, and eliminate unnecessary cost allocation for “unknown” factors. Who? What? Where? When? How?
  11. 11. SUMMARY At the end of the day, a company is judged on its ability to deliver the performance it promises, and high performance is precisely what you get when you choose Collins Brothers Worldwide. The team of experienced professionals assigned to your project thrives on the sense of accomplishment worthy of a job well-done. Collins Brothers Worldwide has an ethic of teamwork, a proven program, and the tools you need for success. Accountability is built into the system and expected of all project participants. The unique value-added service we offer is the willingness and ability to stand behind the level of service provided throughout our system. Our team members honestly and quickly identify potential issues, and without regard to cost, deal with them before they impact your project. We are confident that your decision to utilize Collins Brothers will be justified by improving your company’s ability to complete facilities and place them into profitable service at the earliest possible date.